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JJRC JJPRO P200 Review + diatriba vibratoria

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zENw6MVJsKo?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Después de pensar más en mi problema después de hacer el video, creo que hay un nivel de vibración muy bajo y aceptable, pero la cámara es tan mala que realmente la aumenta …

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I just got the RTF version. I don't have the transmitter that came with it. Will my flysky fs-i6 bind with it? Also do you know if they fixed any of the issues in the later models

Addict– I have the 200 and cn not even get it to bind– Taranis, Flysky, or Radio link. Did yo use the little connector for the receiver, or dd you have to make separate connection for the receiver? Thank you in advance for a comment.

softmount the motors. silicon motor mounts. 1.50 for 4. banggood. etc. All you need is 1 motor bell thats not balanced.

Hey, I've had my my quad for about 3 weeks, here are some suggestions.
1. The lock nuts vibrate
2. The fpv camera is shite I cannot look into the sun without being blinded.

But this quad is sooo good, my new videos show footage.

Albert Kim vids reviewing P200 explains reasons for apparent "jello", and how to correctly flash ESCs.

Hey man.. Any chance you tried a different Camera if you haven't chucked it yet? Lol

have you tryed soft mount motors?

Okay, what a pity mate, do understand tho. I guess u also still didn't get the LED working with Betaflight. Also find the FPV signal not the best. Thanks 4 update and take care.

i can see in that 2 videos that you are great and pro pilot, i don't mean just the flight performance i mean how you know what you doing and know a lot of things in that hobby and spend a lot of time, so i am beginner that didnt got any fpv RC drone yet, only one brushless motor and a lot of RC toys like helicopters and quad copters. so can you help me get the best real fpv racing quadcopter for mr? i thought about this or eachine wizard and i don't know what to choose (not just only this 2 quadcopters) ,also i want something with RTF package that ill not need to buy other things like radars for transmitters. i sorry about my hard question but i dont got someone alse to ask him like you, so please help me find the best drone for me, of course keep grow up and get more subscribered and quadcopters! thanks

I hope you just got a dud for that vibration I just ordered mine today :/

Strange, mine flew perfectly, almost no jello at all.

Hey i was wondering if you could do a video ( or already have one ) on how to add your own transmitter to any arf quad. I don't have a racing quad yet but i have wanted one for months now and just don't have the money rn. I have seen many good quads but they all come with cheap transmitters that will only work with one model. I've been looking at getting a p200 and getting a Turnigy 9x.

Those that get stuff to review for free dont want to bite the hand that feeds them,so they tend to omit things like that or down play an issue. You were straight forward and its too bad you had to throw everything but the kitchen sink at it. I think its wrong that those guys would sell out for fear of not being sent any more items to review. I think being honest is the best way to handle those items that have issues. Mabe if they just stated that the unit they got wasnt that great but see what others are saying would be better than not saying anything at all.

Just a tip for future ,HOLD STILL ! I think it would be more stable flying it then the way you were spinning that thing around. I had to stop watching and just listen. You need to stop talkingvwith your hands,especially when you are holding something you are are trying to show. geesh! Other than that,personally,I wouldnt buy that. I didnt care for the short stumpy arms. The camara looks shiity too. I am quickly not liking the JJ stuff. I have a different JJ and dont like it.

I am deciding between this or the king kong 210gt such a hard decision.

But I did note that my receiver antenna was dangling in the wind ( not damaged though)but the zip tie broke I secured it but haven't had time to test the issue could this be a solution to the problem??

It's pretty low like 12 to 18 percent so I kept the Gyro and PID's at 1 khz

You will recommend the X-RACER F303 for 210 4s quad or different FC ?

I checked everything all wires are good and connected it is flyable for a few minutes then it flips to the ground at random?? I'm lost lol

Had to tell you. Something funny, we just got back from Disney and Legoland. Our plane last night had vibration problems and had to change planes. I was watching this video while it was going on.

the problem I have with the 175 jjpro I can't tighten the nuts up enough I had to put a washer on top of the props to pick up the gap and now I get vibration when I fly any ideas how to tighten up props all the way without doing damage to the motors cheers

One thing you could try is changing the firmware to Beta flight. It's free and it's easy to do. Just google Beta flight install.

Also you could try flying in Acro mode, so the flight controller isnt fighting you.

Acro mode is where you get no stabilization, you need to hook up the quad to your PC to assign a switch, once again you can google this for how to's. I suggest it's best to practice on a Sim before trying on a real quad.

Hope this helps you.

Omg…your Motor and esc smoked and still work??? 😲 in don t get it. Main smoked Too but i dont know if it will work again…i am afraid to short the Motor Too.😏

Dude trust me your vibration problems are only in the cmos camera. All cmos cams I've had always showed jello. Once you chamber that out for a Ccd camera your problems will disappear. As for the twitches that's your Tpa!!

use a dal v2 5040 tri blades. super balanced. some dys 5040 tri blades are notorious for being unbalanced.

Planted mine yesterday, No visible damage but now the quad wont arm and the lights on the FC dont turn on anymore 🙁 Not sure what im going to do….

Hey how would I go about tuning out random flips? And a jumpy throttle insert more I gain ???

Shame you've had so many hassles with the P200. I've had mine (RTF) for about a month now and haven't had vibration issues, aside from when I ripped one of the screws out of the standoffs/PDB (replaced it with one from the GOPRO mount). Broken a bunch of props and antennas, the stock charger and battery died (first day I got it. Charger was faulty), but it's still flying well. The video from my camera looks a fair bit better too (although that could just be youtube compression I guess). I'm running Bolt 4S LiHV batteries, an aomway antenna and I've found Lumenier 5040 x3 props to be the most locked in (although i'm using HQprop 5040 x3 at the moment, and they're only slightly worse at handling propwash). I did have to move the receiver, some of the cabling and reattach the camera so I could manage a lower angle though.

Wow vibes! I didn't have that, even when it Wasn't tuned 😐 I agree on the cam.. Not the best indeed..

if you don't think naze 32 a good board what would you recommend? I have a naze 32 a afroflight 32 and spracing f3 which would you like of those? I personally like the spracing f3

I had a vibration issue that just drove me nuts like yours is. I finally found that my camera lens had a loose glass lens on the inside of the lens. You could try a new lens or just take that one off and shake it by your ear to see if you can hear a glass lens rattling inside. Easiest way would be to just try another camera lens and if that fixes it you'll know. Good luck!

could you try vibration ampening pads for the flight controller

AndyRC's P200 seemed fine. He really liked it. Thx Dod.

The package should have come with “TWO” prop nut wrenches. One fits onto the motor top cutouts like a puzzle, the other onto the nut. So no need to use a screwdriver or whatever to keep the motor from turning while tightening the nuts down.

Flash it to beta flight it will solve the vibration

You said fc is like naze32. I thought josh said some naze32 rev 6 boards had problems with that. Just a thought.

have you tried softmounting the FC?

hey great video, have you tried using betaflight and disabling accelerator with command
set_acc = 1

I had the same problem.. it was the bracket holding the camera.. I just tightened it and got my camera angle right then hot glued it at the joint and on the camera.. all fixed

that is weird I have never seen vibration like that and it not be props or the escs

my b3 charger doesn't Work anymore haha

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