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Dron Walmart que realmente funciona – Air Hogs DR1 FPV Racing Drone – TheRcSaylors

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzvxZw_qb3E?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Cómpralo aquí: https://goo.gl/iNAwcS Esta mañana hicimos una encuesta y todos te preguntamos si querías un camión o un video de dron. ¡Aquí está tu video de drones! .


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This is £22 delivered in the UK now ! Do you think it's worth it today ? for a 1st drone !

Air Hogs are so good. I have a Sniper Drone and it’s amazing. £14.99 and about 6 minutes fly time. Same controller as well.

Ok we get it u speak English lol doe lol

i just got mine from toys r us for $20

What is the range on this drone

The bad thing is battery life sucks. You play for 10 min then charge for an hr ..

i remember watching this vid but just found one on sale at toys r us going out of bussiness sale so far im enjoying it of course im also just learning how to fly it the fpv concept is cool but im not ready for it yet and like nate i wear glasses so the headset not so much it may be for kids but it will also work for old farts like me just learning

I almost bought one of these (sans fpv) this past weekend. I ended up with one of those Propel Navigator mini drones from target. I like it OK, one of the pluses is that it came with EIGHT spare props. I even like the controller.
Do you guys have any exp with them?
I actually like the look of this (in the vid) Air Hogs one…

Did not get stickers! Very disappointed! 😂😂😂 Otherwise pretty great starter drone. Very entertaining video as always. Great job guys.

Just bought the DR-1(non FPV) @ Target(NOT Walmart!) on sale! Had some hesitations with Air Hogs (cheaper stuff). Have to say I'm impressed with this model. On-Off switch, protective cover over the light, two sets of TX sticks(thumb & pinch), nice heavy charging cable(not the flimsy china stuff) ** blade removal tool ** – don't get those with the China stuff! Also there are two extra fine tuning buttons for yah. No annoying "beeping" when pushing flip button. The only thing missing was a headless mode. Pretty responsive & quick.

What phone was abby using just ordered one of these bad boys lol was making sire my phone will fit in it

hello again guy's,
I got myself one of those for an indoor flyer for the winter…which by the way decided to wait till the last day's of Febuary to to arrive with the worst Snow condition's in 36 year's here in Ireland.
it's now March 2'nd and it's still pretty dodgy out side with 2~3ft drift's at my Hall door and in my tiny front garden.
funny to think that what we are having now is what you get there most year's…without the whole Country comeing to a stand still like is what is happening here…we are such a Nation Cry Baby's.

I just stumbled across this drone video, it's pretty cool. Have you done a review on the promark gps shadow drone from Walmart? I'm new to the drone scene (but not to rc's lol). The promark gps shadow drone was my first drone purchase. I have to say, I do like it. I bought it because the specs were comparable to dji's phantom 3. And for a first drone, I chose the promark. Can you possibly do a review on it and let me know what you think? (If you haven't already). Thanks.

Found at Walmart on clearance for 20 bucks with no drone experience I fly it around the house it's well worth 20 bucks

Can you make a video on quor drone with hand remote

just bought one from bestbuy for 59 bucks feel cheated did not get any stickers lol but yeah am super impressed with the stability of the drone still a nublet when it comes to drones this my 3rd toy grade trying to get used to how they fly before i spend a lot of money. I have been in rc cars and 1 plane lol spent close to a grand for a trainer plane and with in 20 minutes of having it in the air honestly prolly not that long i buried the battery in the ground with a loop forgot it had beginner/trainer switch learned my lesson start cheap and get used to flight characteristics. I love yall's channel keep it up and keep spreading the RC bug.

Owned a few Air Hogs items. Your correct with your comment… its HIT or MISS. They provide a lot of off the wall ideas & products but not great on the quality. I usually wait until TARGET (everybody mentions WALMART ) has theirs on CLEARANCE. (and sometimes take those back) Nice to see they finally put out a half way decent product. As usual you guys are the best to watch!! Abby deserves a promotion!

Hey guys! Did you ever test the Promark Shadow Drone from Walmart?

This or the eachine eo13 quad goggle setup? About the same price

Dude, you sound like Hank Hill

I hate guy with glasses. They mess up everything. Like 3D movies.

Thanks for the video.
How would you compare this to the Dromida drone?

Nothing good can EVER come from WALMART.
If you are not paying a living wage, you're making a "job" you're making a SLAVE!

That doesn't look too shabby, we need a Walmart in Europe too! So I just came across this channel yesterday and I was hoping you guys would have a look, and maybe give this guy a shout-out if you like what you see. He only has 74 subscribers right now but he makes such beautiful videos, I feel more people should see and enjoy them. Here's a link for when you have the time to have a look: https://youtu.be/1QE1ip1cnks Merry Xmas!

Just went an bought this just because of this video. THANK YOU great fun video is good for being Wi-Fi this is a great beginner FPV drone.

why not fly with out glasses?

can you fly w/o goggles, attach cellphone to transmitter?

hi sir can you suggest me a good FPV racing drone under 100$

Looks like a lot of fun. I really enjoy your channel – your honesty is critical in this age of commercially-driven reviews. Thanks for holding fast.

Most of all: Merry Christmas!

Well… What can I say… For an air hogs…. That's amazing…!!! I think that's gonna be my next purchase…!!!! Thanks guys… Love you all….!!!

Nice video,I think that's pretty cool how you change the view like that

wish i would have seen this before lol picked up the propel x01 micro drone tonight for the collection will have to try this one later

Totally great video for helping those folks out there, that need a last minute gift idea and review! Saylors, you are right on the mark when you post timely videos, like this. At our house this year, it's going to be an RC Christmas and it's mostly because of your fantastic advice and helping me to get in on the great deals this past couple of months! Thank you SO MUCH! Nate & Abby, I wish for you, my friends, the Merriest Christmas, EVER! JP

Thanks guys, now my kids know what to use those Giftcards for 🙂

This is pretty cool. Seems like flight time isn't great but that is ok. Sounds like a good beginner because less flight time is less time having a panic attack lol. Thanks guys subscribed

I had 2 Air Hogs: 1 was a helicopter and the other was a quadcopter. I liked the quadcopter but it did not have a trim so over time it got crappy and the helicopter was a disaster…had to give them both away.

Gloves affect my flying negatively also.

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