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DJI Spark vs Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K!

abril 22, 2019
DJI Spark vs Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K!

DJI Spark
Xiaomi Mi Drone
Mi asa

Mi opinión Drone:

DJI Spark w / CONTROLLER Revisión:

Revisión en profundidad de Spark:

5 consejos para filmar Spark!

Spark vs. Mavic:

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¡Hoy comparamos el DJI Spark con el Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K! El precio es sorprendentemente cercano. (Le recomiendo que compre el control remoto para el DJI Spark). Las cámaras son una gran diferencia. DJI Spark está filmando videos de 1080p en comparación con el 4K UHD del Reino Unido UHD. ¡Mira mi reseña completa con comparaciones de lado a lado y otras diferencias de funciones!

¡Estén atentos para más videos técnicos! .


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Anyone here get that notification?! Thanks for watching!

if you like the spark and are just getting into drones get he ryze tello it is small portable easy to use and a grate all round round drone

mii drone sad the spark is best perfect for youtube you can change any camera settings that you don't like plus it dose not attract a croud of people like the mii drone dose and it is supper portable the mii drone would not even fit in some small cars

Why did you shoot the test videos on a gloomy day?

I love the DJI's Spark. Its small and I mostly use 1080p for everything, Smaller Video data to work with. It also has Tracking and even if the Mi Drone has tracking, Its pretty Huge to have it following you around in tight places. (I already have a Gimbal But others might Benefit from that.)

Their is sensor in mi drone plz make video..

Mavic air is better or xiaomi mi drone?

Rabbit and tiger.

What's the bit rate of the cameras? That's the biggest point in the camera comparison, not the resolution.

Esses bandidos de merda com os olhos em bico estao-nos a fod… a força toda. Eu comprei um MI Drone 4k chegou a uma semana 1 de fevereiro de 2019 veiu da gearbest (outra boa merda) voei uma unica vez, pousei com 3% de bateria e já tenho a menssagem da bateria degradada sem poder voar nuca mais com ela. E é uma mentira porque já verificei cada cela uma por uma e estão todas ok, há uma diferença de 0.01 v em uma unica e já vinha assim quando o comprei.Este truque de desligar a ficha só funcionava nos firmwares mais antigos, agora os chinocas armadinharam mais um bocadilho para venderem mais umas baterias. (Puta que os pariu!)há um bloqueio por software que para mim é malicioso até provas em contrario por parte do fabricante (MI DRONE + FIMI = MERDA)Eu devia era ter batido com os cornos numa parede quando compri aquela merda em vez do Mavic PRO da DJI.

Hi men. You think make a review of the drone fimi X8 SE?

Spark is a winner

Like a drone 🚁

The spark takes 4k photos, (better in this instance than its competitor) I would say it wasn't marketed as a film drone rather a picture drone that can film. It's also a lot smaller. Everyone I see in the dozens and dozens of videos I've watched has issues with the DJI app when on wifi, I have had ZERO issues using an OTG cable over the course of 21 batteries. I much prefer the aesthetic of Mi over say a Phantom. The 4k hype is a bit overplayed at this point, I've got a 55 inch 4k OLED and unless I get within 6 feet of it I can't tell a difference from a 4k bluray or a 1080. Yes it's better, yes in some instances you can actually notice, when blowing up a photo for example or being close to a computer monitor. Picture / video quality trumps resolution. I don't think the average person would ever be able to tell and in fact blind testing shows they can't. I won't even mention 4k on phones lawl. Both of these drones are good for the price, IMO.

I will take the MI, hands down cause alot of the DJI water boys are all trying to the MI down just like alot of them are putting down the EVO or any drone that is attracting consumers interest. So I love the idea of haveing more of a choice.

is mi drone good for event coverage like the wedding?



Mi drone 4k win

Nice neighborhood and pond.

i like the dji spark because i am a dji fan.And the spark wins.

Wow dude! Seriously?… You telling us that the DJI Spark is better than Xiaomi Mi 4k? The Xiaomi drone is even better than the Phantom 3 PRO and Mavic (and CHEAPER). How can you conclude that a 4k drone with better flight range, better ghimbal and camera, better RC is lesser than that "toy drone" DJI Spark… Are you a DJI fanboy? Did DJI pay you to bash the competition? Seriously…

The spark is better although with color collection the mi would be a little better. But for a novice pilot who wants simple decent footage the spark is better. The mi drone will take a lot of post production and there are better drones on the market than the mi drone.

Sold the spark bought a mi drone 4k and I all ready have a mavic air the spark felt bad compared to air so sold I wasn't happy but the mi drone is awsome.

I have a Mi 1080P and it's awesome. Put some range extenders on the transmitter and it will fly in excess of a mile away.

O grande é um enxame raivoso de abelhas e o pequeno é um enxame de mosquitos. kkkkkkkkkk

Spark is nice

SIMPLE REFLECTION MASSAGEDo you want to ask me … if the age of using Mi dron VS Dji Pahntom Kira2 that often enters the Sorry Workshop that often breaks down from those two dron dron which brand is Bang … please take a look from Abang … that's what I deserve to buy Is the Professional Phantom Dji or Mi Dron … My goal is for Air Videos and Aerial Photographs because I work at the Coal Land thanks for being answered

i owned a spark. dji makes better drone anyway..

I didnt hear u talk about the sensor that spark has… Obstacles avoiding features is very important to all

Spark is best!

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