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Drone Flying Tips: 5 habilidades que los pilotos novatos deben dominar.

abril 6, 2019
Drone Flying Tips: 5 habilidades que los pilotos novatos deben dominar.

Aprende a volar al drone con el Syma X5C:
Soporte Ready Set Set Drone y se beneficia de:
Grandes ofertas de aviones no tripulados en Amazon:
Enseñar a un amigo cómo volar un quadrocopter? ¿Quieres mejorar tus habilidades de conducción tú mismo? ¿Su hijo todavía quiere conducir su dron y bloquearlo inmediatamente? Si alguno de ellos es cierto, este video es para ti. Le estoy enseñando a Nick Mardi, actor y presentador de The Latest Late Show, que nunca antes había pilotado un piloto controlado por radio, cómo llegar a Syma X5C con 5 habilidades que todo piloto debería saber.
1. despegar y aterrizar
2. Resumen en el mismo lugar.
3. Adelante, atrás, derecha, izquierda
4. 360 Yaw
5. Círculo completo

Si eres un buen conductor y no necesitas mejorar, omite este video. ¡Pero si eres un principiante a piloto intermedio, estas 5 maniobras, si se practican con regularidad, definitivamente mejorarán tus habilidades de pilotaje con drones!

¿Quieres un excelente cuadricóptero para principiantes a un precio muy bajo? Echa un vistazo al Syma X5C, es lo mismo que vimos en este video. ¡Si lo compra en Amazon a través de este enlace, obtendrá un buen precio y respaldará nuestro canal!

Enlace para ver la cámara principal que uso para mis videos, la Panasonic FZ300,

Si quieres descubrir las camisetas de moda que vestimos, visita nuestra tienda en Spreadshirt.

Y si estás buscando un espectáculo corto, diario, divertido y tardío, ¡echa un vistazo a The Latest Late Show! ¡Es muy divertido y puedes decir que conociste a Nick Mardi antes de que se hiciera demasiado famoso! .


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A big key they didnt talk about was making sire the trim is set properly.

Great video! Win a drone and $1K gift card here: You can thank me later.

On my opinion 1st you learn to drive a car before you buy it. Same goes for anything. Good vid tho

Notice how they talk yet little fly time.

Trust me cheapies are uselss , only above 150£ do u realise it is not you. I and my frined had many cheapies and lost them or crashed . buying better is the trich to success.

just bought a dronex pro… any comments

shiity music, thumbs down

Its stupid to learn with a 50 buck drone. For one thing it is harder to control than say a Bebop2, which is what I would reccomend. It is discouraging too. I dont think I could fly one of those turkeys and Ivebeen at it for three years. I have a Mavic Pro. Spend a few bucks. I had a 100 dollar drone and it flew away on me everytime. I was afraid to get a decent drone. It was two years before I got a decent drone. That flip over is not caused by no damn bubble. It is caused by garbage drone, that doesnt have equal speeds on each prop. Stupid. Why dont you guys get some clean shirts. Did you dribble lunch all over your expensive wardrobe?

Check out my DJI Spark videos!

best drone to start with is the dji tello

My sad story is I bought a DJI Mavic Pro (£1200 $1500) as a treat for some friends in Cyprus and 6 weeks after all the hassle of getting it through customs after sending it to North Cyprus (who take longer to deal with things) etc etc. So the guys waited weeks nearly 2 months for their drone. The day we got it we all went to the beach and we were all very excited filming with it. We were on the deck sunbathing. When the drone returned to us it just flipped and landed in the sea for no apparent reason! We got it out after about 2 seconds, dried it in rice, but it didn't work! When I phoned DJI long distance, they said they would repair it free for us so I spent more money £50, sending it back (which meant travelling through the border, again thru customs, to the South of the Island, I don't drive, to find a Post Office so I could track the drone.) Then strangely DJi wouldn't confirm that they received it 4 weeks later (even though tracking showed it arrived) until I could find all my receipts and evidence my end which I had temporarily lost. This took another week and a half, more long distance phone calls, to different people as no record was kept of my calls. It was a total nightmare. Finally, they decided they were not going to fix it free after all and gave no real reason. They then quoted €890 to repair it which seems steep when you consider they replace a chip or something. I just asked them to return it. I cannot explain why I wasn't angry with them on the phone I was polite all the way – so I am at a loss. In ads and YouTube you see the machine over water there is no warning that it is NOT even semi-waterproof or splashproof. I explained to Amazon where I bought it who decided they would sort it for me and if they couldn't get redress from DJI they would pay me and I agreed half. I waited and waited for my refund. Out of the blue, Amazon too decided they weren't going to pay me anything not even a postage stamp. So I am £1500 plus down and all my time and effort and nothing to show for it. Not to mention all the time and trouble travelling to South Cyprus to send it back via tracked mail. But what I wanted to asked anyone PLEASE – what do I do with all the batteries and stuff? Can I use them on a different drone (not DJI as I am still sore!) There has to be a clone out there where I can use the batteries surely it just seems a waste..

Good video for me. I need this.

You can practice this with your Tello too. To use ATTI mode with Tello, cover the VPS with tape. Advanced users only. Thanks RSD!!!!!

good drone i love it

my first drone was a dx4 by sharper image. i taught myself with it and what was nice is that it had altitude hold. it gave me time to think about my next maneuver so it was easy to learn on. I've been flying now for about 2 years and can't count how many I've crashed or lost because i lost orientation or got to ballsy! I'm a good pilot now and don't really like alt. hold quads any more but for me it was a great way to learn.



From experience, when first learning how to fly, simple audible left and rights will sound like a foreign language 🙃

Very helpful video. Thank you

I love syma and they fly great for the price drone in hands of pro drone pilot

One of the most important tips. Always know where the front of your drone is. Some people will even change the color of the front propellers to help keep track.

How many hours would you say it takes to get fairly good at flying? Thanx for the video !!

Hardest thing to overcome in my opinion is the opposite control when the drone is facing you and coming toward you. You have to overcome the instinct of pushing the stick in the direction you want the drone to move. I'm slowly learning to overcome that instinct but it's difficult to counter especially in an emergency situation.

all motors are not rotating at a time when it is armed. What is the solution for this

Get off the ball feald

I wish you can put the camera WHERE they moving the buttons so I CAN SEE WHAT BOTTTONS YOU MOVE

I have a drone😅

It would have been nice to have the link attached to the directions! My grandson lost his the day after he got it!

2 minutes into this and Im still waiting to start….. Jesus…. Droning on and on and on

Do you know how fat the Griffon Gryphon drone can go? I can't find it on their webpage.

Headless mode only useful for disoriented return…

I like my X15 good drone.

I really want to get into the hobby but I'm afraid to look like an idiot. My goal is to use drones to film incoming storms.


Brushed motors are a ripoff, eventually they'll turn your craft into a really expensive Frisbee.Not to mention I couldn't comb my hair with the ones I purchased.

Looking to connect, and collaborate with filmmakers

My son wants a drone for Christmas

hi sir i have a syma x5uw when i take off it cant hover. dragging to other directions.. take note i level it on a flat surface.thanks.

I went from a $30 micro drone to a $1000 Mavic Pro. The Mavic is so much easier to fly. I don't see how flying a cheap drone is so beneficial to learning how to fly a drone. Use your dollars to buy something you are going to use for a long time. Go out in an open field free of obstacles and start playing around with your drone. Build your skills out there and then move to more challenging areas as your skill level improves. Why spend money crashing cheap drones trying to learn to hover when the drone you are going to end up hovers by itself? Just my thoughts.

not bad

Excellent learning video for us beginners. Thanks million man.

Lose the music. Loud and distracting.

There is a difference between a DRONE and a QUAD COPTER…A quad copter "toy drone" is a basic LOS remote control air craft.On the other hand…a real DRONE is far more advanced and need's a whole different set of skill's to OPERATE.I am sorry but this does not help first time pilot's when you don't explain the difference between the two type's of machine.PS, a quad copter is way easier to fly than any other air craft going by my own experience.Just needed to get that off my chest thank's.Best of luck.

Purchasing a drone is an exciting feeling and once people get their hands on a drone they can’t control the excitement to get the drone up in the air. While some people have had experience with flying drones in the past that either belonged to their friends or relatives. There are a number of people who purchase a drone and have absolutely no idea how they are going to be able to fly the drone.While it is easy to learn how to get your drone up in the air it is important for you to follow certain procedures and steps so that you do not crash the drone. There are also certain laws that you need to obey so that you keep the drones safe and you also protect yourself from getting in trouble with the law.Anyways, read the below. This might help.—Regards,Sourav BasakNamaste UI

Very good intro and thx! My 12 yr old son is interested in these and this looks like a good starter.

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