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Hermano Hobby 2806.5 Vengador – 7 "

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72UMQKTPx8I?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Códigos de cupón únicos aquí
▼ Tabla de contenido primero:
00:48 – Video de vuelo
3:40 – Racerstar / Tmotor 2508
05:10 – Apariencia del motor / Descripción general
09:35 – Verificaciones de rendimiento
1:10 pm – implantes dentales vs todo en 4

Avenger 2806.5: http://bit.ly/2OafeF6
FANTÁSTICO para accesorios de 7 "y 5S o 6S a 1300kv

Racer / T-motor 2508: http://bit.ly/2VkLFik
Excelente para 6 ", muy muy bueno para 7"

▼ El resto del quad 7 ":
-Hyperlite Glide Floss 7 "(se volverá a lanzar pronto)
-ESC: http://bit.ly/30OEDWk
Objeto: http://bit.ly/2LAJw1q
-Cap Cap Cap: http://bit.ly/2GUpXxO
-FC: http://bit.ly/2XRc8G8
-PPV Cam: http://bit.ly/2Q7LfL7
-ND GoPro Mount 30deg: http://bit.ly/2WC15zc
-ND filtro (si se usa): http://bit.ly/2WEmQ1j
935g AUW con 2x 1050mah 6s Press Packs

▼ Códigos de cupón únicos mde para mí hoja de cálculo
Algunos de estos códigos no se pueden encontrar en ningún otro lugar porque los crearon específicamente para mi canal.

▼ Únase a mi grupo FB para más discusión: Kabab FPV

▼ Motores notables:
-Xing 2306: http://bit.ly/30uYo4Q
-Xing 2208: http://bit.ly/2y3te8R
-FANTÁSTICO motor de 6 ": http://bit.ly/2LqghOZ

▼ 5 "Un edificio de menos de $ 200 sigue siendo bueno
-Frame: https://goo.gl/EpXQhZ
-FC / 4 en 1 Pila: https://goo.gl/HprVbj
-Motors: http://bit.ly/30uYo4Q
-props: https://goo.gl/ZnzY2y
-props: https://goo.gl/VMBiQh
-PPV Cam: https://goo.gl/FDJhYw
-Vtx: https://goo.gl/JNVDMn

Gafas anti-estrella: https://goo.gl/GvJUkT
-Material de alfombra: http://bit.ly/2QGWhYb

▼ Si desea soldar mejor:
-Fabricación fantástica: https://amzn.to/2P5QM2W
-Fantastique: https://goo.gl/DqBipa

▼ Consejos?
-PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/kababfpv
Bitcoin: 1E4XZXoD4rS6MYWVWuenY7Kw2M1YgyNpoQ
-Nano: xrb_1188ek5bd7tb9kw67asnp9o65byuoaxbtpxuznx1ribf75x78wawawwmakj55f
-ETH: 0xD067F93811f2eC31CB1928901002dfdf9A492EF5
-LTC: La2KWYAjp4VT2Lq2M76pbjzXWvRyjpfCtG
-Código de referencia Tesla: https://ts.la/bob40889
Utilice mi código de referencia si va a comprar Tesla. Obtienes cosas gratis cuando las tienes y obtengo un mejor estado con Tesla. . (tagsToTranslate) No tripulados (t) Drones (t) Cuadricóptero (t) FPV (t) Raza (t) UAV (t) 5.8ghz (t) Volar (t) Ocio (t) Primero (t) Persona Ver (t) horizonte (t) hobby (t) gopro (t) es un héroe (t) volar (t) largo (t) alcanzar (t) longrange (t) montaña (t) zambullirse (t) eachine (t) DRL (t) ) betapv (t) beta (t) palillos de dientes (t) hilo hyperlite (t)


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I would love these, but they go for $41.51CAD a motor. I'm flying a GEPRC crocodile frame with some cheapass Racestar BR2508S motors. The racerstar BR2508S retail for $13.66CAD a motor… three time the cost. Fortunately I'm not a good enough pilot to notice the performance difference at this point.

@5:57 stator size. Are you referring to diameter or volume? I believe diameter is more significant than height or volume.

So, recently I had a conversation with a pilot that told me ALOT of 7” quads are flown on 6” props, and at the time, I thought that was absurd, not in a bad way, but why would you give up all that disc space, so I decided to try it, and… it’s absurd!!!

You know a whole helluva alot more about this, but to me, the difference between flying this 7” quad I have with 6” props vs 7” props is night and day, with the 7” prop being a whole lot better. Am I missing something?

i assume this rock of motor performs well with 4s and 8 inch props in a small long flight fpv trainer.

I have implants for individual teeth. If I knew about them earlier, I would have saved a couple thousand per tooth. The whole root canal and crown procedure is expensive and not foolproof. The implant procedure takes about 30 min and my oral surgeon make it painfree, even the initial numbing is virtually painfree. My only regret is not knowing about them sooner.

What frame can fit this motor???

That motor gave me chills. Way to cool.

My 6" gets the bobbles pretty bad too, depending on the wind. T motor 1600kv 2306. 4S, armattan 6" frame

Hi I learn so much from your videos, im building a 6" smooth operator 6s with brother hobby avengers 2507 1700kv, i ran the gemfam 6042s on my hyperlow CG 4s and worked great, any othee suggestions, thanks
Keep the videos coming

I'm building my first 7" right now. It's a little intimidating how it's so much bigger than my 6", but your videos really help with the confidence. I learned a lot from this video, little things like "fly in a huge spot because, speed" and "overpropped motors = untunable wobbles" Thanks and keep them coming.
Wish me luck. BFF w/8" arms, Hyperlite 2408.5 1300kv, 6s

Thought I'm the only one who's using the sunnysky x2212, but I'm looking for a 8" frame! I this frame okay with 8" Propeller? Which frame should I go for?

And now i'm throwing away my 6" for a 7" thanks Bob!

The 2806.5 looks like a 23ga single strand hand-wound DLRK.
If thats what they're putting into it, it's worth every cent of $31.

Are you familiar with the Nasty 10 muscle quad 10”?

Will the 3 inch version of your cube will maybe need stiffer props to handle 3s? Just a question based on the findings of Albert Kim who tested it with 2s. Please measure the speed on the 3inch with 3s I think it's min 110 mph. Great and cool that you're still looking for a better cam. Maybe ads a capacitor to filter the video on 3s as well.

Why comes Albert Kim's first look to the cube before your own first look at you joint design with diatone? I mean that's the almost sales version right? https://youtu.be/Uyvg9u9hwRM

speaking of motors, i think you never mentioned hypetrains… now, the new rcinp- ahem i mean vanover motor just came out. can you tell us if it's actually a rebranded rcinpower? like, weight, kv, stator size are all precisely the same .__.

Two 6s on a quad of this size .. I can't imagine the weight / power ratio!

Twilight sedation, that is trippy shit, had that sedation on a hernia surgery, and IDK what that stuff is, but I basically don’t remember much, sure, of course, what I was in there for, and the procedure, but most of it a total blur…powerful stuff! However, I think it beats anestheia, as that means you’re intubated, and basically in a coma.

On the Seven fore-front, are you familar with Project 399 super G frame?

This bobble issue you talk about, is it by any chance only on the pitch axis? My 7" has really noticeable pitching up and down motion while roll axis is locked in. I tried maybe 10 different things to figure this out and haven't been able to. Any clue? Hyperlite 2408.5, HQ 7x4x3 on 7" Floss 3.0

https://youtu.be/o6Ubm0-c7bg shamelessly plugging myself if your interested in seeing more of these in action.

Very nice video! Falso video but, what prop wpuld you chose? Johnny prop. Hq 5x4x3x3 v1s or s4. 😎😋

How have these held up after say 10 hard freestyle sessions? Discoloured or sound changing?

The ion drive 2506 are like 50-60$ for the set of 4 motors. I like them personally..

Great to see you're finding the sweet spot for 7"… can I pre-order you new frame with motor mounts that will fit these motors please 🙂
Happy to be a beta-tester if you need to confirm if quads fly differently "Down-under" here in Australia!

I've been running ZMX FinX40 2607.5 motors on my 7" since 2017 and they are great. It's surprising that other brands have taken so long to incrementally reach this size or larger for the 7" market. I was never really keen on smaller 23xx or 24xx motors (let alone 22xx) for this application after flying the FinX40s. I think i'll heavily consider these 2806.5 for my next 7" build.

So, I didnt have bobble at all with 2306 gep RC speedx 1600kv motors, now with 2408 I get bobble and bounce back, tuning doesnt make it go away, I'll see if the same is true for me when I put the avengers on

I have the same Brother Hobby motors 1300KV motors waiting for a build and flight since almost one month lol
I will keep your warning in mind but i can't wait to test them out <3
You should try the DAL Cyclone 7056×3 🙂

Great videos as usual. Maybe some advice on long flight time builds 10-15 min? Question on dental wear and teeth grinding. I have small spots or holes ( usually 4) on a couple molars where the enamel is worn down. Exposing the dentin and causing sensitivity. Dentist confirmed that there is no cavity. Can this be corrected with fillings? Can fillings on Molars cause additional wear on your other adjacent teeth?

That's HQ prop, right. What about Dal 7056 on this motor?
The motor looks promising but I would like to see it with 1900-2100kv because I only have 1800 5s now and not much more money to spare right now.

I run 2507 Avenger V2 1850kv on my 7inch. They go well on 5s 2000mah.
How would a 4s 4000mah go for cruise long range? Any idea?
Cheers for your long chatty videos, learn heaps. 😉

Kabab, even though helio is dead, you can still use their magic on a different board with the newest butterflight release. 🙂


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