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DJI Mavic Pro contra mi drone 4K

marzo 25, 2019
DJI Mavic Pro contra mi drone 4K

Mi 4K: zhengsiying & utm_campaign = Xiaomi


Mis policías de DJI:
Mavic Air:
Mavic Pro:
P4 Pro:
Mavic 2 Zoom: .


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I believe they both use an ambarella A9 SoC. Might explain the similarities in IQ

looks like the dji is fighting hard in the wind

I do love that you flie both drones alone in this weather. you are daring hehehe

Superb work! Very impressive m8 😉

HI. what is your city. it is so clean and green


You sounds like Walter White Junior from braking bad

Just bought a Mi Drone 4K and could not be happier. Like every Xiaomi camera out there (action cams and all), the 4K Drone suffers from bad colours in the videos, the Mavic has way better colours. But since most people gonna color grade their videos, it doesn't really matter i think. The DJI has better support and all, but i just can't justify the price tag on the Mavic. It is better, but the Xiaomi wins with that price tag.

I just order a Xiaomi Mi Drone 🙂

Wooow you handle 2 drones at same time hehe

If you like drones, have a look on my channel and subscribe 🙂

Bravo, it is so nice. Thanks

Hii awesome page ☺ Keep it up!

dam good job using both drones at the same time bro.

@AndyRC or @anyone else This will be my first drone ever. I want to start small with family and friend projects and eventually move into commercial work after I get my license: real estate, weddings, music videos,etc. If i go with the Xiaomi I can have the money soon and be flying in about 1 month. With the Mavic Pro I will have to save alot more money and my flying time will have to start maybe 4-6 months from now. My biggest pro I like with the Mavic Pro is portability. Being able to travel with family and take out the Mavic or go to a commercial job site and start filming sounds great! The Mavic has the best of both worlds. If the Xiaomi folded down as small as the Mavic Pro, I would def buy the Xiaomi…I like both but the Xiaomi seems like alot to carry around if I am travelling. If I am at home and going to a project site I don't mind the Xiaomi size but if I am travelling I'd rather carry a small drone that can do the same thing. Do you think I should just save my money and wait it out for the Mavic Pro based on my goals for the drone or get the Xiaomi now and still fulfill my drone needs but just have to deal with a larger drone? I'm at a crossroads with these 2 options. Anyone can comment. Thanks

Have you considered ther may have been some metallic structure or even scrap iron under that grass? There's no telling what's under any parkland in Europe or the UK. I spent 18 months in the SE of England and on weekends a few of us would descend on various parkland or common ground with metal detectors. It was amazing how many very large objects we found. Some of them were truly massive and buried so deep we couldn't possibly have dug them up. A little digging (excuse the Pun) into your local area may turn up something about that area. Perhaps it used to be an old Army barracks or some government facility. Or even simply a lot of scrap metal is buried there. Such things used to drive our metal detectors mad, so the chances of upsetting a compass, albeit a digital one is definitely possible. They are rather sensitive, so much in fact I've seen one quadcopter manual advise you don't wear a wristwatch when calibrating it.Just a thought as to you mystery error on the Mi. By the way, after watching your P4 VS the Mi I ordered a 4k Mi, it should be here in a week or so. I already have more than 40 various quads, but the Mi definitely got me excited. I was actually saving from my pension money to buy a DJI, I'd managed to save just enough to buy the Mi plus a spare battery. Now I don't need the overpriced DJI, so maybe I'll start saving for the next Xiaomi release and after the Mi the next one must be a something with obstacle avoidance, who knows? By the way, just subscribed.

I own both and they are both very good.You do get more with the higher priced mavic.

The mavic has a lot of processing to the image.

Hi Andy. Thank you for your vlogs. My xioami 4k drone crashed due to a seized motor after only a few weeks flying. Gearbest have not been helpful with any after sales help and offered me $30 compensation. What an insult. The drone was OK for the price but useless if there is no after sales support and parts take forever to get. If you are seriously thinking of getting one consider spending a little more and get a DJI.

Idk how to order both of these shop T-T

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