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Drone impreso en 3D

julio 13, 2019
Drone impreso en 3D

¡Video de fabricación de drones cortos que eventualmente dejará caer el traje de RC! Como se mencionó en el video, no hay muchas montañas cerca de donde vivo para lanzar el RC Wingsuit. Tuve que retrasar las pruebas durante una semana para construir eso.

Si los archivos stl de este dron te interesan, los tengo disponibles por $ 5 en este enlace:

Los archivos también están disponibles para todos mis modelos:

Patrocinado por 3D Printz UK:

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Comentarios (39)

no quick explanation on the dropping mechanism and how you designed it ? 🙁

Oh my god this is so cool! You could definitely assassinate a politician with this 😍

Try to do a space shuttle ( dropped by the drone )

This video was definitely not sponsored by her majesty's prison service 😀

Hey Tom what filament did you use?

beautiful what flight controller did you use? Thank you

radio control not remote lol! a remote goes on a tv ggrr

What is the model of the 3D printer that you use??

Hey sweet channel ☺ Keep it up!

Dear Tom, could you please make some review, about 3D printer choise. As I see, you use it always. For me personally and probably for other your friends your advices will be most relaible. In Internet available a lot of theoretical information about raw materials, work area etc, but much less from first hands. Warm regards, from Russia.

Hey Tom, I'm working on making an electric bike similar to your single motor design. I noticed you used a 6s battery, but I was wondering what might be the merits of using two 4s batteries wired in series versus wired in parallel, would the two 4s in parallel have enough voltage to get the bike moving? Would the effective 8s battery be too much?Thanks for any help you can provide,HaydenEDIT:Also was wondering what the main limiting factor of the 1st and/or 3rd setup was, was it the motor, battery, or vesc?

Two things – what software do you use in designing your 3D parts and what are the specs on your drone?

Unfortunately the scaling effect does not apply on fall speed. So you have to release it on 200m or higher to have a useful flight time (drop to fly).If you would release it with a horizontal speed you would reduce the "drop time", that's is why I would choose an (electric) rocket or plane.

HeyI want to get a drone and found the ar.drone 2.0The amazon reviews were mixed so i wanted to ask you for your oppinionThanks in advance

I’m gonna be hugely anal but I’ve gotta say it, man the way you say remote really niggles at me! It’s like you say remult.Anyway, cool video, looking forward to the drop!

Awesome stuff…Go solo team gingernuts!

Keep up the good work man loving your videos 😀

To be honest tom you have plenty of skill to build a cnc router yourself. I did a few and they dont have to cost much

3D printed plane, 3D printed air compressed engine, 3D printed drone, what about a 3D printed RC boat?

I love your channel, What 3D printer do you use? Also what Slicer do you use? Thanks can't wait to see the wing suite drop.

Wow what a sweet setup you got!!I love drones and it is so cool you can just 3d print one!! So cool!My dream would be to have a few of the best 3d printers out! And 3d printing mini quads lol and fly all day! I think it will kinda do both! Fly and fall !!

When You Upload The Bell Rings

Hi Love Rc Love TomAlways Watch Your Video

Im sorry, but the acronym "RC" stands for Radio Controlled. Remote can mean anything from your IR TV remote to something that has an actual wire, like gamepads.

My wild guess…that wingsuit  will not fly.Hope you can prove me wrong.

I've been 3-D printing 8040 props for my scratch built R.C plane, and they work like a charm!

I almost forgot that DJI used to make boards.

Hi Tom, I just came across this guy's projects, you should find them interesting

So, 'all' you did was build a quad copter? Lazy! – Nice vid, looking forward to the next 🙂

Excellent production !

Awesome work again fella. Keep it up!

Really looking forward to the next part, I always enjoy your videos, they're seriously great from start to finish. We're lucky to have access to content like this for free, cheers.

It will be interesting to see how well the wing suit flies! Regarding the CNC router that you sent back, you should just build your own. I did. It's called the MPCNC (mostly printed cnc) and was really cheap to build. All the corner mounts, stepper motor mounts, gantry and z axis tooling are 3D printed parts, so make them yourself. The rails are cheap electrical conduit, and it uses skateboard bearings as rollers. Check it out at or do a google search for MPCNC. When I built mine, I sourced my own supplies, and I spent roughly $150 US to build the entire thing. Mine is 36" x 48", but you can build it whatever size you want.

"Quite rare for the English winter" it is rare for the summer in england😂

Can you help please watch my video Flyaway Drone crash footage and what I want to do is put all parts on a wooden frame for now but don't know how long to have arms is there formular for working out distance props 8 to 9 inch long G cheers you do very interesting projects looks so easy but it's not thanks tom

Turned out very neat with the 3d parts. -Maybe the release control would have been better on on the glider controller? (no rush in switching controllers)Love your content!!

son of a bitch i am so high right now i was so keen to see that wing suit man fly with my right now i was gonna be so happyyo im gonna sub and put the notification thingy on so i can watch the little guy fuck shit up what a mad dude <3 hope you're havin a sick night brother

The amount of times I have almost bought a 3D printer to do something like this… Would you recommend any budget printers around £300?

My favourite part of this video was when you said ‘wing suit’

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