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Everyine E58 Pocket Drone (BangGood)

marzo 22, 2019
Everyine E58 Pocket Drone (BangGood)

Revisión del Everyine E58 Pocket Drone (Cortesía de
Video de vuelo y material de archivo al final.

Consigue uno aquí .


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best video of how to us I've see great job thanks

how much time can be play in single charge?

very helpful. dunno about you, but my manual for Eachin is in a very bad and broken "English". I couldn find how to BIND it before I found this video. once again, THANK YOU !

Excellent review, thank you 👍😊❗

Hello. Can you please clarify… is there any way to see battery percentage while flying? Also, how do I manually check if the drone is approaching an out of range area? Does it collapse if it goes out of range or battery? Thanks!!

Ich bekomm auf mein Smartphone keine Videoübetragung, jedoch die Steuerung am Smartphone funktioniert … kann mir wer helfen, das Problem zu lösen ? Danke , Lg

Did you sell the flight footage from this video to a company called shopdronex? I just saw one of their ads here on youtube and it's definitely the same flight footage from this video.

Can we change the camera of this drone?

is this a good drone for beginners?

Thank you

Can you make a video on how to control it because I did everything but crashed

thank you so much

Great review thank you ,I'm excited this is my first drone whoever said 70 year olds can't fly  lol

I just ordered one. Congratulations on the fact that you take the time, as I do on my channel, to answer virtually all comments !

Nice flying I just bought one, wow lots of dispersed Chem trails how often do they spray.

I just got one of these and your vid helped a lot….thnx!!!!

18:49 my bad

18:51 almost hit

5:17 looks like a robo frog lol I still bought this drone

This has to be one of the best reviews out on this drone. Thanks so much for taking the time out to thoroughly explain how to properly use this drone and the features. And the music and footage at the end was like the icing on top of the cake. Loved it!!!! Keep these reviews coming!!!🎂👍🏾👌🏾

Thats wath they call a THICC drone…

Good tutorial, well and slowly explained, no music, technically good, thanks.

This is trusted web

Can you tell me, are you have 5,8mp this drone?

I'm having trouble turning on camera and recording. What are the steps? Thanks in advance

i really love the drone

This is one of the best and most thorough demo videos on this machine !

Am I right in thinking It is not possible to film or photo from the button on the controller – you have to have a smart phone to do this – I don't have one so disappointed – is there a way round this ?

How do you charge the battery?

wow the quality is so it VGA? You could just stick on a gopro and have a cheap alternative

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