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Cinewhoop Summer

agosto 23, 2019
Cinewhoop Summer

Estoy experimentando nuevos tiros, especialmente con pequeños tiros de baloncesto al final. Pero, simplemente me gustó cómo todo esto vino con pequeños artículos aquí y allá. Fue genial ver a mis amigos disparando mientras usaban gafas desde el punto de vista del dron.

Toda esta información está escrita en mi blog aquí:

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Partes de este dron:
Cuadro: Squirt:
Motores: Hermano Hobby 1407, 3600kv:
Batería: Hobbywing G2 30 × 30:
Receptor: Crossfire Micro:
Antena: AXII Stubby:
Cámara: RunCam Racer:
Emisor: Unify 5v:
de la batería:

Mis gafas:
Fatshark Dominator HDO:
Módulo de gafas Clearview:

Mi radio:
Taranis 9xd //
TBS Crossfire //
Iftron ClearView //
Parche de antena 1: TrueRC X2 Air //
Parche de Antena 2: Parche Axi Lumi:

Mi bolso:
FPV Photo Think Tank Airport Helicopter:

Soldador: TS100 // (en venta)
Cargador móvil: Cargador Hobbymate //

Insta360 One:
La compañía me ha dado un enlace personalizado que, si lo usa, obtendrá un par extra de bonificaciones con la cámara, como el dispositivo de autodesenfoque. Es perfecto con eso.

Cámara Drone: GoPro Hero Session 5 //
Cámara Drone: GoPro Hero 6 //
Cámara principal principal de Vlogging: Sony A7III //
Vlogging de lente de cámara principal grande: Sony 10-18 //
Lente principal Cámara grande Vlogging: Sony 85 1.8 //
Micrófono para cámara de vlogging: Rhode Video Mic Go //
Trípode en el cielo: DJI Mavic //
Mis increíbles pantalones:

Disco duro FPV definitivo:
Western Digital My Wireless Passport Pro
4 TB:
3 TB:
2 TB:

Gracias a cada uno de mis patrocinadores:
Aventuras atmosféricas:
Línea China Hobby:

Alquilar mi productora, Cinactive Media:

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All of this information is written out on my blog here:…

See my showreel from this machine here:…

Parts on this drone:
Frame: Squirt:
Motors: Brother Hobby 1407, 3600kv:
Stack: Hobbywing G2 30×30:
Receiver: Crossfire Micro:
Antenna: AXII Stubby:
Camera: RunCam Racer:
Transmitter: Unify 5v:

Nice flight Nurk !! I wonder if ur still using realsteady go ?

Pretty cool

I liked it.Show me more. Smooth, Jerk free, no fast flips, do rolls instead.

That yard has the largest deck to yard ratio I've seen.

Fantastic video 👊😎🤚

Great cut. Super inspiring

Gracias Nurk! Últimamente tus vídeos eran un coñazo, pero este vídeo me ha gustado, parece el paraíso de los hombres.


Very creative – love the basketball shots. Awesome!

What is the price of such a "race organaiser truck" which is shown in your video (indigp truck) if i want to organaise my own league, and how can i find such a truck?

Great video! Is it software stabilised at all? It is very smooth

All stuff I love, friends, jaccuzi, hammock, pool, bbq, sound system and fpv ! Have a good journey, don't change anything (sorry about my poor English, comment from France).

I spent the whole video hoping you were going to slam dunk your cinewhoop but it never happened 😛

Nice whoopin

Wansui by Oliver Michael Parhelion
The song if anyone wanted to know.

saludos.. do you use superview with the cinewoop??

I love how you get the people to interact with your drone! It sets your videos apart from the others. Very nice. 👍😊

They should film sports with drones idk football would be cool too

This was such a nice little edit…great shots and flying with a chill summer vibe (love that above ground pool with the deck around it!).

Really C@@L Video & Great Flyin! Thanks

That Summertime cool 😎

So sick. Really want one of these drones. Amazing flying and editing bro!

As in all your videos, you got a couple of really "ballsy" clips in there 😛

Nurk, your flying is a story, more than mere FPV, it's becoming nearly illusory and surreal–cinematic weaving in 3-D space–simultaneously; the viewer isn't merely the watcher, the spectator is the story (you can see this when the guys playing basketball are looking right at you (me). You're onto something and you must keep going with it. Change this world, Nurk!

amazing🔥 great video, perfect flight and good job

Nice one. Really thought you would dive through the net after the ball though.

Definitely best use of cinewhoop so far

did you use the session 5?

Pretty amazing flying, dude! Sweet and smooth! 😃

What a cool fun vid!

Great video, and music to match. Refreshing change from the usual flight footage out there, and I think it will appeal to a larger audience. Would love to capture some of my local in this fashion, but lack to skills to build a Squirt. Can you point us (Im sure others are interested) in the direction of a good BNF out there? Thanks.

Wow great! In the winter you should do a cinewhoop hockey video

Amazing flight footage love the basketball shots!!

Nurk sorry you had bad time at DRL level 1, the person who designed that track was evil and I've flown it in the sim and I've been crashing pretty much in the same places you did. I hope level 2 works out better.

Those couple of shots at 4:05 were AMAZING!

now we got both the black magic on an X-class and to balance it out a cinewhoop 😀

Oh wow Paul that was fun! 😁 Flight of the year maybe? 🤔

Awesome video lol, awesome edit, awesome music choice!!!!😍

Can you imagine the possibilitys for hobby filmmakers and so on its just incredible how fpv hobby basicly goes into every market and situation these days. It's like when skateboarding startet

sick flying nurk. dug those basket following shots! I was waiting for a follow down the net shot (depends on if you have exposed props on that rig I guess)

I love this good job

Nice !

u know what would have been cool? if you went under water LOL… nice video so smooth

Aick shots man greatflying !

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