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Comentario del marco Realacc Flywin 220 de Banggood

julio 13, 2019
Comentario del marco Realacc Flywin 220 de Banggood

Este es el cuadro Flywin 220. Está un poco más cerca de los cuadros ultraligeros de alta gama. Me gusta este marco por su aspecto estirado. El cuerpo compacto con brazos largos estirados hacia adelante y hacia atrás da la impresión de estirar el mayor tiempo posible. Las curvas frías de la placa superior le dan un aspecto más elegante, sentado en los bloques de inicio. Creo que el peso extra de los brazos más anchos compensará los brazos rotos para algunos. Los corredores ultrarrápidos probablemente moverán este cuadro sobre un cuadro más ligero y sacrificarán la durabilidad por menos peso. Estoy cansado de romperme los brazos. 🙂

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Consigue el tuyo aquí:
Marco Flywin 220: html? p = 6Z050013977120130325 & utm_campaign = 139771_1210911 & utm_content = 1081 & cur_warehouse = CN
Separadores de 20mm si quieres un low rider:

Medio jefe
Boss XL Frame (¡Utilice el código de cupón "KCFPV" que ayuda a nuestro grupo de carreras local!): PFV-Racing-Frame_p_5748.html

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Do you know any 3d printed designs I can use for this frame? For instance a canopy or a stubby mount and a sharkfin.

I have this frame incoming – probably will arrive in next week. It look promising – light enough for a general purpose or freestyle quad an seems able to perform even with stronger 2204 motors and 2205 motors too, including slightly outdated ones from previous 2 years 🙂 To avoid groundloop and short circuits use threaded nylon spacers and nylon screws when installing boards inside this frame. Rubber spacers you mentioned also suits well. I'm curious about FPV antenna installing though. Holes in top plate assume use of U.fl to SMA pigtail with connector having 2 screw holes at sides. Interesting how to avoid groundloop with that?About Realacc battery protector piece – I have 3 of them from former Realacc frames I had. It may be useful while you are complete noob who crashes instead of landing every time. But when you learn how to land without smashing battery below frame into pancake, you may get rid of that thing. It only add extra weight (11…13g). I don't use them. Battery straps that came with them however are useful though.

Unrelated but was not sure where else to ask you. Are you planning to review the Minibigger 240mm on Bangood. Product ID: 1283530

That's a good frame for so little cash, god bless realacc, innovation maybe one thing, but you have to hand it to these guys keeping production costs down coupled with mass production really does get passed down the line to us the customer. Why spend three times the amount on a frame when you can get frames like this? 🙂

Thank you very much

Cool video as always one quick question what video editing software use

U should review hglrc batmam220.

review mark 2 7 inches

Review puda floss please!

Seems like we’re finally getting some new frames (clones) after a lull. Always enjoyed you reviews.

Wow, that's a beautiful frame! How high the stack you think would fit in there, without the use of that standoffs? 3 or 4 boards?

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