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Condensadores de bajo ESR que uso para mis construcciones.

junio 27, 2019
Condensadores de bajo ESR que uso para mis construcciones.

Tenga cuidado con los estafadores. Póngase en contacto solo a través de Mi correo electrónico
470uF 25V mesh

1000uF 35V

Estos enlaces están todos afiliados y no le cobrarán cargos adicionales si los usa para apoyar el canal.

FrSky Q X7

Yo uso baterias CS101558118042016088 & utm_content = tanghao & utm_campaign = mesh

Creo que los choques son los mejores.

Xt60 Premade I use

Calor encogido lo mencioné

Estación de soldadura p = CS101558118042016088 & utm_content = tanghao & utm_campaign = mesh

(Si puedes usar mis enlaces, sería genial, sería de gran ayuda para apoyar el canal).

Sitio web con más detalles sobre el examen y ensayo de productos.

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Paul Flint – Savage (versión NCS)

Paul Flint
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just buy caps from audio store… besides caps are caps… whether you apply it on a quad or in a hifi system….

Authentic panasonics or Elna's usually sport the lowest ESR in all categories(goes back and forth between these two). However, counterfeits are abundant.

I still have some noise when using the 470uf capacitor. Will it make a difference if I solder on a 1000?It's on a 4in1.

What about Nichicon? :^)

Simply the BEST youtube channel for quadcopter tech!Thanks

hi, i have a noob question, what happen if u use a standart capacitor

is it safe to assume that ceramic capacitors are generally lower esr than electrolyte capacitors?Assuming that you can connect them directly smd to your signal source.

I would love to see the results of more cap testing. I've been using the Panasonic FR series of caps and I wonder if they are really the best.

your using different value capacitors 470 microFarad and 1000, Search Understanding capacitors and read it 3 times

what can i use on a 1s and 2s setup?

Try nichicon caps

Do i need to use a 450uF or 1000uF for my 4 inch quadcopter? And do i only need 1 on my batterypads or do i need to put one on all my escs?

35V vs 25V?

Hi Can i use 25V 470UF on each ESC on my 4S setup

I buy Panasonic ESRs from Mouser Electronics here in the USA.

Maybe you could/should look into testing other types of caps to use instead of or piggyback with the electrolytic caps such as film or ceramic caps?! Might be super valuable info. 😉 🙂

Buying low ESR capacitors in AliExpress, Banggood or Ebay is the same than throw that money avay. Unfortunately low ESR capacitors must be purchased from trusted sources – even Amazon doesn't qualify for that.

I run a 35v 470uf Panasonic cap on each of my KISS24 amp ESCs, on my Chameleon and it makes my quad sooo smooth, It's really noticeable. I did it at first to clean up a bad video signal, and it did not help, but I noticed how smooth it made my quad, so I kept them on. Bad video turned out to be antenna grounding on the Aluminum bracket they provide.(O-Ring smashes and does not last long) I moved antenna to carbon top plate and so it did not touch the Aluminum and it cleared up instantly.

dude at laesast make them same capacity, and then test them

u cant tell if they are real with out testing though lol . there are tons of fake clone caps out there. i like the real rubicons they work great dont they my friendR

when i seen my capacitors are made by a company called chong, i kinda lost heart a little… hehehe i dont have noisy video but i do have the black lines permanently on my fpv, i think its from my rx since it doesnt change during flight. and capacitors dont seem to address that kinda rf noise


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