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Los 10 problemas principales con DJI Mavic 2 Pro y Zoom

mayo 21, 2019
Los 10 problemas principales con DJI Mavic 2 Pro y Zoom

Los nuevos DJI Mavic 2 Zoom y Pro son nuestros drones favoritos. De hecho, diríamos que estos son los mejores drones en el mercado hoy en día. Sin embargo, tienen algunas fallas. Estas son las diez cosas principales (12 de hecho) que nos gustaría que DJI se dirija a su serie Mavic 2.

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Mavic 2:
Fantasma 4:
Mavic Pro:
Aire Mavic:

Corredores / FPV
Furibee X215 Pro:
Eachine M80:
Gafas FatShark:
Receptor de diversidad True D para FatSharks:
Gafas deportivas FPV:

Camaras favoritas
Sony A6500:
GoPro Hero 6:
iPhone X:

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I get the rubbing arms and the dumb gimbal cover but you guys should have known about Diffraction 😉 which Is limited to about f5.6 on the 16mm sensor (or 1" type). The great thing about that camera is you can control the aperture.

Yall bitches nit pickin. Make your own drone

regarding the f number on the zoom action: cant one just start with f4 and zoom in to f4 so no change in luminance?

Artificial software limitations are a damnation. Competitors take note; not doing that will bring you more customers.

Blaaaaa blaaaaa blaaa boring

I've watched plenty of videos comparing the Mavic Pro Platinum vs Mavic 2 Zoom and while for $1300 I can get the Platinum and the fly more kit, I can't help but feel that it would make more sense just to get the Zoom with its current tech. As someone who doesn't have a drone, what would you recommend currently?

the design is for business….for future rate of amount

My number 1 problem:A wife that said no it's too expensive.

This is the first negative comment I've ever left on YouTube and I'm sorry Im doing it, but jeez guys stop whining!!!!🙄

All I heard in this video, is like two toddlers screaming at his mom "I WANT, I WANT, I WANT!" Two spoiled toddlers.

UPS is the worst here in Riverside county

Why do they not put these things on the drone?????

This was just a bunch of whining. You bitch about the camera protector, design a new one then. Wanting obstacle avoidance in all modes is silly, it would prevent me from getting as close as I want sometimes not to mention in sport mode you are flying too fast for it to work. You guys have no idea what it takes to design a device like this. DJI did a great job on these drones, these drones are amazingly capable for the package size.

Has any of the issues been fixed by now?

Could have cut this list in half if you guys weren't nit-picking. The other half of the list, legit. My biggest complaint is not being able to cache maps easily.

Embarrassing! Unlikely to view any of your other videos now. First impressions and all that …

I hope you guys will beta test their upcoming products. Thanks guys great work!

How did it go with the therapist?

On f11 you have a longer exposure 1/4 That is why it's not sharp

Small aperture fussy sounds like diffraction, this is coming from a very experienced phonographic background.

m2p have distortion , but it's in h.265 profile etc, where it's not corrected. and in photos, too.

Only two color profiles. The original Mavic Pro had 13, better for non editors.

I just hate the battery life!

No drone is perfect and this is the trick how they make money..

#4 Best point, wishful thinking they'll actually do it tho

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