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Disparos con DJI MAVIC 2 PRO y el drone XDYNAMICS EVOLVE

mayo 18, 2019
Disparos con DJI MAVIC 2 PRO y el drone XDYNAMICS EVOLVE

Estos dos drones son geniales a su manera y son muy capaces de proporcionar una imagen de video 4K 30FPS. La secuencia de video presentada aquí no se ha corregido de ninguna manera y todas las configuraciones de la cámara se han dejado en AUTO.
Si no tienes un MAVIC 2 PRO o XDYNAMICS EVOLVE y quieres saber más sobre ellos, he colocado los enlaces a continuación:
MAVIC 2 PRO o MAVIC 2 ZOOM (El precio mostrado incluye los gastos de envío, impuestos y aranceles / aranceles):

XDYNAMICS EVOLVE (se entrega con mochila, dos baterías, dron, controlador de alta tecnología, cargador, accesorios):

Mira mi video del PHANTOM 4 PRO y el AUTEL EVO filmando la inundación a 60 fps en 4K:

Sombrero GoPro:
Plataforma de aterrizaje redonda:

#CaptainDrone #Ottawa #PetrieIsland. (TagsToTranslate) DJI (t) Xdynamics (t) Drone (t) Quad (t) Mavic 2 Zoom (t) Mavic 2 Pro (t) Evolucionar (t) Comparar (t) Cámara (t) 4k (t) 30 FPS (t) t) Agua (t) Inundación (t) Demostración (t) Ejemplo (t) Vol (t) Fibra de carbono (t) Gimbal (t) Sun Bote (t) (t) Isla Petrie) Ottawa (t) Canadá (t) ) Crystal Sky (t) Alcance (t) Altura


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Comentarios (34)

Mavic 2 looks like a spark next to that Evolve !!

4k 60fps is what these drones need

Hello from 🇺🇸Harrisburg Pennsylvania 🇺🇸 I have both Phantom 4Pro with 5 batteries 🔋 & Mavic Pro with 3 batteries , 🔋 The Mavic Pro I pretty much take everywhere when I’m Jetskiing or riding around on both of my motorcycles 🏍🇺🇸🛵 cause the Mavic pro is small enough to fit inside both of my compartments on my Big Boy Toys ,If I’m not taking my Woman 👩 with me I always take my Phantom 4Pro plus and can put it on my back seat 😎 My question is should I upgrade and get the Mavic Pro 2 with fly more kit $1900.00 or keep what I have ?

That evolve thingy needs to evolve period too fucking high price for what.I own and love to fly different types of Quads from different quad makers Im not a professional photographer OR Cinema photographer either but i do no how to film what i like while im flying and I do like a good camera on a quad that im FLYING To.But this thingy this company is trying to sell at that ridiculous price with dji. Is just beyond stupid stupid stupid and stupid, just fucking ridiculous How dare them to even think that they can try and fucking pass this high ass unproven beautiful looking QUAD ON US QUAD LOVING ASS FLYERS .Where the cameras at. Dam we must be getting PUNKED. Where is Ashner Krusner at. Dam can y'all believe this unheard of Bold ASS People Or PERSON or what ever thinking foolishly Like we quad LOVERS whould just say hell yeah we will spend $2000 fucking dollars on a quad that we dont no shit ABOUT thats not proven nor have any fucking track record with us the ones who buy and fly Quads Rc Planes And thangs. Rc helicopters. And evenfucking rockets and kites. Would just jump the fuck up and buy this very unproven nice looking PIECE of QUAD. Naa WE dont think SO.

You only get 1 battery with $2499 price tag of the Evolve to clarify.

please explain, how more light comes on camera with smaller sensor, while their f number it's the same? even on pixel level (or specially on pixel level), this is not true, this is main reason you get less noise on bigger sensor etc. m2p doesn't have af? that's new to me..

I vote : XDYMANICS EVOLVE vs Mavic 4 pro 2.0

The Mp2 looks better. I'm not a dji fan, even thogh I own two Mavics, due to the many no fly zones. Living on Guam with several airports leaves me little space to fly thats why Im looking into buying a non dji, 4k drone. Thanks for the wonderful video.

I would really appreciate if you said it sucked like it does….. Instead of saying nothing! Your a reviewer… I know some other big YouTubers were afraid to say it and then one spoke up (Ken heron) because he don't need them and can, Caugh, CAUGH, and then all of a sudden the rest followed suit! It freaking sucks, lol… maybe that'll push the company along a little bit! We need a DJI competitor doc! please please tell it like it is! 👍👍 Love you man!Michael

Nice job, my friend. Reading these comments, and I'm not sure why people expected this to be a review . . . I'd love to be able to test out the Evolve some time but I can't shell out $2500 to try it LOL. I do have a Typhoon H plus now, so I'll have to be content with testing that one out.

I want DJI drones but they are too expensive

I'm curious Steve, have you had the problems with the Drone that others have shown with range, camera shutting off and battery issues. Ken Heron said it was junk. The prop flew off when it landed it came down so hard. He could only get about 400 ft range and the battery was pretty well dead after about 5-10 minutes. It was a complete disaster of a review. I'm sure most of this can be fixed with a rather massive firmware update. EvenBilly Kyle had a lot of the same issues. I just don't remember that you really had these issues look at Kens review tell us this drone is just getting bashed by you tubers.

Hi capt.. please review hubsan zino..

The Mavic video looks to have a magenta cast ?

Very nice footage

I can't believe neither of these had 4K60 at these prices. That's the reason I still think my Phantom 4 Pro shoots better video than the Mavic 2 Pro but I love the Mavic portability.

Typhoon H + please, lol.

Hi cap. Remember me from india😓I still have no drone next time instead of giveaway can u plz give it to me plz i have reason also there are 50 sub from me only plz cap understand

I know it’s a flood but beautiful scenery and Excellent footage.

Xiaomi FIMI X8 SE

Love all your in-depth reviews. Question? What was the song title for that background music? Loved it! Thanks for sharing. Chuck

Sad about the flooding. Doing the same here. Beautiful shots though! Really like that music. Reminds me of The Rippingtons and Russ Freeman!

Good video. Which Mavic would you suggest to compliment a Phantom 4 Pro?

Hi Captain..both drone generated stunning images..but personally i will still prefer the Mavic 2 Pro.😉👍👍

Most reviews of the XDynamics Evolve indicate that it is not yet ready for prime time. In fact, if you watch Dustin Dunhill's and Ken Heron's recent reviews, the Evolve is just about in the "Epic Fail" category.

Mavic 2 is the best

Interesting. I thought the M2P was more impressive and sharp to the eye than the Bulky Evolve. Thought for video I still have been most impressed with what I have seen coming out of the Autel Evo… terrific price and 4k60. Thanks for doing what you do Captain.

That X Dynamic is a piece of overpriced 💩… That doesn't even have good range… I hope that you received that junk for free, because If you spent money on that, they fooled you big time…

If I didn't need for a foldable drone, I'll take the Evolve for sure. This drone looks so amazing :DThe difference of size, I'm pretty sure you can add a rack on the Evolve to put the Mavic 2 pro on and to launch it from the air :PAny video with the Evolve will please me, but maybe it will be good to compare it to the Phantom 4 (for me, they both are the same kind of drone)

Both cameras are awesome.Btw. I love the flooded area…it just looking awesome.And the trees can't get thirsty 😂

Thanks. The M2 is way better camera. Much more color detail. It's crazy how this evolve wouldn't put a 1 inch sensor in the camera. It's all about the camera not the RC. I have heard some serious issues with the evolve like not holding its position too well. Happy mothers day and I hope the flooding situation resolves soon. We are currently getting tons of rain and flooding in Philly area.

For the amount of money being invested I would probably have to choose the Mavic 2 pro with a fly more kit. Thank you for the comparison 🤗

Nice comparison. Not enough difference to declare a winner, for me.Evolve need to step down on the price and they can blame that on the form factor of their design.MP2 wins by default, because of its compact form factor.

Hi Captain Drone,
Only Wow !!! I like big drones to see them in visual, but a little less discreet. Really beautiful shots, with these two beautiful drones. We also have some flood problems here. But it looks like it's better, with the beautiful shots you make. Again thank you for showing us the difference of these drones and above all the quality of these shots.

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