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Drone CHASES Barge! – DJI CrystalSky y Mavic Pro 2 – TheRcSaylors

septiembre 20, 2019
Drone CHASES Barge! - DJI CrystalSky y Mavic Pro 2 - TheRcSaylors


Compre el CrystalSky DJI aquí –
También hay varias versiones de este monitor.
Compre el DJI Mavic Pro 2 aquí:
En este video, compartiremos nuestra experiencia de usuario promedio del monitor CrystalSky de DJI. Ciertamente, nos consideramos extremadamente afortunados de poseer esta tecnología, ya que un buen amigo y un miembro de la familia Patreon nos la han donado a nosotros y a nuestro canal para que todos puedan disfrutarla. Nos damos cuenta de que esto ha existido por un tiempo, así que no planeamos hacerlo en profundidad, pero nos damos cuenta de que muchas personas respetan nuestra opinión sobre este tipo de cosas, por lo que queríamos compartirlo con todo. el mundo. así como para compartir nuestra gratitud por todo esto. ¡Agradecemos mucho a la persona que nos dio esto, así como a todas las personas que decidieron conectarse! ¡Vuela feliz!

Compra este dron aquí –
Supervisar que teníamos la costumbre de volar.

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Buy the DJI CrystalSky here –
There are various versions of this monitor as well.
Buy the DJI Mavic Pro 2 here –

$800 monitor on. $700 drone….

Hi Nate & Abby, I've watched your video on the CrystalSky monitor, and i'm looking to buy it for my Mavic Air. My question to you is can you send me a link to where I can buy the bracket that holds the monitor and will it fit the Mavic Air controller? Thank you for your time!!!

My favorite feature of this monitor is the viewability in the bright sunlight!

This moniter is way much expensive… Not Affordable. I can buy a mavic air for that price..😕

Can a DU screenrecorder app installed?

Location looks familiar. Near Ashland?

Wow! Super happy for you, thanks for sharing!

Agree with you, you cannot fly above road with traffic, above people and at night ( except if you have a waiver when you are part 107 ). Other thing, Parrot anafi gimbal can do +90 up and -90 down.

That is pretty good piloting, Nate, getting that close to the water around the bridge.

I would like to know what camera settings are you using on your drone? I have a dji phantom 4 that I love to fly but my video quality really sucks it's like more gray not vibrant colors like yours. If you could help me please.

How about a monitor that the average drone owner can own Ace

Wow, that is amazing. Price seems justifiable given its performance.

You have had some good fortune, don't you think it's time to give back to those how dont have anything like you have and can't even afford the cheapest things. I know you guys have given in the past and that is fantastic. This time give to charity, thanks a Big Fan.

Even though there is a good bit of reflection when filming the monitor, you can still see how clear it is.

Thks 4 the video, I finally decide 2 get one of this DJI screen…. regards from Panama

Your best video yet!! I bought my Spark from your channel and it has been so amazing!! I will definitely get a MV2P and a crystal sky soon thru your link. THANKS!! You guys rock

It's nice to see the available technology even if it's out of my price range. Speaking of not liking to use phones, I was flying waypoints on a Potensic GPS drone out at East Park around 11:30 this morning with my iPhone clipped on the transmitter. My iPhone overheated and shutdown. The drone aborts Waypoints and RTH.

Wow, I’m sold, fantastic drone. One last shoutout to Santa for ya, thanks.

That really really nice!!! Looks KILLER on my end!! 🖒💯. NC❤ back yard RC.AND MORE.

Glad to see you guys back on the drone game with a great product! Drones are what originally got me on to your channel, and I'm glad to see drone content again. As Nate was saying about the "trust us" stuff, I very much agree with it. I've bought all 3 of my drones based on your opinions, since you seem to be the only channel that shares your true opinions. Keep up the great work!

This the best thing for drone so true how much more then 300 dollars

Very very cool display screen. Hello from cincinnati!

i was thinking of it intill I found out the price, that too much for me

Nice video but, How was she keeping line of sight on drone when she was recording you?

Please can you list the Fanxing Mounting Bracket and mount for the crystal screen and the mavic?

I love the camera view on that drone.


Nice, better then those googles, you think?

$700?!? Who do they think they are, Apple?And how does it communicate with the drone – WiFi?

Cool! How about you review some of the less expensive monitors? Might find one that performs well but costs hundreds less.

In terms of video quality, the CrystalSky monitors are generally considered the best in class for DJI birds. I use an iPad with mine, but I'm sure you are getting even better results, especially in bright sunlight. The usual criticism is that it precludes using 3rd party apps, but TBH I don't think most people will miss that. I have Litchi, but I still use Go4 most of the time.

If you hold your finger on the screen of the monitor you can also pan the camera without turning the drone left or right.

I been planning for 4 months to purchase one. STILL HAVENT! Video clear. Wow.

cool stuff and great info

Don't need collision detection?? Ummm, didn't you hit a drone with a plane, Abbey? 🤣

Hi Nate and Abby I had to turn on my heat today it was 60 in my house in Vermont.

I would rather buy an iphone 11

Nate you are an awesome drone flyer! You fly with such confidence. Keep up the good videos guys!!

Let's make a shipment swoop by nate lol jkv bunch o range. golden state that brige is blue hmmm ok no but lil kool aby speak slowly technically sounds weird different voice… jetsons meet flintstones I see the future the jetsons will meet the flintstones 👳‍♂️🕵️‍♀️👮‍♂️💂‍♀️👽🦄😎 muckraker please I got my rc saylors stickers lol lol didn't have to pay thanks buddy love u. I'd got the best kool points ever ….Gary did a limbo he's not chicken always remember its not what u know its who you know and how u use it thanks jesus he knows my hart Santa been good to me this year lol kool points )club power # help me jesus monitor by DJI drop a pin Alexa

The size is fantastic. I've only ever flown a Mavic Pro 2 with the DJI Smart Controller and it was adequate, but I do like a larger screen. The more information the better, right?