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Drone volando por la noche – cosas buenas para saber

mayo 12, 2019
Drone volando por la noche - cosas buenas para saber

Diálogo de DRONR: B. habla sobre la filmación nocturna con un drone por la noche.

Escuela de drones de sello de oro:

Para los filtros impresionantes de PolarPro, haga clic aquí: rfsn = 557522.1ae68

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Phantom 3 Profesional- Ese es mi bebé. Piloté este dron más que cualquier otro drone y lo tiro con más frecuencia. Es un increíble adicto al trabajo que define la confiabilidad. Asegúrate de obtener filtros ND para tu cámara y volarás como un profesional en poco tiempo.

Estos Proto X Microdrone- Este pequeño chico aquí es lo que comenzó todo. Mi primer drone. SUPER difícil de conducir, pero es la mejor manera de comenzar. Comete tus errores aquí … y conviértete en un imbécil. Nada especial acerca de este drone, vuela y se mueve como dices. Aprende a apuntar con la nariz del drone mientras vuelas y estarás muy por encima de la multitud.

Latrax Alias- Es lo más divertido que he tenido que volar al drone. Esta cosa está enferma. Es casi indestructible y simplemente divertido! ¡Chancletas, tienes diferentes grados de dificultad para volar y es rápido! Solo puedo alquilar este como aprendiz de juguete / drone. Si crees que el Proto X es un juego de niños, es tu dron de unidad. De todos modos, disfrutar del vuelo. ¡Asegúrate de llevar unas cuantas baterías extra! (Cada batería solo tiene unos minutos de vuelo)

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How can i buy a drone

Loved this! Thank you for the professional viewpoint on some of the challenges and what it takes to do night footage. Very articulate for off the cuff 🙂

Any chance I can get a sticker for my cooler? Love the videos and night tips. Thanks

Got my waiver on the 3rd attempt and like you said it takes some time. The thing that I still cannot find explicit information on is whether you need a new waiver for everywhere you fly. When requesting the waiver, you have to call out a specific location you intend to fly. The waiver itself doesn’t state it.

Great info. Ill be checking out the site as well. Thanks

MAVIC Night Flight.

Great info thanks!

Yes more talking from experience videos, please.I am just really learning / exploring and gaining experience. I was a Commerical Hot Air Balloon Pilot for 17 years, Glider Pilot with RAF/GSA , private FAA SEL blah blah blah.But this sUAS is just another dimension, different mind space.Better learn from your experiences than learning "from school of hard knocks".Appreciate you taking the time and sharing.p.s. Enjoyed your guest appearance on Ken Heron's Thursday Night Live

Type of lights? If you’re a commercial sUAS (FAA certified) remote pilot, and you need to operate your sUAS during the twilight hours, what color strobe lights would one need to have on the sUAS? And where would one mount the strobe light(s), where they are visible?

If Part 107 states in order to fly a sUAS during twilight hours, the UAS has to have anti collision lights to avoid a possible mid-air collision with an aircraft, and be visible for approx 3 statute miles, etc. Why must one request a waiver for this? It’s not stated in the actual rule; 107.29. But before you answer, read the rule, and stick to the facts of what it states, not what you think it means.

Thanks for the video! Quick question, do you have to get a waiver every time you want to fly at night or does that class give a sort of 'license' to fly at night? Thanks!

A lot of great information you just put out B Thanks

B I like your videos, but brotha you work in the entertainment industry. I know you can find a better background than that backyard fence

Love the diolouge stuff. All ur videos are great and very helpful. Keep it up!

if you fly your Mavic at night and that loses GPS it's gone you won't ever see to bring it back

That's really great that you make these videos; they are a big help to me because you are talking about kinds of flights that I have never done and it helps me be prepared. Thank you very much. 2017Sep15Fri 10:13:08 Alaska time

Raw is a pain in the butt lol. Once again, good video dude.

Are the night waivers only good for one flight or does it give you permission to fly at night over a designated period of time?

Great Video. Got my Night Wavier a while back, just started getting it amended to my AA COAs in South Florida to night fly in local controlled airspaces. We also fly mainly dual controlled Inspire 1, but I've been meaning to try out my Mavic Pro at night to see if I can get something OK without going RAW video. Close in architectural lighting photos might be OK as well.

Can you share a link for the strobe?

Nice vids, thanks bro.

Great video. Thank you. My question is , "when you filled out the waiver, did you have to have to specify the area you wanted to fly in? Was it 3 city blocks, an entire town, or city?

Did you also get a waiver for flying over people not involved in the flight ?

Really like this, exactly what newbies like myself need to hear. It is always good to hear a professional opinion.

Really useful information. Greatly appreciated.

people love stories …continue to share some of yours with your drone experiences. ~ Ed

Yep. More of this. The top 5's are good but I want a professional's insight to the industry. Teach me Dronr!

I flew at dusk once to get a shot of the Christmas lights that everyone in Town puts up, and the reflections on the water, it was scary, but great footage. ( I didn't know that you needed special permission for night flights). Thanks for the information. Great channel.

Excellent video Dronr!! Keep the news coming. Really like it

Hello Drone, I have been a subscriber of your channel for all most a year. And you have never answered a request for DRONER t-shirt. And what was and still big on my list is trying to get drone education training to kids at risk and the underprivileged. I'm trying my best to give back to these community's. And I have been trying to find help.

Thank you. The first and only time I flew at night it was more deep twilight. What seemed common sense to me was to fly the route during the day when I could be more aware of surroundings. I took notes of safe altitudes and paths and wrote them down. As long as I followed and repeated all of my patterns flown during the day, and as long as my unit (Phantom 3 Prost the time) performed up to snuff, I had no fear of accidents. With today's 'wave points', locked it during the day, everything can be re-flown at night without fear.

Great Video! Very informative!!

Love it! Keep them coming.

great insight. i love this type of your real life expertise and experiences. you can call tales from dronr or something. I am thinking of doing the 107, because I really enjoy the hobby. flying at night seems like a effen wreck. great job and brilliant footage.

great video keep up the good work

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