Crea una foto de FACEBOOK 360 con DJI Drone

By on Jul 12, 2019 in BLOC | 49 comments

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Descarga gratis DronePan: https://goo.gl/3DPvnU

¿Tienes un drone? ¿Quieres tomar una foto 360 y subirla a Facebook? Entonces es posible que desee ver este video.

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  1. Hi Tekgila, can you guide me how to transform ( unfold) a tiny planet pano into a simple 360 panorama . I have some panorama contestant submit their tiny planet picture when click on it immediately unfold into the conventional 360 panorama. What software that they ultilises??

  2. Hi, about distortion, it happens because you miss a huge part of the image and "force" the scene to 2:1. You need to understand about equirectangular panoramas at first, then you will realize that you need to fill the missing sky portion. You can do a Photoshop edit with a generic sky photo instead to rezise it.

  3. thanks for the video dude, very helpful. I am actually going out to take my first pano now 😀

    to fix that problem you mentioned about the image being distorted when you changed the image size to 10000 x 5000, change the canvas size instead of image size. This way the image will remain proportional and have a 2:1 ratio 😉

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