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Experiencia de piloto de drones FPV – PART1 Gear

abril 3, 2019
Experiencia de piloto de drones FPV - PART1 Gear

No olvides que soy piloto de drones. Bueno, muchachos, como digo en el video, sé cómo construir un avión no tripulado, pero no cómo volarlo. Decidí aprender a ser un buen piloto de aviones no tripulados FPV y compartir mi experiencia con usted. En este video, te muestro el material por el que elegí comenzar. Los precios son razonables y tiene todos los enlaces a continuación. Manténgase sintonizado para una futura actualización de la configuración de FuriBee DarkMax.

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—————— PRODUCTOS / ENLACES ——————–
Furibee DarkMax Drone:
Cupón: "Xmas116"

Gafas FPV:

AT10 RC:

LiPo 4S:

Cargador de lipo:

Taranis FrSky:


Tornado Tevo:

Creality CR10:
CUPÓN: "11CR10US" o "11CR10EU"


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I don't know when the next video will be on but I really want to learn FPV. I hope you enjoy. If you want to help me check my Patreon here: you guys!

sir, awesom videos.which is your qualification.

Bulgarin li si?

Good afternoon friend, do you have any ESC projects?

Love this chanel . Waiting for mini drone…..


I'm also interested in making my own drone. I personally want one with GPS so it can go back home and that transmits to my iPhone, like the DJI Phantom, so that I can use Cardboard compatible glasses. I'd also like it to be strong enough to lift small weights and with two movable cameras for VR. And I'm lucky to have a 600 m^2 plot (solar en español) to fly drones (unfortunately, I have slow ADSL instead of fiber optic. One thing for the other).

Missing your old trailer and good luck for controlling the FPV

Great video man. Keep it going!

operative tiger someday i hope 😀

Ostia puta, llevo meses suscrito y no tenía ni idea de que eras de Barcelona.

waiting for the next update 💪

Can you make video of how GPS work in drone???

this channel is great i love this channel

Egar to see your brushed drone and your mentions on sbus

your channel is the best just you want to maintain your schedule 2 like upload video every Sunday or any other day but every week

Maybe flight simulator first as you live in the place difficult to find space to fly.

Experienced FPV flyer here. Good to see you in this hobby and I have several things to point here:1. The AT10II is okay but for less price, you can get a much better radio. The Taranis X7. I Use it, I Love it. The best bargain for now. My only recommended radio are either Taranis X7 or FS-i6X. Other than that are usually too expensive or complete crap and these two radios have great community support.2. The LS-800D goggles is a failed product. It has so many flaws. I used it and regret it. My main complaint is the latency, which is too high for race drone. The reception is also not good despite of the 2 antenna configuration. My recommended goggles are VR006 if you're on a tight budget, EV800 or the best bargain IMO is the EV800D. 3. The batteries you're using is way too big. 1000-1800mAh 45-95C 4S is the standard size for 5". The sweet spot is usually around 1300-1500mAh 75-95C 4S.4. The charger you're recommending is a fake clone. Some are good and some are completely crap. Just be careful, I heard a fire caused by one of these chargers.5. The Darkmax is a nice quad but as always, building your own has its own different feeling and experience 😉

Bro, just a few indications of channels that I don't know if you already know: AndyRC, MuteFPV and DroneMesh. Those channels are great! (DroneMesh already made Arduino videos, by the way.) And may the force be with you! 😀

Dark Max? For a beginner? Ooohhh boy… Here we go… LOL

Can't wait for the small one

Hello i love this channel ☺

Hi, i loved your video. I hope you can check for the same video like you do in my channel. Thanks for those help video!

I love this channel ❤❤

Primero!!! Sigue así tío.. siempre es un placer aprender con tus videos!! queremos verlos volar!!

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