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Crea una foto de FACEBOOK 360 con DJI Drone

julio 12, 2019
Crea una foto de FACEBOOK 360 con DJI Drone

Descarga gratis DronePan:

¿Tienes un drone? ¿Quieres tomar una foto 360 y subirla a Facebook? Entonces es posible que desee ver este video.

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Comentarios (49)

Hi…After edit camera maker. I can't apply it. Got message " you need permission from user to make changes to this file". How to settle it ?

how about over the top of the dragone? it might show something black or no imagen how do i fill that part

hi Tekgila . please check my videos and coment- thank you

Hi, please what's the best setup of DRONE PAN for the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced? Thank you!!!

Hi Tekgila, can you guide me how to transform ( unfold) a tiny planet pano into a simple 360 panorama . I have some panorama contestant submit their tiny planet picture when click on it immediately unfold into the conventional 360 panorama. What software that they ultilises??

this is not foto 2:1

Not a very helpful video if you don't have Photoshop. But still good. I'm going to seek an easier way



This dont work for me (Phantom 4 Pro user)

You are so awesome * 1000!! I did a 360 with DJI Spark and couldn't get facebook to recognize it is a 360. Thank you so much for your help!!!! Just subscribed!!!

This method no longer works.

Nice explanation, TekGila…Thanks for sharing. Antonio Guedes, from Brazil.

thanks for useful tutorial

bebual ape je

not workng properly on android

android version is bugged


such a fucking gay.

My ICE program will not allow me to see the preview 🙁 Do you know why that is?

Olá, tudo bem, estou fazendo os mesmo procedimentos nos mesmos programas, porém o facebook só está reconhecendo a foto como panoramica normal e não panoramica 360 graus, pode me ajudar??? o que fazer.

HI Tekgila, I only just uploaded one photo and my second atempt was not 360 anymore. How could it be? Tnx

where is download link for this 360 for windows 10?


please i dont understand what you write the image detail .

How do I get my DJI Mavic Pro in f mode? Drone pan is asking me to put my drone in F mode and I don't have FAP modes like P3 and P4 manually. Everything is pretty automatic.

photoshop doesn't allow me to make the pixels 10000×5000 also had some stitching problems for some reason  not sure how to fix it. :/

is a working now ? i'm upload for facebook. just not effect 360 pano. i ever last is. worked. but know is didnt

This video help me a lot!Thanks!!

how you do it with mac

Can someone recomend another program than PS for change image size

Hi, about distortion, it happens because you miss a huge part of the image and "force" the scene to 2:1. You need to understand about equirectangular panoramas at first, then you will realize that you need to fill the missing sky portion. You can do a Photoshop edit with a generic sky photo instead to rezise it.

Awesome thanks so much for the tutorial. It works great!

please i dont understand what you write the image detail .

Android = Litchi + Autopano Giga for the perfect 360 images.

Como puedo lograr conservar la calidad de las imágenes? Te pregunto por qué al seguir paso a paso tu video tutorías y lograr mi imagen 360 al subirla a Facebook pierde calidad… Gracias..

thanks for the video dude, very helpful. I am actually going out to take my first pano now :Dto fix that problem you mentioned about the image being distorted when you changed the image size to 10000 x 5000, change the canvas size instead of image size. This way the image will remain proportional and have a 2:1 ratio 😉

Android usrers can use litchi I think…And instead of streching it to 2:1 in PS, how about cutting in Lr?

Great tutorial! I actually wrote an article on a tech website going step-by-step how to make one without distortion:

Good tutorial but mine has come out really really curved when you view it on Facebook??

el modo f en phantom 4 cuan seria?

I could accomplish this but the distortion is too awful at the end. DJI 4 – ICE with Video not photos

Like!!! Thanks!


its not 360 though, when you changed the size in photoshop, it cut half of the picture out.

drone pan what is the other option for android_

thanks a lot for that video :)little tip, try to keep the horizon at arround 2500pixels, it will give you a flat horizon on facebook, not that banana shaped horizon you had in the video.

Can we view the 360 photo that you uploaded? I don't think it's public.

Excellent tutorial, can't wait to give it a shot now! I only have a Vision 2+ and Android, so it may be difficult to get the photo's but I'll give it a go! Thanks 🙂

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