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DJI Mavic Clone – Drone Test

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIuAFfWHcVA?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Especificaciones y compra: https://goo.gl/XtW3XP
Código de descuento: rc18off
Enlace a la batería de repuesto: https://goo.gl/YGtjVB
DJI Mavic? ¡No, pero parece uno! El TIANQU XS809W es un pequeño quadcopter rápido y ágil que es divertido y fácil de manejar. Tiene tres tasas de vuelo y altitud. Muy divertido para volar y vale la pena el viaje. ¡Vuela bien y luce genial!

La cámara que uso en la mayoría de mis videos es la Panasonic Lumix Z300. Puedes comprobarlo aquí. http://amzn.to/2ip0ptE
Funciona en 4K, tiene un conector para micrófono externo y, con una pantalla giratoria, ¡es perfecto para los videos de Youtube!

Para todas las cosas drone: http://www.readysetdrone.com .


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Folks i have the mavic pro and the Phantom 4 pro, just had the mavic clone from Wish, and must say for just under 60 euros, its not that bad, ofcourse its not the real thing, but for a beginner i would say yes, pretty cool drone i flew it at 70 meters high, and it went up to 1500 meters far on flat land, video quality not bad.could be compared with a 720p. Also its landing on gps was 90% accurate

Sorry but I stop after second camera movements… searching another video…

Dude you honestly didn't prepare for this video most of the information you give to us was wrong like the drone not having a micro sd card. When you do a drone review you're supposed to get all the information before sharing it to us that is just my opinion but I love your channel

Does the video camera sync in properly to the monitor cellphone? Like real time? No delay?

This is one of the quads where the XS809HW actually has an sd micro card slot to it.

Love your channel. FYI. IG is using your original dji mavic unboxing to Promote a fake looking mavic clone.

After seen this review. I did some looking and found the VISUO Battle Sharks version. Pretty much the same quad. Bought it from Amazon. This is my first quad copter. Its a good starter. Your right about the camera…(CRAPPY). Does have a micro SD slot. Just mainly use it to fly around my yard at home. Did try to FPV it around the house. Lost connection real easy when leaves line of sight. So don't even try that anymore. Mine came with two batteries and rated for 1800 mAh. So I get about 15 – 18 min of flight time. Takes 3 hours for those to charge. It weighs in at 5.7 oz w/batt. All in all…..a fun to fly quad. Some day I'll get a DJI

Just so you know there is a company on Facebook using one of your videos for the Mavic pro and they are using it to promote the sales of a clone drone on their website. Thought you might want to know because you’re literally in it.

https:// military-tees.com/products/combat-foldable-hd-drone

How long does it take to charge?

Hello, I'm a regular watcher of your drones videos and comments. I saw this ad with your image and want to believe it's true. A DJI mavic at $54.90. Could you please watch and tell me if it's a scam? Thanks in advance. The store's name is TRENDSTOREZ.com https://www.facebook.com/1727577114030546/videos/2210551139167606/

Congratz on 100k only 50k is fake

That visuo drone looks like a s*it

how long does the battery last?

Walmart has this with 3 total battery’s for 60 bucks with free shipping. 5 day total wait time including Sunday

LOL at the landing on the couch, some pretty crazy maneuvers in there haha.

Please Show Promark VR70
Mine Flew Away Forever 😳 Never Found!!!
Thanks 🙏

Can you please give away any cheap drone you have

A Mavic clone that comes with a Xbox one controller clone. ^_^

I have one and it’s the best!

I have a 1080p/4k action cam (SooCoo C30) that weighs 62g.  Will this quadcopter lift it (assuming no prop guards)?

Between this and the Syma X5C, what would you recommend for a beginner? Unless you have another one I should consider. Thank you!!

WAIT A MINUTE! As someone who has had several broken gimble assemblies and cameras as a result of some "moderate" crashes (even small tree limbs, etc), I am really hoping that DJI can make a more heavy duty and perhaps a much more "crash resistant" gimble/camera assembly on all future models of their otherwise great drones! This would be even more important to me than new whiz-bang features, as none of these aren't much good if you can't fly it or must spend tons of money and time repairing broken parts, etc. My last gimble repair cost me around $500! And enough is enough!

I see that Eachine has something very simular to the Mavic as well. The E58

Count how many times he says "go ahead"

Thanks for the review. I just bought today with spare batteries 🙂 This one I'll let my kid fly NOT my Mavic Pro 🙂

Would that fit well in a shoebox??

You scaring the Shit out of your kids bud 😂

Lol, I bought knew of those visou drone thinking it was was an actual Mavic drone on Wish. I regret everything

I hate drone with GEars on engine… noisy

How long does it fly for?

have you gone through voice command??

the HW and HW-G models have an SD card slot. The W and earlier have the slot but it's empty!

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