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Los mejores drones por menos de $ 150 en 2017, Parrot Mambo y Parrot Swing Review

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acMNGgb_l4Q?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Parrot Mambo y Parrot Swing: los mejores drones de menos de $ 150 para 2017.
Revisamos muchos drones en este canal y una de las preguntas que siempre nos hacemos es: ¿qué dron debo comprar? Nuestra respuesta es siempre: ¿cuál es su presupuesto?

Con el acercamiento de las vacaciones, pensamos presentar algunos de los mejores drones que puedes comprar por menos de $ 150.

Recomendamos totalmente la línea de loros Minidrons –

¡El loro Mambo Minidrone ($ 99) está lleno de sorpresas! Ya sea que lo equipes con el Canon o el Grabber, el cielo se convertirá en un gran campo de juego: carreras de velocidad o habilidad, desafíos acrobáticos o trucos … participa en cualquier combate aéreo. Muy robusto y fácil de manejar, cumplirá con todos sus desafíos.

El Parrot Swing ($ 119) es el único minidrone que te permite volar en un avión supersónico con sorprendente facilidad. También es el único avión con piloto automático y modo de despegue y aterrizaje vertical. Con el controlador Parrot Flypad, descubra un control ultra preciso para volar como un profesional. ¡Convierte el cielo en una increíble pista de carreras!

Los minidrones de loros le ofrecen más que un dron estable y fácil de volar. Añaden nuevas misiones de juego a los drones, ¡desde disparos al objetivo hasta cuadrocópteros que vuelan en el aire!

Descargo de responsabilidad: este video fue patrocinado por Parrot, pero como puede ver en nuestros videos, ¡los drones son realmente geniales! .


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Comentarios (36)

Swing Is the Best!👌🏻

The Parrot Swing (in Germany for only 28€) is really nice and works pretty well.

Here you look like you need this – Hands Dad a xanax

Does the swing come with a camera?

Unfortunately I don’t have it any more the one I had did have a video camera

You have absently NO integrity. Good job advertising. However, never expect anybody to trust your opinion…

Hpw long will you get for a continuous flight regarding the battery life?

Hey Dad does I had a parrot Mambo but I traded it because I didn't like that it didn't have a video camera just low resolution still camera so I got a protocol vento did I do ok or make a mistake thanks

Well described but biased !

How about Parrot Bebop 1? It’s only 140$ on ebay and 160$ on amazon and it’s refurbished unit. You get GPS quad for cheap!

to much addon crap. you should be thinking how to make battery last longer morron, like 30 minute flights. geez

on amazon it says that it doesn't come with a remote control. Is this true?

best drones cost 15$ best phone cost 15$
parrot for drone is what apple is for phones

can i put a go pro on this

i have a parrot mambo

if can yo get one of the tow drone mambo or swind?

I saved up enough money to buy one of them I already have the jumping night and i really like it and now i want another parrot drone I can get either the swing or mambo and can't make a decision which do you recommend

i found out that amazon offers the mambo for $82.49

how do you charge the battery

should i get the swing or mambo

will parroz mamba lift gopro ..

Thanks for the good commercial. I assume part of their sponsoring was you could not mention any other drones under $150.00?

My parents gave the mamba for Christmas

Why didn't you just say "This is an 8.5 minute advertisement for Parrot". You lead everyone to believe it is a list of "The BEST Drones For Under $150 in 2016". Deceptive

Can someone help me I just bought one of these pen like it so far despite the battery life thinking about buying a couple of extra batteries but I haven't got it to flip yet and yes I do have the fly pad do I have to be outside at a certain altitude does it even know what minimum altitude is a can flip at? Any answer would be helpful I just started droning as a hobby and had a nano drone three days ago and upgraded to this

why does the audio sound like a pilot is trying to talk to me

I thought that I would see a list of the top drones under 150. Turns out I was looking at an ad for the Parrot Mambo.

wtf, bull shit title, only showed parrot products, thanks for wasting my time

Added note. The new firmware just released allows the Swing to do barrel rolls and loops. Must download firmware to use. Nice 👍 vid!

Wow!!! Such a fantastically incredible over-all well put together video!!

Great video. Will look into these for xmas presents.

Honestly I don't like parrot my preferred drone is my sky viper 2400vHD for only a $100 it's amazing with stunt good camera 2 modes live streaming phone attachments

does anyone know of a good beginners drone between 150 to 220$ that takes good pics and videos? I'm not looking for the best drone out there but the best drone I can get for this price range. also ,I don't want to have to add a gopro to it. thanks everyone

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