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Los drones del pasajero explicados.

marzo 27, 2019
Los drones del pasajero explicados.

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Aquí hay una visión general de algunos proyectos UAV en curso. ¿Podrían convertirse en una forma popular de viajes de corta distancia en un futuro cercano?

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that was not that quikie

Awesome video! Great explanation of the passenger drone technology. Passenger drones will help solve numerous traffic issues, like traffic congestion, accidents, environmental pollution, etc. Recent new technologies will make them better and safer than street cars. It's called progress., and it's coming sooner than most people think.

I think they should only be used for emergency services, tour guides and airport shuttles maybe taxis and CCTV

Why is it even called drone when it's manned vehicle? Isn't 'drone' the word we use for calling unmanned aerial vehicles?

We already have them in 2018, they're called helicopters.

People: "Where is my flying car, 2018?!"Imponte Deluxo: "Omae wa mou shindeiru"People: "NANI?!"

Shut Up and Take My Money!!11!!Where's the link to buy one??!1!!??:-/

James keep wearing those glasses!

So we can’t fix more important issues but we can do this. WTF

Nothing should be remote now days. Becouse it can be hackable

dont ever do a techquickie ever again

CRYPTO is the future? Here's the answer:

Its codenamed ‘helicopter’

Electric jet engines = EDFs (electric ducted fans)

This is just a smaller helicopters

Stil want that Back to the Future OverBoard

"Just like the drone in your garage collecting dust"As my drone is in my garage collecting dust.:( I cry everytim


does anyone think squarespace's video during the ad is retarded? what am i even seeing? what does food stop motion have to do with their website? why dont they just show how the website builder works or anything else in the video..?

3:12 German engineering power. Goodbye, Chinese.

👍!👍! Interesting topic. Good job!

2:14 – A LOT's airplane – clickbait for polish 😛

sotheyre helicoptersbut with more spinny bitsand ai pilotsok thankshonestly i never knew the difference between a vtol and a helicopter but ehhhhhh

What happened to Luke, who is this random ass nigga

Less congested? I'd bet that some people would start driving more if there were less overall traffic (getting it back to the same or near levels) and then the aerial transport would just turn it into a 3D congestion…

We already have that, for decades, it's called helicopter and you can ride for hundreds of kilometers… They are just too expensive but I don't know why look further, just need to reduce their price. The real advancedment would be to get rid of combustion engines and go full electric without batteries, that would completely revolutionize transportation. The technology already exists, but because of conspiracy of giant oil corporations and batteries corporations they are not going to the market soon.

Want about birds and insects an global space?

Do people still complaining about the intro?

4:54 Jon wrote that.

I can't figure out how an "electric jet engine" could work when the point of a jet engine is for the turbine to draw in lots of air for combustion then expel the exhaust to provide thrust.

i can't unhear that nasal voice

Flying "Car" is just a glorified drone, aka helicopters.

A good way to prevent these drones from crashing into each other would be to temporarily lock the drones into flying at a certain altitude. For example, I want to fly to my friends house and there are not many obstacles. I don’t have to fly as high as I would for some other places. So, my drone locks itself into flying 500 meters above sea level and does the whole trip like that. This could significantly reduce accidents as there would be many different altitudes on which a drone could fly. Everyone could be spaced out evenly, vertically in our atmosphere. Furthermore, when the other drones are flying, they don’t want to crash into me. Luckily, what they could do is just look at the other drones on its altitude, rather than every drone. So, there might be one or two other drones on my altitude. I most likely won’t see any of them. But, if I do see one of them close to me, it’s not a big deal just to go around one drone, especially since it won’t be that often. Because of this, being able to control our vehicles on three dimensions, but have everyone locked into their own height, transport will become much safer than on the road.

Peter Griffin isn't an idiot. He's just a magical person who never ages and does a ludicrous amount of things.

"Don't forget to subscribe and follow us until the end of time: The singularity is coming." This is why I watch these videos until the end LOL

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