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ANAFI parrot vs DJI Mavic Air !! (4K)

marzo 16, 2019
ANAFI parrot vs DJI Mavic Air !! (4K)

Loro anafi
DJI Mavic Air

Adaptador de corriente:

Examen práctico de Parrot ANAFI 4K HDR:
Parrot ANAFI: Pruebas en profundidad:

Mi material utilizado en este video:
Cámara principal A-roll:
Leva de 4K B-roll:
Cámara de acción:
Pistola de radar de bolsillo:
Palo autofoto + patas del trípode:
Live YouTube Subscriber Counter en el fondo:

Monociclo electrico
Gigabyke eBike:

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Esta es una comparación exhaustiva entre el drone Parrot ANAFI 4K HDR y el DJI Mavic Air. Tienen muchas similitudes e incluso su precio es casi cercano, sin embargo, cada dron tiene sus propias características.

En este video, cubro mucho; Tamaño, peso y portabilidad. Duración de la batería y recarga. Velocidad máxima con pruebas de pistola de radar. Distancia, alcance, conectividad, OcuSync, "WiFi mejorada" y FPV. Por último, comparaciones de cámaras de lado a lado pruebas! Todos disparan en 4K 30 cuadros por segundo, aunque también hay muchas diferencias aquí. El Anafi tiene una resolución de 21 MP, 23 mm, f / 2.4, Mavic Air tiene 12 MP, 24 mm, f / 2.8.

Ambos pueden guardar archivos de fotos RAW DNG. ¡Póngase en contacto conmigo en Patreon para descargar estos archivos de alta resolución si lo desea! El Mavic Air tiene un cardán mecánico de 3 ejes, el Anafi tiene solo 2 ejes, con EIS en el 3er eje de desvío.

Mavic Air tiene sensores para evitar objetos, que desafortunadamente el Anafi no tiene. Ambos quads incorporan muchas funciones inteligentes, como RTH (Return to Home), seguimiento de sujeto y otros divertidos modos de cámara.

¿Cuál es el mejor drone y por qué?

Muchas gracias por mirar! Déjame saber tus pensamientos en los comentarios!

¡No te pierdas mis futuros videos de tecnología!

Divulgación: Algunos de los enlaces que utilizo son enlaces de afiliados. Eso significa que puedo recibir una pequeña comisión sin costo para usted. ¡Aprecio su apoyo! .


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Comentarios (44)

Can you actually choose a winner for once😒



I have a magic air I love it the parrot is kind of laggy when I was 1 mile away the magic air was so smooth.

Anafi much better drone.

I like the Mavic air over the anafi though occusync is missing

Mavic air is best on video/photoage

I bought the Anafi because the Anafi does not have a geo fencing build in. I live near to a no fly zone and so I can fly it in my garden (up to the hight of the trees), this is impossible with all DJI products. Next the Anafi is more quiet and has a long flight time and sorry to say, the camera of the Anafi is way better than of the Air.I have tested the maximum range in a wide field area. I could steer the Anafi up to 1.5km. The FPV video was obviously not in a high resolution anymore.

lots of props from Hannover for your smooth and prof. drone tutorial and pretty intersubjective mentionings of the individ. down- and upside of each drone.

No doubt~ Mavic Air performance far more better and professional than the Anifi~

"By the lord grace"? You believe in God? ha ha ha.. kid..

Hopefully micro drone 4.0 is worth it.

The Anafi has a brighter picture overall, but if you look at the clouds, they're over-exposed and missing detail. The DJI doesn't have the same issue. Meaning that at least with the DJI, you can correct under-exposure in post-processing. The Anafi has lost that detail forever…

parrot any day over dji, dji has POOR customer service.

I notice that you got two subscribers from 166101 to 166103

Which drone has better range or a stronger signal I know the mavic air uses Wi-Fi and it sucks unless you flying in a desert but minus the Wi-Fi the mavic air could have been a great drone for its size

Living in a area with quite a few airports I ended up getting the anafi since the features are similar but with no no know fly zones.

Af course mavic air

duh dji is waaay better

I have a Mavic Air and I love it 🥰

Anafi does have crisper picture due large pixel count, but it doesn’t seems to be better. In the darker environment it’s seems whitish the image while Mavic Air delivers the true and way richer colors, just look at the grass… 🤷‍♂️ I do choose Mavic Air any day over Anafi!

Mavic Air, hands down

Anafi ..Flight time end of story plus all the other add on..tilt cam etc…bye now

My eyes are set on the Mavic Air. I am totally new to flying drones.

I think the Mavic Air looks much better. Look at the water in channel you are flying over in the side by side. The Mavic Air is more crisp and seems to have far more detail while the Anafi is so soft that it looks blurry. Most cases I agree with the WIFI signal but the Mavic Air connection has been ROCK solid for me. I’ve been out over two miles in a light urban area where I know there is quite a bit of WiFi interference. DJI is the only company that has made WiFi doable for drones. No other company comes close to the reliability of signal using WiFi. Whatever wizardry they are using is amazing. I’ve seen other people reach 3 miles with good signal and only have to turn around because of battery life. I know that one of the firmware updates improved range greatly compared to when I first got it.

Anafi is more beautiful but air is more powerful

And the winner is ______.

Marvic air is better

Thumb Down…. 2.5-5hours for battery charge on Anafi? Yeah with 3 usb slots normal USB Charger charging 3 batteries at once. PS: anafi were not stable during a fly path? well.. learn how to fly 🙂 or just use a fly to point 😉

thank you for the compare…

Mavic Air with made at home Anafi props for a quieter flight.

Did you turn on HDR for the anafi? That really helps the camera

mavic air hands down but if i could purchase the parrot for way less than the mavic then yes the parrot will come home. you get what you pay for,

Parrot is so shit- their best drone no where nears DJI's and it makes less reliable products

I’m gonna get the Air over the Anafi. Thanks for the review!

Thank you for this video! I am currently comparing between drones to know which to purchase and this helped a lot. I appreciate you, and I will be tuning in for more.


Mavic air. Anafi is overblown.

Great comparison video. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Anafi and Mavic Air. Thumb up, subbed and Bell clicked.

the anafi folded looks like a cat stretching all it´s legs xDNice comparison, for 450€ i will get myself my first drone, and its going to be the anafi. 🙂

Very good


No way in hell is the Anafi better than the air. People just trying to be cheap and save a few bucks then trying to justify it.

I feel like you should've increased the ISO of the footage taken on the Mavic air for a better comparison as some of the storm footage seemed extremely underexposed. Also you shouldn't have gone anywhere near that power terminal as it really messes with the compass in the drones. Other than that great video. Currently trying to do some Black Friday Shopping…

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