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Drone Venom Pro GPS – World Tech Elite

mayo 17, 2019
Drone Venom Pro GPS - World Tech Elite

World Tech Elite: Revisión de la transmisión de drones con GPS Venom Pro.
Video de vuelo y material de archivo al final.

NOTA: mi cargador nunca cambia a verde constante (incluso después de cargarlo durante varias horas). Tal vez era solo mi cargador con el problema, pero todavía tenía que mencionarlo.

Puede encontrar este en Walmart por aproximadamente $ 88.00.

Enlace de compra:

Parece que este drone es una nueva imagen del GPS Quadcopter Feilun FX176C1. . (tagsToTranslate) venom (t) pro (t) drone (t) drone (t) quadricopter (t) quadricopter (t) helicóptero (t) uav (t) faa (t) hd (t) 4k t) fpv (t) definición (t) transmisión (t) tecnología (t) elite (t) juguete (t) alto (t) rápido (t) rápido (t) plegable (t) portátil (t) selfie (t) fácil (t) simple (t) t) intuitivo (t) básico (t) económico (t) económico (t) barato t) costo (t) principiante (t) principiante (t) primero (t) min (t) dji (t) fantasma (t) ) mavic (t) foto aérea (t) foto (t) imágenes (t) película (t) video (t) película (t) estable (t) estable (t) estable (t) suave (t) sobrevuelo (t) volando sobre (t) volley (t) volley (t) volley t) volando (t) nuevo (t) cálido (t) impresionante (t) fresco (t) bueno (t) excelente (t) valor


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NOTE: My charger never turned solid green (even after several hours of charging). Perhaps it was just my charger with the issue, but I still had to mention it. Thanks.

I just got this for christmas and I keep running into the same issue. I can get it as far as the rotors spinning, but it won't take off. The transmitter won't even let me turn the rotors off and it refuses to respond to anything I do. Also it doesn't auto sync. I have to do so manually.It could be I'm not calibrating it correctly as the lights continue the "1, 1-2, 1, 1-2" pattern even after I do that. Also, on the LCD screen, it does not show that it is picking up satellites. Not that it probably isn't, the indicator just does not appear.What am I doing wrong?Also, is a phone an absolute requirement for this to work? I don't have a smart phone, so if it is, I'm basically hosed.

This is my first drone, my wife bought it for me this Christmas. I assembled it as per the manual, the battery ack first had a blinking green light, and after 3.5 hours charging time the light went steady green. Once installed it showed a full charge on the hand controller unit. I synced it as per the manual, and all went well. I've never flown RC or any kind of drone and learned right away that the living room is not a good place to learn. My cat's loved it … the dawg was skeptical at best. The wife thought I was nuts. I have a friend at work who is a RC pilot and owns a multitude of RC aircraft including helicopters and drones so I am going to have him teach me and help me learn this aircraft outside . I hope it will operate in the cold arctic air, temps today were about -12 below zero, but no winds so flying even for a few minutes could be done much safe outside. Thank you for your video, it was very helpful and I enjoyed the scenery. I plan to use my drone primarily for looking around our property as we are rural and so no back yards to violate anyone's privacy. Again, thank you very much.

The charger its very broken it dosent go solid green but the good thing that the battery go charge

Nice and easy up close flight footage.

My drone works great except for the legs kept falling off had to super glue them but works great

im taking the none flying piece of a turd back to wallmart get my money back

it does have light that tells you battery is charged the green light will stay solid when its fully charged according to the manual

Can't get mine to take off. I've calibrated it, and unlock the rotors but it doesn't take off.

Please help, I unlocked it and everything. It says the propellers spin as soon as its unlocked and youre able to start flying. They start spinning but it doesnt let me fly it.

taking ours back. It quit flying after 5 minutes… tried everything. Waste of time buying it.

Charged battery for 8 hours, still didn't work. Then charged the battery for almost 18 hours, still didn't work.Thing is a piece of JUNK!Most I can get it to do is get the LED lights on quad to finally stop blinking, the transmitter power light takes even longer to stop blinking,The transmitter display DEFINITELY is not as clear as the OP's transmitter display, I can see ALL the information with the active icons just being darker.Tried for 30 minutes both times to get the blades to unlock, could never get them to unlock, spin to confirm unlock, NOTHING!Again, a big piece of JUNK!

this is the feilun drone repackaged, the cheap drones are all made by the same china company and there all pretty crap better to save your money and get something decent for 150 parrot mambo dji or something

where can i get more batteries?

т хуй

The LiPo battery plugged in perfectly but would not orient after several attempt I put in the stock battery and flew first time so I guess have to use original battery

I bought a charger that charges three LiPo at a time it tells me when charged

I know this is a dumb question would a LiPo 1200 nah fry the venom

If it has a solid green light on the charger it is fully charged

I can't get it to fly the motors start but doesn't fly I may not be waiting long enough after calibration though will try that

If it's fully charged the green light will turn solid

hey i did everything in the video but it wont fly after i turn it on and calibrate it i cant fly it it just wont go up or anything plz help

How is the venom holding up for you any problems with it?

To much jello on the video, do you get that also in FPV veiw ?

read the instructions first the button next to the throttle is a auto take off and land

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