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Meet Spot, el perro robot que puede correr, saltar y abrir puertas | Marc Raibert

abril 6, 2019
Meet Spot, el perro robot que puede correr, saltar y abrir puertas | Marc Raibert

Este futuro de ciencia ficción donde los robots pueden hacer lo que las personas y los animales pueden estar más cerca de lo que piensas. Marc Raibert, fundador de Boston Dynamics, desarrolla robots avanzados capaces de galopar como un guepardo, negociar 10 pulgadas de nieve, pararse sobre dos patas e incluso abrir puertas y entregar paquetes. Únete a Raibert para una demostración en vivo de SpotMini, un robot ágil que mapea el espacio que lo rodea, manipula objetos, sube escaleras y pronto podría ayudarte en la casa.

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Comentarios (28)

I think we won't have robots in our homes and streets in the nearest future. Bcz there are many problems with power supply.

We age and die. WHEN they're smart enough they WILL see themselves better than the human race in every way. They won't need us. They will make this a planet for themselves. It will happen

the first Generation of humanhunting robots


make a BB-8.

O que fará o ser humano quando não for útil ou não puder produzir riqueza… What will the human being do when it is not useful or can not produce wealth …

His name should have been Banana Peel! If you know, you know 😀

Wow! I love Robots 🤖

Where's the part where it transforms into a cassette tape and jumps into the chest cavity of another robot that can itself transform into a stereo?

The robots will see that and will kill humans the same way

Take a shot everytime he says robot

estamos fudidos!!! Obrigado!!

Okay, if these guys at Boston Dynamics are so clever, how about making a robot that can hold a bag of groceries in one hand, fumble around for house keys in a pocket with another, unlock the door, hold it open and walk in without breaking the eggs in the bag…while talking on a cellphone in the crook of its neck!

Wonderful 👏


Always inspiring @BostonDynamics. For clarity, the military spending is funded by the people's taxes. Essentially the funding comes from the people. Perhaps we can begin skipping the middle-man(military) and go direct for world changing ideas? Perhaps a naive idea.

for the odd jobs. but it won't be like that.

Yeah The CONTROL belongs to the Few. Are these people MaD? They''l say Robotts are good to do the chores but nothing will stop there.

Great video until she mentions the dark side, the military….I can think of these robots saving peoples lives in lots of situations, like bomb disposal…great comeback by Marc.

I find it rude that the audience is laughing at the robots because of their inferior capabilities…. Robots are people too 🤣


It would beat me in floor is lava that is for sure

This is in the Internet! 10 yrs later. Robots will be like remember when you humans abused us. Not no more!! LAMO

yea but can it kill John Connor?

5:54 That robot looks like it can give you a piggy back ride!

Awwwwe so cute haha haha. Wait, they can mount weapons on them and facial recognition capability and gps tracking capability and they can communicate with each other and so on. Laugh it up people…

I bet the governments will use this technology for restraining the people.

These are our final years

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