El drone Syma X5C es genial!

By on Jul 12, 2019 in BLOC | 38 comments

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Precios y especificaciones del Syma X5C: https://amzn.to/2HCuqq0

El Syma X5C es mi principal recomendación para aprender a volar a un avión no tripulado. Es un dron barato. Este es un drone rápido. Es un drone reactivo. Este quadrocopter es ideal para aprender a volar hasta un avión no tripulado. Antes de comprar un DJI o un Altar, descubre el Syma X5C u otro drone Syma y descubre por qué es mejor enseñarlo. ¡Este drone es siempre parte de mis diez listas de drones! .



  1. Hi just bought my first x5c-1 and love it, but it came with a EMITTER controller and has two extra buttons in the lower right corner. One is marked camera the other return and they do work, however I have yet to see this controller in any x5c or x5c-1 drone videos did I get this controller by mistake or is it an upgrade thanks.

  2. Just got the X5C and It seems I got a weird issue. The RED LED and camera are the front of the craft as I understand it? The thing is, given that, when I push the directional joystick upward or forward, the craft flies reverse and moving it to the left, the craft flies right 🤣🤣 so it’s like what’s up with that? Props are correct and no, I don’t have the transmitter upside down 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Nice video.
    You've talked me into buying one to practice with and well happy with it so far.It come with a 3.7V 600mAh battery and a usb charger.
    I have a couple of questions
    Is it alright to connect the 3.7V 1200mAh batteries to the x5c?
    Can I use the usb charger that comes with the quad to charge the 3.7V 1200mAh batteries?
    Thank you and keep up the good work.

  4. I've had mine for a year and still fly it regularly! Indestructible! If anyone visits that's what I hand them. Mine was MIA for several weeks, on and off submerged. Flys like new! All of this good advice and very true.
    Note the X11 controller gives it a 1/2 step more pitch and the x8 controller gives it more range. I've never flown it with x5 controller (BNF) $22

  5. Any idea what the difference is between this and a Swift Stream z9? I thought it was just a rebranded Syma but seeing yours flying in wind I don't think it is. I was flying outside with just a slight breeze and it would barely move. I do have the cam and landing gear on it.

  6. Hi, i started whith the syma x5c is a great little quad for bigginers it stands almost anything, i want to ask i have the hubsan h501s that you made a review a couple of months ago in the video i see that you put a blue battery 7.4v 2s 2700mah, did gearbest send it to you with that battery, how much Flight time have you had, what brand are they if you bought it what price and where. thanks for all your heplfull videos.

  7. great video! I actually learned to fly on an X5-SW-v3. It was an absolute blast to fly, took a LOT of concentration but you could crash it all day long and it could take a beating. I try to tell new guys on the Phantom Pilots forum to start out with this or the X8HG (since it has altitude hold), BEFORE they spend all that money on a Phantom, plus the X8 has a decent stock camera for the cost. They rarely listen. lol
    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  8. I was flying my Syma X4s with the same transmitter you're using in the video, and I thought it was great compared to the Xbox style TX that comes with the X4. I just soldered the 4 in 1 module into my Devo 12E, and the improvement is phenomenal! I'm sure the X5 would benefit greatly also. I had 2 X5Cs a couple of years ago, but I was more interested in sporty flying, and I had better models for that, so I sold them. It flew fairly sporty, but I think the Devo would make it a precision beast with deeper pitch and faster yaw. Good flying BTW 😉

  9. I tried flying an x350 Pro, but was always too nervous in manual mode, it was sketchy. But since buying an X5CS I've gotten comfortable enough to start trying dumb things, lol. I learned WAY more about flying a quad with this little guy.

    I also glued two pennies above the cameras lens to aid forward speed in light wind, helps keep the nose down with added throttle. 😊

  10. Thanks. I have had one of these for over a year now. Also stripped down. It is almost indestructible. Been crashed about 50 times and the worst was from about 100ft up straight into a metal gate and all that was wrong was 1 damaged prop. It also works well with the Syma X8 controller.

  11. I learned on these guys, and I always recommend them as a first quad. Theyre super stable, docile on low rates, easy to maintain orientation and when you get good they can really move on high rates. Also, since the props are gear driven there's very little energy there, making them super safe. You can stop a prop with your finger no problem. In fact they're so safe that I let my dog chase mine and even grab it out of the air with his mouth. I got the idea from ibCrazy, it's like a Frisbee you can fly around. Definitely lose the camera, landing gear and prop guards if you want it to really move though

  12. Yea it was one of my first too, the X5C-1, the original X5C had some issues, looked exactly the same, but i think the lettering was different to determine which was which, i still have mines, it is a really good learner drone and flies really well for the 5 to 8 minutes of flight, and the lil camera was pretty good too hahaha

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