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En el banquillo: Holybro Shuriken X1 racing drone

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zlQ9zdePt74?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

A diferencia de los 180 y 250, el X1 es un miniquade de carrera serio que viene en forma de "atar y volar" con el receptor Spektrum, Futaba o FrSky y solo toma unos minutos para volar.

El material es muy agradable, con solo unos pocos problemas menores, algunos de los cuales pueden repararse antes de que el producto se envíe en cantidad. ¡Estén atentos para la prueba de vuelo!

Divulgación: Este producto ha sido provisto para su revisión por Holybro. [TagsToTranslate] drone


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Hello…Can you Identify a square box stamped 220 on the board…mine broke off and I no longer can power through the battery plugs…if identified can i replace??????I can power through usb…..Thank You

Would i be able to bind this quad to a Turnigy evo receiver?

I am quite impressed with this quad. I usually prefer much, much bigger quads for aerial photography/videography but this one is quite tempting, you can tell how much careful thought has gone in to the design of this quad. Good job Bruce, love the videos. Your expertise is incredible.

They must have weighed the x1 with no props lol

The soldering is terrible, clearly dry joints on the ground wire, and every solder joint has flux left around the pad's, which will corrode the joint and make them weaker than they already are.
To me this looks like another "rushed out the door" quad and has enough Con's to out weight the Pro's, that it would be a good waste of money.

thanks for review ! im thinking on get one shuriken X1 but im a little on the fence because of VTX incorporated with PDB + FC + OSD because of the heat usually generated by the VTX . did you noticed if the AIO PDB + FC + VTX gets too hot ?

Would you recommend this or the Diatone Crusader GT2 200?

I wonder if it's possible to modify it to give telemetry back to the taranis?

What are hollow shafts for?

Bruce, Can You Send Me an email at   davidringler40@yahoo.com . I REALLY NEED TO SPEAK WITH YOU!

is there a second video for the territory 130?

I'm deciding between this or the diatone crusader gt 2 200? it's a hard decision.

How du i contack you more personal? have som questions on my walkera F210 3D

followed you for years…but getting a bit bored of this just being about drones now…

With that antenna mounting (assuming there are no isolating washers being used), all the carbon is connected to the negative/ground. That means that if a positive wire or piece of PCB touches the carbon in a crash, then there'll be smoke. If the carbon was completely isolated from both the negative and positive poles, then the risk of magic smoke will be reduced by at least half.
Anyway I might just buy it to get into mini quad racing but only if I don't have to fart around tuning the damn thing. I just want to fly, not tune and tune and read PID tutorials and tune again and tune more read more and tune again, etc. The idea of having to tune really puts me off.

Thanks, Bruce! (On the topic of small improvements, the don't-show-the-blood is getting a bit old ;-))

Hy Bruce, do you think, you could build a "EASA confirm" real racequad (with a max speed of 54km/h of course 😉 ). It will need gps for geofencing, and including battery 250g. I don't see this possible working, but perhaps you know a way.

8:08 There is no way those slots would decrease the strength of the plate right under the motors unless the motors were not mounted. It is the Motor's base that is supporting the frame base where the slots are. No way would the frame break at those slots with the motors mounted.

Those F40 twos will make for the fastest quad team nana has ever flown

I thought he was done with free stuffs :/
He maybe got this one before he actually made his decision.
Anyway, that's a really nice piece of kit. The weight is really good for a BNF quad. I think the holes at the back of the HD cam mount are maybe for some zipties in order to help your radio antennas.
Thanks for sharing and happy weekend

Those holes on arms are traditionally for 1806 motors.

Bruce why don't you design the ultimate race quad? you know enough about flaws and weak point design one and you would make a killing.

off-topic: does the battery drain faster if the PIDs aren't set perfect?

I'll be glad when someone invents or improves a fixed wing plane to be reviewed . . .

The holes in the back next to the antenna are for Zipties to heatshrink the antennas to. It's a really nice touch actually, not a weak point. GoPro session is $170 in the US. The F40V2 motors perform really well on test bench, haven't flown them myself, but they aren't very efficient. The F60 2207 motors are amazing, but a bit behind the time as far as weight is concerned.

This is the first ready to fly quad, I would be interested in as a serious racer, for a beater second quad, because it probably will fly almost as well as my race frame, and 340g is really respectable for prebuilt.

Nice looking frame,
Motor holes maybe for smaller motors (but why would you put there 1306 motors :D)
top holes from back is for ZIPties to hold your RX antennas,
but that side carbon hole for VTX antenna will break after good crash. and will break PDB also 🙁

Hi Bruce, Great review as always! Would it be possible to put small cable ties through the holes you poked the RX antennas and then fix the antennas to the cable ties?

When you live in new Zealand. And say its spring when it is October. We got that going for us

awe Bruce! I just bought a new frame): I actually like this design, reminds me of the shendrones krieger, also at I
8:04 it's for 1806 motor with m2 screws, now I have a qav180 with the same design, and still haven't damaged those mounting holes. intact I destroyed 5 motors and those things are still in pristine condition.

Bruce, I'm still waiting for the bolt 210 flight review.

Bruce, I'm still waiting for the bolt 210 flight review

Not a fan of x style quads . much pefer the h style .. more room for gear and the batteries are bettter protected.

this looks great for a pre-built mini quad having built 4 or 5 myself…

I saw this one on Banggood for pre order the other day and thought it looked the part but then the new Diatone Crusader GT2 came up on the screen and I lost interest in this one straight away😅

You make interesting, informative videos. Subscribed.

I'm pretty sure the weight is a lot more, because the advertised weight is without props

The cut in the arm are for 1806 motors

Wow, very cool! Thanks for passing your thorough eye over this before it hits shelves. I've been loving my Shuriken 180 but definitely missing the 5" oomph.

I'd speculate the reason they've gone for a full featured OSD is so that the other protocol users get the full experience, not all of us were clever enough to buy a FrSky radio 😛

Nice one Bruce, I'm in the market for another quad. This is looking good 👍

Thanks Bruce it looks great just send it over if you don't use it 🙂 an early birthday present

sorry bruce but I'm going to unsubscribe pissed of with quad video after quad shame as I know you could show some realy good things with fixed wing bye

the manufacturers design those slots and holes on porpoise. weak points for intended failure and continued revenue for them from selling spares.

great commentary sir. does that come with a 5 volts BEC for powering a hero 4 black? the Hero 4 black without a battery is 15 grams lighter then a session

hello Bruce check out SJCAM M10 Plus camera from gearbest it should fit on this frame
camera is about £80. More then mobius but a lot better
thank you for the video keep up with good work

The osd is build into the pdb

I think gopro should think about sending him one! Mobius is so 2014

Stress relief on point where the battery wires are soldered to the PCB would have been nice.

Good looking piece of kit, im interested…

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