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abril 1, 2019

¡B. descompone las mejores nuevas aplicaciones de drones en el mercado!

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Phantom 3 Profesional- Ese es mi bebé. Piloté este dron más que cualquier otro drone y lo tiro con más frecuencia. Es un increíble adicto al trabajo que define la confiabilidad. Asegúrate de obtener filtros ND para tu cámara y volarás como un profesional en poco tiempo.

Estos Proto X Microdrone- Este pequeño chico aquí es lo que comenzó todo. Mi primer drone. SUPER difícil de conducir, pero es la mejor manera de empezar. Comete tus errores aquí … y conviértete en un imbécil. Nada especial acerca de este drone, vuela y se mueve como dices. Aprende a apuntar con la nariz del drone mientras vuelas y estarás muy por encima de la multitud.

Latrax Alias- Es lo más divertido que he tenido que volar al drone. Esta cosa está enferma. Es casi indestructible y simplemente divertido! ¡Chancletas, tienes diferentes grados de dificultad para volar y es rápido! Solo puedo alquilar este como aprendiz de juguete / drone. Si crees que el Proto X es un juego de niños, es tu dron de unidad. De todos modos, disfrutar del vuelo. ¡Asegúrate de llevar unas cuantas baterías extra! (Cada batería solo tiene unos minutos de vuelo)

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Already have a couple of these but excited to get the others! Appreciate the tips!!

Wow! Are you using a 70mm movie camera? Great video quality. Thanks for your picks.

If you have a small budget, you can check out this drone, today only 50% OFF >>

Good info. I downloaded the Airdata app yesterday. Good looking app so far

Only recently come across you much as I've been watching drone related uploads for a good few weeks now, admittedly mostly reviews and flying the Mavic which I purchased this past week, obviously going on to apps now anyway, you present well so subbed. And thanks for uploading, very helpful, informative and you get to the point.

Same version is not for android. I couldn't find it. Thanks

Are there game type apps for the Mavic?

Thanks for the comparison and love Kittyhawk's ranking. The app has improved a lot since your review with a ton of cool new features

Got HD Sync and it is for DJI???!!! You guys KNOW that there are more than DJI Drones right? Why is this not called DJI DRONE COMMUNITY? Are there any compatible apps just for "Drones" and not a "Specific Brand"? [yes I am a subscriber]

Too many damn apps only in IOS !

Doh! Found it! The new and improved list! (Thanks!)My question still stands relative to Skyward though… Any good? Verizon purchase bring promise or concern?Cheers!

Can you give my channel a shoutout on your next video z and tell everyone to subscribe cause I love your vids and I subbbed to you and turned on my post notifications

B, how do I get a Dronr sticker??? Love your videos.

You failed to show the names of each app and pricing on the video like you did in the last one.

I like that Kittyhawk has the ability to link with AirMap too. You can create live flights, which utilizes AirMap to send that info to airports.

Excellent news B!! I have 2 of the 5 you mentioned. Will have to try out the other 3

And I Like To See Howering The RC Aircraft B2 Stealth Aircraft ! So I Think Making Prototype Is Only The Way To Convert It As Drone…And The Size Is Also Nice Of This B2 Stealth Rc Aircraft Aircraft

Thanks for the info! I hope you're enjoying your new locale! Nice!

Why not link the apps in description video?You get SEO value!

More great info, thank you.

you mentioned the drone prix was only available for the Phantom 3 and Phantom 4 but the video shows a mavic. mavic is compatible as well?

Can you make a list of the apps please? It would be more better thanks!

Another great video 👌 and congratulations dronr for completing 1 year many more to go , thanks for sharing such amazing videos with us…greetings from india 🙏🏼

nice video thanks Bro

Very nice list I will definitely try some of these out

Do you know why the price went up on the Phantom 3? I don't get it. It's also a refurbished model.

Can We Attach Dji 6K Camera To Dji Mavic, Or By The Healp Of Electrician ?

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