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Fuji News Bits – X-Pro 3 y X-T30

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSjtvou9YwY?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

En este viernes de fuji esta semana discutiremos nuevos artículos. Acabamos de hablar de nuestros primeros rumores sobre el Fujifilm X-Pro 3 y Billy, el Fuji Guy está de vuelta en el podcast del amor de Fuji y tiene mucho que discutir.



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What about x-E4? Do you think it will happen this year? It has been almost 2 years since x-e3 releases.

What do you think about the Fuji xh1 for video? It has the old sensor but which you recommend it over the xt3.I do photos and video. Fuji xh1with the old sensor and stabilize video or Fuji xt3 with the new sensor but no ibis. I respect your opinion and advice. I previous had a Fuji xt2.

Coming out soon. Soooon!

Coming out 2019.

And if not 2019, then in the early 2020.


I bet, there will be not a x-pro again!

Hello, would you please give me some advice, I have de X100F but now i'm looking for a camera with interchangeable lenses. I like the X-E3 design (RF style) but now with the XT-30 I can't decide, even the newer processor and best autofocus. What of those you sugest?

Can you make a video compare between 16f1.4 vs 2.8 version ? ( about the sharpness, bokeh and focus ? )

Hey! If you could change the amount of headroom you have in these talking to the camera shots that would be awesome! Love the content😄

I'm using one of these f2 prime lenses and he is right.

As per the last two versions, the X-Pro3 should be the equal sibling to the X-T3 internally. I was for a long time in the camp that Fujifilm should not touch the fixed screen on the rangefinder style X-Pro line, however I have in the last year and half used the X-T2 with it's pullout screen and being I prefer the X-Pro as my everyday shooter I am now leaning on the articulating screen idea.
Maybe now that the GFX50R has one and knowing Fujifilm like to cross integrate some new features on upcoming models, I welcome a three way articulating screen to the X-Pro3 since I do a lot of low-to-the-ground shots.

So the X-Pro line is more photography based? And what do you think a price point will be?

The flippy only makes sense with the XH-2. Is IBIS the only advantage the XH line is going to have? The only other thing I could think of for the XH would be an improved battery. So yeah I believe the flippy will be on the XH line

Thank you for all the information.

They could get rid of the flippy altogether on the X-Pro3. I don’t know no one who use the Pro3 camera and do video.

Ya would be so ironic if xpro3 it gets a flippy 😂 it wouldnt align with its rigid personality. Im really curious if it will have 4k60p or 30p like how the XT30 only got 30/24p

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