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Mambo contra Tello

julio 10, 2019
Mambo contra Tello

Parrot Mambo vs. Ryze Tello Comparison Review.

Comparamos estos pequeños drones para determinar el que tiene la mejor relación calidad-precio.

Estos enlaces a continuación son las opiniones anteriores de cada avión no tripulado (los enlaces de compra aparecen en estos comentarios de video):

Loro mambo

Ryze Tello: (tToTranslate) Ryze (t) tello (t) loro (t) mambo (t) drone (t) quad (t) helicóptero (t) quadcopter (t) helicóptero (t) uav (t) fpv (t) rc t) pequeño (t) pequeño (t) portátil (t) plegable (t) selfie (t) barato (t) barato (t) asequible (t) económico (t) sencillo simple (t) básico (t) intuitivo (t) ) rápido (t) alta (t) velocidad (t) altitud (t) definición (t) carrera (t) carrera (t) 4k (t) suspensión (t) t) estable (t) suave (t) paso elevado (t) t) vuelo (t) vuelo (t) vuelo (t) vuelo (t) cielo (t) estabilización (t) nuevo (t) wifi (t) aplicación (t) dji (t) fantasma (t) mavic (t) chispa (t) fotografía aérea (t) foto (t) foto t) película (t) video (t) venta (t) cámara (t) gps (t) sin escobillas (t) más barato (t) mejor (t) juguete (t) hobby seguro (t) tech air


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Comentarios (30)

I just had my first flight with my new Tello today. It was rather pleasant, although the range could have been better.

I would agree if they were priced the same, but I picked up a mambo fly for $60 Au and the tello was retailing for $140 in the same store… I think on that price point the result is different

Awesome 😁

The review I’ve been looking for. Thanx

If you like flying quadcopters buy the mambo. If you want to take nice video buy the Tello.

10 review

Great video, thanks for the comparison!

Mambo with flypad and extra battery for $90 on Amazon. 3 650mah and fast charger for $20. Fly time solved

Shame Tello only has Bluetooth controls, for fpv racing mambo, for basic cinematic video Tello, although could buy a bugs 3 and a cheap eBay gimbal and capture much better footage

I have a tello

The Mambo is much more fun and I use it a lot around the yard. Forget the camera and silly attachments (even though it's cool to have). With the controller that easily pairs with the Mambo, it's fast and fun. It's vertical range is about 100ft. The Tello sits on my shelf. The controller by Gamesir is never guaranteed to work all the time with the Tello and it's just not controller ready to fly. Flying with a phone sucks. The camera? Who cares, because it's cheap and let's be real, it's a toy.The Mambo is a toy. It's just more fun. And since it's been 8 MONTHS already, there aren't any more accessories than were available when it came out.Go with the Mambo.

Tello is better

I got a parrot mambo for $99 with all of the stuff from JB HI—FI

You can’t put too much on the TELLO because the sweep of the props covers most of the top.

Nice. If u r looking for something for ur kid, mambo all the way. I got the mambo with the camera and goggles and controller pack for my 9yr old and he is over the moon. He has already added all his lego to it and it still flies! 10mins flying isn t long but extra battery pack, shooter and grabber for Xmas and this will be awesome.

Great comparison! I have both but not flown either yet as my Tello is a christmas present! I think the Tello will have better stability and flight time and obviously better camera but I think the mambo will be a lot more agile and faster as you can turn off the optical flow etc also the mambo has some cool gadgets to attach such as the fpv camera, grabber and cannon, all adding to the fun! 😎😁New supporter for your channel, hopefully you'll take a look at my quadcopter related channel and support? 🤝

Good video I wanted to buy the mambo but now I really now that the Tello it is a best choice

if you want the mambo for accessories you get the fpv set for an extra 50$ it comes with fpv goggles and you get a pretty good camera

can you do one for Kaiser Baas Switch Drone. same line, same price range


Best Buy is clearing the Mambo out (non fpv) for $38. Bluetooth control limits the range of the Mambo greatly though.

Tello hands down. Check out my reviews. Liked n shared. Cheers. ✔✔😆🍷🎖🎖🎖🎖🌟🌟🌟🌟

I bought the Mambo for about € 150 with controller, goggles, camera and pellet cannon. It’s a nice stable drone but it is sloooooooow. Also have 2 Star Wars drones and they’re F1 racers compared to this one.

Tello in Russia, see my channel

I have one tello it very stable flying when no wind !

This video is very great!

Mambo has 2 problems : software that has cancer since december 2017 and props near the camera

I have both of those.i like the Mambo more because it is a lot more fun to fly.he did not even do the fly test.tello on the other hand is a little bit of boring and slow if compared to mambo.mambo mounted with the accessories is super fun.if you want a good camera drone go for the Mambo for with a lot better camera.

Great video, we'll be getting the mambo as a kids present. Tello is definitely a more functional and powerfull drone. E.g. a tiny spark.

just bought the mamnbo its good with the claw and gun fun on the dow side a little sketchy when it comes to piloting but good value for money.

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