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DroneDJ & OsitaLV Fake Drone News (DJI Mavic Mini)

agosto 21, 2019
DroneDJ & OsitaLV Fake Drone News (DJI Mavic Mini)

Las noticias falsas publicadas con el amable permiso de DroneDJ / OsitaLV están rompiendo las expectativas del mercado, frenando las ventas de drones y decepcionando a los consumidores. Es hora de que los consumidores de drones lo piensen dos veces antes de confiar en las "filtraciones" distribuidas por algunas fuentes.

ESTE VIDEO PRUEBA cómo DroneDJ publica artículos sin la esencia de una fuente creíble, cuya base es simplemente una ficción inventada por personas ávidas solo para clics de afiliados en la Tienda DJI.

El efecto cascada se debe al hecho de que DroneDJ se menciona en otros artículos como una "fuente creíble". Los principales blogs técnicos como TrustedReviews, DIYPhotography, TechRadar y otros deberían obtener más información.

| – Página de conformidad de DJI EU:
| – Artículo de TechRadar:
| – Artículo de Comentarios Confiados:
| – Artículo de fotografía DIY:

| –

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The intentions behind this video are sincerely genuine, DroningON DOES CARE about you and our community – that's why we need to voice our evidenced concerns around misinformation and fake news from DroneDJ and OsitaLV – we welcome your comments but we ask that you PLEASE listen to and watch the entire video first, hear us out and we'll respond to all constructive feedback – if you're rude in your comment, or attack us, you'll be reported and blocked – please don't be a troll, keep it constructive

Hi Ash,i am constantly flagging misleading,scam ads on facebook and elswhere!! sick and tired of the a holes advertising a cheap drone,usuall about $70,and showing what is obviously a DJI Mavic pro…this can easily make the the newbies think they are getting a bargain,and all they get is a cheap,crap toy,if indeed they get anything at all..scammers,i will always call them out,and my list of reported scammers grows by the day. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH …Totally with you on this one!!!👍👍

I admire your willingness to call this type of stuff out. I basically just ignore any so called news about new releases unless that news comes from the company actually releasing the item, in this case a dji drone. I just bought a mav air and I never even considered waiting to see if something new was going to b released. I would say the current dji drones have been real world tested and there is a ton of real info on them at anyone’s finger tips. New stuff is normally buggy and glitchy and who wants to deal with that. I will share this video as I agree with what your saying about the fake made up stuff they put out , I suspect it’s just about getting views, anyone interested in dji drones will watch it if it comes up in there suggested list. I wonder how many people waited instead of buying a dji drone recently after watching that and now can’t get what they wanted as dji drones are selling out everywhere right now, at least in the U.S. it’s a shame that that may in fact be the case for a few.

Sure hope I don't end up on your hit list Ash!The quality of the reporting doesn't seem to matter to DJI…when I was at the Osmo Pocket launch event in NYC last November, I saw DroneDJ there as well. DJI loves his clicks and traffic which results in sales regardless of how it gets to the DJI Store.Always appreciate your videos, Ash…both the content and the quality.All the best,DroneNewsGuy

God I normally enjoy this channel but this is a video of poor hate and attack. You may well be right but asking people to boycott channels is a bit desperate,sue give your opinion but let people make up their own minds

Interesting video, but your reasoning that quadcopter sales are down because of leaks, is, I believe, totally wrong. Without a shadow of a doubt the lower sales is a result of extreme legislation from various world governments, AND (maybe mostly,) because the media have an insane phobia about "Drones". Almost convincing people that they could end Civilisation as we know it!

we appreciate you…

new consumer "cinematic" drone days are numbered. i mean honestly, if a phantom 5 where to come out, what can it possibly do that a 4 or a 3 already doesnt. Dji trying to making it into the FPV game with the digital fpv system. super mixed toughts, reviews, jello, interference with traditional analog systems. i dont see it replacing analog, and for the price… i think dji has most definitely peaked about 2 years ago, and has rode the cloud as it now it slowly starts to dissipate. i believe this to be true in the consumer market. DJI still is the leading manufacture of big agricultural drones, and inspection type of stuff. at this time, you can build yourself something equally similar to a dji, buying your own parts, for much cheaper. so dji as a company will always be around, but theirs only so much you can do with a stabilized camera drone…

Its like the people who post DJI looking drones on instagram for $69.99 and use all the DJI photos and specs…. pure crap thanks for calling the scammers out.

DJIs marketing and product teams should do a better job a communicating with the public and open up their product roadmaps.

everyone has a brain, this discourse stimulates us to use it… thanks mate

Sales are down you say. Ok. But listen. I would like to purchase a camera from DJI, a Zenmuse Z3, but DJI won’t sell them directly to me in my country. So how does that help their sales? Also, the prices don’t come don’t much. I don’t know how old the Z3 is but I’m guess a couple of years. It’s still a fantastic camera but does anyone think it’s worth AU $1599 (this from a camera shop in Australia). Seriously, DJI, your prices are way too high. With prices like that I’m in no hurry to buy this camera and I don’t have too because there are alternatives.

This is awesome to catch the lies and expose them. Thanks for the info, cheers

Such simple advise.

There was some old American guy who ran (still runs?) a drone channel. I think he was OsitaLV’s biggest fan because he just used to regurgitate everything that guy said, analyse it to the nth degree and then preach it as gospel. Then one of the ‘predictions’ went horribly wrong and I think he realised what a fool he’d been. I really don’t understand why people can’t just be happy and content with the now instead of constantly trying to predict what’s potentially around the corner. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Does it really matter? No, no it doesn’t. This is just more drama for the sake of drama, gotta get them clicks by any means necessary. Whether it’s Ash, Dronedj, ositalv, dobo, 51drones, etc they all deliver the same sh!t. Anyone telling you to boycott , should be looked at carefully.

walang hiya ung pipinong nasa comment at 4:49 nakikisub to sub pa ata

I unsubscribed from originaldobo because of his online abuse, I respect his and your opinions but felt it was a step too far,its a shame because I've been a supporter of him for a long time now and in the main enjoyed his videos.

Thanks! I agree totally and I will share this with my drone group! All your videos are absolutely awesome and very informative..Keep doing your thing bro!!!

I believe manufacturers themselves provide fuel to the arena of rumors, speculations and fake news by not being open with their development / release plans, sometimes «tricking» customers to pay twice. They’re setting up this game, and the customer only «defense» is turning to rumors and speculations, sometimes right, sometimes wrong. I have to decide if I believe or not, and when nothing is official nor confirmed upfront, there is not much help in the serious sources either. The new EU regulations will come into effect next year for a total population of about 530M people, guideline material and acceptable means of compliance is scheduled for October, this is a major for any manufacturer that target EU market. Operators of drones in the open category with the new CE marking will experience some nice benefits, not being stuck in the «open limited» category with existing non CE marked drones. Manufacturers of CE marked drones will experience an obvious competitive edge for that alone. As consumer it now it makes sense to wait, the new regulations are a fact, and that alone may now plummet sales. Not so much the speculations/rumors of new drones by anyone. New updated versions of many drones must be expected throughout 2020, not least DJI, and I don't want my next drone to be «limited». For now my M2P from 2018 works fine, but next drone i buy will be CE marked for new EU drone rules. The wish list contains a new serious Mavic or Mavic like camera drone in category A1/C1 and a small, more playful/easy drone in A1/C0 (<250g). My current M2P will be stuck in A2 open limited. I will take new required exam for A2 category anyway to fly my M2P, but still I will not have the increased freedom of A1, then its time for upgrade. If (when) my wish list come along, I will buy both, and that DJI knows. Who will be first? It would be stupid to not antisipate release of new / updated drones by DJI after new rules are final. If you want to help, you should put some effort/research into a video series that explains the new EU rules, the categories, classes, transfer rule providing the «open limited» for current drones, upcoming guideline material and acceptable means of compliance. You don't have to read much of this stuff before you can conclude that new / updated drone version need to be developed / released. Digital remote ID (broadcast), geo-awareness, protected datalinks (A2/C2) to mention some of the most notable.

Hello Ash, Thank you for the video. Very informative, I learned a lot. But can you explain what we do see in the pictures that DroneDJ uses? Also; it makes sens to me that DJI was waiting with new drones because of new drone regulations. I'm a waiting drone buyer (in the eu). Thats mainly because of new regulations are made and put in affect. So if I buy a mavic now. It might be hard to fly it any where within a year or so. So I like to buy a drone that lasts and is in accordance with the new regulations… Guess its the best to wait until it's clear what to fly where with the correct papers. What are your thoughts about that?

hey Ash did you take the video down? always enjoy your content!!!!!

DroneDJ is crappy 'news.' This is a good expose of their bad 'reporting' wrapped up in a 10 minute video, especially for those like me who don't keep up with all the DJI rumor mill stuff because it's not my main area of interest. One thing… I think it's difficult to quantify sales figures lost because of expecting a new model vs fake leaks about a product that isn't coming. I spoke with someone at a now-closed DJI store who was frustrated dealing with customers over this. They would come in and ask "when is so and so coming out" because they'd heard it as "news" or they thought a new drone just HAD to be on the way.The idea is already planted in most people's heads anyway that a new drone "should be released this summer" long before any rumor mill prints fake specs. They just make it worse. If no drone is released this year, DJI will have adjusted the expectations going forward.

The reason for following this Chanel is Honesty. I don’t need to say anymore, except well said AshRegards

DroneDJ is a garbage website that is nothing more than a rumor mill website. They should rename themselves DroneDJI

Being honest is hard Ash, top top top work. I wonder who will still be around in 2025, I reckon DroningON will be.

Hi AshHere’s the dji mavic mini 👍👍

LMAO …Let's not make NEW cars …no leaks in the car industry … don't make NEW cameras … no leaks in that industry either….Oh more NEW microwaves. OK ..I will admit ..there are things about this that make it seem …not on the up and up .. but why go as far as to place an sd slot and usb connection port ?? Leaks are part of every industry ..some are even placed by the manufacturer.

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