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Halo Drone es el mejor de 2018 hasta ahora (enero de 2018) | 7 razones por las que!

marzo 30, 2019
Halo Drone es el mejor de 2018 hasta ahora (enero de 2018) | 7 razones por las que!

Piloté el dron Halo durante unas semanas y es mi UAV favorito desde 2018 hasta ahora. Me gusta su velocidad, combinada con la flexibilidad de usar la cámara de acción de mi elección. Mira el video completo para conocer las 7 razones por las que mi drone 2018 favorito está tan lejos.
►Compruebe el drone Halo aquí:

Mi material
► Cámara | Canon 80D:
► Lente | 24-70MM F2.8L:
► luces LED:
► Micrófono:
► Trípode:
► cabezal de video:
► Bolsa para Mavic Pro y DSLR:
► Drone de viaje | DJI Mavic Pro:
► Drone para mejores fotos | Phantom 4 Pro:
► Contador de suscriptor en vivo:

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Comentarios (36)

not quite sure what you smoke on the review but my drone it would not even take off and try to get support good luck garbage go for mavic 2

Really?????? The best of 2018.

Your video is good. PLZ go to my YouTube Flad Master i flying whit a drone PLZ.

Que precio puede tener uno como el del video

this is paid

Pretty crappy drone as big as a fucking house how the hell you supposed to travel with it you didn’t even say what kind of programming it’s Scott how much it cost how much the accessories and all that other stuff cost now

Dji Mavic 2 pro is by far the best ive seen so far. I like the fact that the drone can fly miles away.

I'm sorry but some one punch him in the face hope that will knock some sense into him

What is the drones max height and range do you know? Also, can it be flown with a damn phone attached?

Wear yo bay that

I purchased this drone a week ago and was so disappointed in it that today I returned it for a refund. The drone had potential but I found it lacking in so many respects, not the least of which was their abysmal . What comes with the drone is a bare minimum you need to get into the air. There is virtually no documentation for the iPad/iPhone app. In fact, if you press the ? on the app's splash screen, instead of the help you would think you would get, you get a note telling you to contact Halo via email for support. I tried using the Halo Drone app on an iPad and quickly found that it simply doesn't work. The Bluetooth will not connect to the drone, which I found after hours and hours of trying to get it to work, is a known problem. This product was put on the market before it had all the bugs worked out. Don't waste your money.

I just found this video, so I'm admittedly late in the game here, but this drone's best feature seems to be its speed and not much else. Shooting a sunset — perhaps the worst time of the day to really see what the camera is capable of, and hanging all that huge gimbal hardware off the front of the camera seemed pretty bizarre to me. Yes, I own a Mavic Pro, and it's a lot more compact and truly portable — something that is becoming super important when you travel, especially if you're on a plane — where the TSA is afraid of lithium batteries and big drones which they want to search or keep you from loading on the plane. The Mavic is the perfect solution to this problem. And I also own a Yuneec Typhoon 4K, and I don't travel with it anymore because it is so big but still love it. Very stable, but no collision avoidance. Collision avoidance is now super important, and DJI is now adding rear sensors to the new Mavic, plus a special version with a Hasselblad camera 20mpixels, so that to me is a lot more interesting, even though I love the two drones I already have.

How far can Halo REACH

Now I need a Halo Drone! Great video! I have all Dji Drones and searching for YouTubers like you who teach people how to repair them. I would like to be able to take mine apart or buy a crashed drown on eBay and repair it for myself.If you know of any other YouTubers who show repair videos please help a drone brother out! And keep on making videos

I’d rather buy PowerVision Egg Drone

thanks for your video . I was about to buy a Mavic Pro, but saw your video so I bought a Halo Pro . aint got it yet but I know its gonna be awesome . Also I am now subscribing to your channel .

I'm curious why it's so Choppy while it's turning from left to right in your video footage??

Trying to find the review for the pro like you promised, can't find it. Can you please post a link to it?

Terrible, terrible quality video. Is that straight from the HALO?

how far does the Bluetooth reach before it looses signal?

Did he say flying in a vacuum??

I am not yet an expert on drones but this one to me looks like cheap plastic…hope its inexpensive:)

Yeah man, that footage looks like a phantom 2 and a gopro, horrible dynamic range, distoration, overstaturation, etc and I would say well maybe for a hobbyist I could see it making sense but why when you have the option of shooting log on a Mavic or phantom for the same price point? I'm glad there are more competitors making drones but slapping a point and shoot senosor on action cam is not going to give you pro footage. We need larger sensors in these cameras, the big bulky inspire should not be the only option.

You really convinced me lol ,maybe they should have played you more .

Just tested this out, for 5 mins on set, I don’t know whether it’s me or not, there is lot issues

Noticed there hasn't been any follow-up to your initial "what's in the box". Any plans to in-depth review flight, camera, or control experiences?

Looks like a huge chunk of ….. yea, shit.

Did you make this video under duress?

this video is just a piece of shit. what are you doing man? you are so bad… the drone footage is looking so bad -> unsubscribed, dislike! -> did you ever heard about DJI drones?

2 extra props, not 4? Oh, I bet they save a lot of money holding back on 2 props.

Feel like I’m watching a promo

Anyone catch how fast it goes in a vacuum. Lmao.

Do you really want to fool us?Too expensive, very awkard follow me function, camera quality is only low aversge…Why are you lying to us? This drone is neither compact, is not timely, can not fly long time… Dude what is wrong with you?! 😈

China has lots of high quality stuff you a$$hole. "unlike"

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