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5 sencillos pasos para evitar DJI Drone FLY-AWAYS

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD3gso5rAOc?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

El miedo de cada nuevo volante #DJI #drone. El "fly-away".
¿Pero existen? ¿Se les puede advertir?
5 sencillos pasos para evitar DJI Drone # FLY-AWAYS.
NATS Drone Assist: https://itunes.apple.com/fr/app/nats-drone-assist-helping-you-to-fly-safely/id1172916055?mt=8
FAA B4UFly: https://www.faa.gov/uas/where_to_fly/b4ufly/
Blog de bebida: https://ikopta.co.uk/top-5-ways-to-prevent-dji-drone-flyaways/
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Great tips, thanks. Time to blow dust of my mavic

#6. (For DJI) Know how RTH actually behaves. – If you hit RTH within 20M. – It lands immediatly. If the battery is critically low . – It lands immediatly. If it can't land it will hover. If it can't hover…..And (As you pointed out in another video) the altitude that the RTH uses is reletive to the TAKE OFF point. Be aware of that when flying on hilly terrain.

Hi Dylan just working tho all your vids, great so far, but i know u gotta cram in shitloads of info but at 1.55(ish) you say i think pilot pro app, is that correct, ill have any app that helps and u mentioned nd filters, i could do with a hand on them !! Keep up the good work matey.

Tip 6: Don’t name your drone “Randy Crawford”


Used a Samsung phone with a DJI Mavic Pro, goodbye drone. Came back thankfully 🙏🏻

My P4 Advanced is currently grounded because it randomly loses GPS and goes into ATTI mode and flies off in a random direction. When it loses GPS it loses RTH ability and it takes tremendous effort to fly back until it regains GPS. Throughout all this, the connection between craft and controller remains rock solid. Only the GPS is affected. I'm stumped by it.

I been flying drones for 50 years and never had a fly away!

Here is 2 ways that's guaranteed to stop fly away. 1 do not fly it. 2 get 25 ft of rope tie 1 end to your wrist and the other end to the drone. <<<<<< Sarcasm.

Hi I can’t find pilot pro in the App Store. Can you put a link for me please. Great vlogs

The area I live in though. I cant fly 100m away without buggy video display. (I use bebop 2 btw but i also love DJI and wish I got the spark instead)

Thanks for the helpful info! Excellent video, you're great, fun, and knowledgeable!

Have McDonalds sued you yet ?

number 6 use FCC

i tried for fun to fly from a steal beam and litterly 0 control but Yaw i had
hand catched it as it was futile trying to land
so people should becareful where they take off and i do hand take of sometimes to avoid iron in the ground if there is

Yep pretty much covered everything. Good info mate. Cheers

thank you for saying VISUAL line of sight. Some seem to think line of sight is interchangeable with it.

I just had a flyaway on a RTF racing drone I bought, but it was possibly my fault for not thoroughly checking connections after bouncing it in the grass a few times on the first battery, but it seemed ok except for slight trimming. Second battery I hooked up my fpv goggles just to check function. After a few minutes of low and slow, it seemed fine, so I went up about 60ft and about 100ft away to look over some trees in my yard. I was hovering stationary and rotating when it suddenly starting pitching away from me. Not super fast, but fast enough. In the 20 or seconds I was trying to figure out what was happening and regain control, the video feed started cutting in and out and it was out of sight.
The last few seconds I saw in the goggles it was upside down, props turning (while it was in attitude mode?) and then it cut for good. It was over some dense forest where I'd not likely find it even if I knew the approximate location.
I tried walking to the edge of the woods across the street, but couldn't get any further signal. I've only been flying a short while, but not a novice, and was definitely not doing anything harsh and know my limits. Besides some defect or anomaly, I can only assume some debris, dew, or damage from bouncing occurred and caused it to fly off (or all of the above?). I felt like I had some throttle control and should have tried to cut immediately and dealt with the damage. Hindsight. But I was trying to save it by turning back. That won't happen again and it was a short, shitty and expensive lesson since I wasn't planning on flying out of my yard.

your wrong…this is how drone manufactures make they money they program 10% of the drones to fly back to china to be sold again, the process keeps going

Well done!!
Awesome video!
Thank you and definitely good information!

Well done, and all make perfect sense.

I was flying in Nida a week ago got some really good shots, but… I failed to keep track of the distance, because I was more focused on the shot at altitude, but when I did the mavic pro was 1km away, and was unable to come back, the wind was taking it towards russia, even in super sport mode, I was really close to the border when I finally managed to get it down enough, then at a speed of about 5km/h it came back with about 2% battery, a very scary experience, thought me a lesson to always keep it in sight… oh and dont fly it in bad winds haha

Very good. I know you were talking fast for the "whole time thing". Screw that. Lol… I just watched the whole thing and if it were two min longer you would have gotten two min longer watch time. Lol which is also important! I know there's all different analytics on what people will watch on YouTube but you're good so I say slow it down and go for it… thx very much for your time.

Thanks just subscribed great content to the point.

Terrific video. Your an entertainer as well as a professional pilot. That just makes everything more fun but at the same time, I'm taking you serious on everything you said here. It all makes sense and coming from a man with your experience, it caries a lot of weight. Thanks for all the great info. Marc Trainor.

I immediately crack my pants the moment I can’t see my drone.

Manual, there was a manual?

i fly in my apartment in japan amazing tho im new with this but amazing watch my video ^^ i read all manual very helful

Today took Spark for a fly, everything fine for first few minutes in sport mode 32mtrs high signal weak at 250mtrs distance so backed up few mtrs, turned around and flew back. When over top turned right angle and flew towards water. At 300mtrs all good then around 312mtrs signal weak so I stoped and hovered a bit. Attempted to back up then everything suddenly gone, no gps, no control, nothing. Decided to use rth, after few seconds cancelled itself. Ran after it and regained Attitude mode only but enough to save spark. Funny though got it all on the sd card. Little rascal even spun round on me, complete 360 will hovering. Since then gps continually drops out even when close by. Bit scared to use now. Looking at forums this is not uncommon for spark. As this is only a month old I will be looking for a refund if the problem can’t be resolved. This happened in Australian country town.

Buy a DJI spark if you want to see a fly away.

I had a fly away last weekend. I panicked but got it back

I did not even think fly-away was real until it happened to me. Yes. Fly away is real.

I 'think' the Mavic air doesn't let you set a RTH height of less than 30 Mtrs ?

Great input and information!

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