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Drone Flight Tips – FPV Beginner's Errors

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucSSBSgOEq8?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Conducir quadcopters FPV es un reto. Y la carrera FPV lo es aún más. Este video destaca 7 errores comunes que cometen los novatos en el vuelo FPV y cómo evitarlos. Si quieres entrar en la carrera de drones, este video es un buen punto de partida. ¡Esperanzadamente después de ver esto, puedes evitar aprender "de la manera difícil" aplastando a tu querido drone! Para obtener más información sobre el avión no tripulado FPV barato, consulte el JJRC H32GH en Gearbest. LINK: http://www.anrdoezrs.net/links/8140899/type/dlg/http://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcopters/pp_402372.html?wid=21

La cámara que uso en mis videos es la Panasonic Lumix Z300.
Compruebe aquí. http://amzn.to/2ip0ptE
Funciona en 4K, tiene un conector para micrófono externo y, con una pantalla giratoria, ¡es perfecto para los videos de Youtube!

Para todo lo relacionado con drones: www.readysetdrone.com


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Thanks enjoy your videos.

never pick up a quad with props

Great video California dude!!Yes I still have my Evo totally enjoyed it totally surprised I did almost 4 miles just usethe the controller no smartphone or tablet, check best drone >> selfie.shopdronexpro.club

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does the fpv google graphic really look like 30yr old video tapes?

Thanks for the good video, and greetings from San Antonio!

I would never be able to get it down. GOOD THING YOU DID!

Thank you!!!! Good tips!!!

Damn i just want to fly around not doing trinks dammit

Great tips man I’m polishing up my normal flying and FPV using my phone and i plan on getting some goggles next month . Any suggestions for something under 200 bucks that are decent and will work with my Mavic Pro?

Oh so you can see the same drone view as your friend, while hes flying?

WOW!!! To say I enjoyed this is an understatement.

very cool bro!! subbed

The footage flying in canyon vista middle school, did you get that?

How can i find other people in my area that fly

thank u please leave a like

Is it legal to fly so close to the road where there is moving traffic?

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One of the tips that I was given early in my FPV journey that I think is pretty close to one of the most crucial: DO NOT FLY STABILITY/ANGLE mode. Suck it up, crash a lot, and learn how to fly properly. If your goal is to forever fly really slow and just kind of hover/mosey around? Then by all means stick with stability. If your goal is to be able to fly around with what appears to be Jedi reflexes (honestly it is just muscle memory) as you zoom around trees, throwing tricks over obstacles, and having complete control of the quad? You need to learn acro. The issue is though that to learn acro, you have to UNLEARN stability as there are several bad habits stability gives you that will cause immediate crashes in acro. So the sooner the better.

Thanks Kelly really good info!👍

Which is better, for hobby flying? Mavic or FPV?

what are some good starter drones for racing or even for just photography?

Some more tips
1 Dont start with a like 100 $ drone , start with 30 $ and Search for Beginner drones (No Racing drones as Beginner recommended)
2. Don't start Flying your drone instantly. Take a look at the Remote Control & Instruction First.
3. Don't Fly in a public Place like a road or something and don't Fly near other uninvolved People. Use a big Place with Grass on the ground and Lots of free Space.
4. Don't start Flying too high.
When you begin, don't Fly high instantly, stay on a low Level and learn how to Control you drone.
5. Only fly as far as you can still See your drone or It might get lost.
6. Drones are no Toys. You have to learn the techniques of Flying First. Don't start with testing It's Speed or how high It can fly.
7. Look for wires;trees or Else near you and avoid them by Not Flying on their level.
8. Before Flying: make Sure you know the Remote Control functions, that you are on a safe Place ( No People, no trees nearby)
Also ask for the rules in your Place; Is Flying allowed? Is there a specific Place where It Is Not allowed ?
Yea thats It bye

Awesome video! I love that you are willing to show the mistakes that you make as well. It reminds me that even with experience, mistakes will still be made

Very helpful vid! Thanks!

Is fpv always as bad as the footage at 3mins in ??.

Picture is nasty on those fpv drone forget that must be 720p at least

FPV…. First Person View…. being high or low has "f" all to do with a First Person View! What a stupid thing to say dude.

I guess you really are learning by doing. You did 4 out of those 7 things. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

I have been flying model planes when quadcopters were not even conceived. Before 2.4GHZ technology, we used to fly on FM frequencies,. mine was 72.810 and we wanted to make sure at the field that nobody is on that frequency or if being reckless by flipping on the radio, disaster was inevitable. My question to you, since 2.4 frequencies do not interfere as it's used a broad spectrum so why do we have to worry about the interference of the frequencies that other people flying? Can you clarify that. BTW, I am a huge fan of Hitec and JR radios.

wow, that was a communications line, but i cant believe you almost ran into power lines…. (by the way they are the bare wires at the top of the pole….)

Another problem is, sometimes when you crash and you've been flying FPV, you may not know where you crashed. Fly with a buddy to help spot where you went down.

Dont fly over roads ALWAYS fly in acro mode self leveling is not good to learn on it really messes you up later on build you own quad and i need to stop lol

My Eng 101 teacher said one day, "Cow one is not Cow two!" Meaning you cannot categorize FPV as even as a mostly racing drone endeavor. Many of us actually do use a FPV system to fly very high and very far with a GPS/AH quad and may seldom if ever zip in and out of wickets and or tree trunks. Then again some of us may do both as well as fly a tiny "Whoop" through kitchen chair legs. Not all of those rules apply. We would all agree that you can't see to the left or right, you can miss smaller or thinner obstacles, and drifting can get you into trouble. But then again those are generally problems for the racers or low flying , zig zag group. FPV for all and in all our ways!

High is also fine … and low too … You're going to need to punch out for flips especially and low flying will tone up your reflex actions and throttle control …

Check out my channel i'm new to YouTube, I make FPV Drone Racing Videos. https://youtu.be/R7nli_NlsFo

Sorry to The poster of this video but this is very important and please do not take down my comment, thanks. In the Untied States you must have a Ham radio license to fly FPV. If you do not believe me here is the link
http://www.propwashed.com/need-amateur-radio-ham-license-fly-fpv/. I am putting this out there because if people Flying FPV in the US do not get licensed then eventually the US will ban FPV. So please if your going to fly FPV in the US get a Ham license.

Sitting down helps a ton when flying

Slow and Low are your best friends when beginning with acro – loose control? disarm no harm done. Accidentely throttle up? – np, you where flying slow and low: 1m drop won't do any harm 😉

Mistake #1 calling a multirotor a drone

Funny story about the video feed mix-up. Sounds like something that would happen to me…:) Good vids!

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