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DJI Mavic Pro en 3 celdas LG HG2 18650 3000mAh

abril 18, 2019
DJI Mavic Pro en 3 celdas LG HG2 18650 3000mAh

DJI Mavic Pro en 3 celdas LG HG2 18650 3000mAh.


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love it 🙂

recycled bms from old mavic battery

This experimental battery junk, because the coating of 18650 batteries is made of metal that compromises the compass and GPS. While the idiot who tried this experiment refrains from saying it. The mavic pro Flashes red

Please help me. I disconect the pack 3s of circuit of mavic battery and the chip bq30z554-R1 block the current becouse one parameter named Permanant Fail (under voltage) and i cant change this. How you change the cell and use the same motherboard?

Have you tried hovering it say higher off the ground out of ground effect because as a pilot ground effect is a bit of an air cushion for a rotary craft can it hover at say 5 to 6 ft out of ground effect with the extra weight of the 18650 battery cells?

Why you not combined with the original battery cell? Maybe it can fly for long time..

From the very beginning, I connected the balancing plug to the battery, then only soldered the power cables. The controller works, but does not give power to the drones. Please write the course of your actions as you connected the board to the battery so that it works correctly.

mavic pro mod 35 min fly time

any news?

You make them in series

Só a câmera que tá pouco fora da horizontal

What if you do need Power? Fast forward or climbing or both … maybe in Sport mode … Will the LiIon brake down and Mavic fall out of the sky?

Hi! please tell me how the controller battery run? It is because when the power goes to sleep! Sincerely, Yakov!

flight time?

all that for 3 more minutes?

Diagram ?

A bit dissapointing result…Try Sony Konion US18650VTC6 they have 30a discharge rate and 3120mah capacity

Very interesting project !! Did you measure current during the hovering ?

I strongly advice thank you.

How do you disassemble and assemble the battery to the battery circuit is not damaged, I would?

Hello, can you provide the production process picture? Will the total voltage of the smart battery board power off, the motherboard will be locked and can not use it? The original balance of the small plug power will lead to the motherboard locked and can not be used? Please explain in detail how to maintain the power supply while the motherboard will not be locked when changing a third party battery. Thank you

Great video, how do you change the minimum voltage setting to2.5 V? I have Change the auto land parameters L1 and L2 to 0 and have changed my settings turn none DJI battery. But can’t figure out how to change my critical voltage below 3.5 V.

No percentage or mah used, not ideal really.

can you send me project pictures ? (cell joint boints etc.)

Always take out propellers!

Why dont you solder battery power to mavic battery board derectly? So Mavic can calculate flight time and battery percent, etc…

How much make me 3000mah pack for my drone FreeX SkyView cheers


Have you done 3s2p already? do you think with the setting (non-dji battery) you can get rid of the battery board? I'm planing to integrade the board and print a Battery holder with balance and XT60 connected to the battery board

I'm confused, whats the point of all this work?

Yes RolandSuper8, DJI app is vulnerable, but not as you interpret … is not "Assisitant 2"! Maybe that breepb breepb have really done … cooked your brain inside the head 😉

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