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Mejor $ 50 Drone Brazo Plegable 2017 – 8807HD-G – TheRcSaylors

abril 11, 2019
Mejor $ 50 Drone Brazo Plegable 2017 - 8807HD-G - TheRcSaylors

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Casi todos los drones de brazos articulados de grado de juguete que hemos instalado en el canal han sido muy incompletos. Nos sorprendió gratamente el 8807HD. ¡Llegando a alrededor de $ 50, este dron funcionó muy bien! ¡También puede comprar la cámara .3mp por alrededor de $ 35 en el enlace provisto también! Definitivamente sería un excelente avión para principiantes para cualquiera debido a la altitud. Realmente nos gusta este!

Cómpralo aquí:

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Hey Everyone! If you are interested in checking this folding arm drone out before it sells out, here it is! – Flying!!

I guess I should have asked before I bought it but I hope your opinion on this drone hasn't changed…shld have one soon! Cant wait!

The flight I did today. No crashes. The first two times I did crash. I forgot to calibrate the drone, but it worked anyway.

I bought this after watching your vid. I have flown it 3 times. Its a steep learning curv, and I think that the winter, flying inside drones. you learn a lot. I have, after buying this, watched your video a couple of times. Last time today, and I still learn. I didnt know the rates.

I just canceled my Farmers Insurance and went to a new insurance. Here is why. Check this out. Everyone that enjoys the RC hobby should ban Farmers insurance for giving the hobby a black eye!

Camera live feed drone 50 dollars wtf hell yea

I like it

Camera quality sucks..

That one looks interesting !

hello sirhow to build drone

Hi I have a DHD DRONE D5 its control by my cell phone. Now can I get a controller as you have in yr box with yr drone so I can fly mine with a bit more easily.

Great review….. need your help. new to the drone world and looking for a small drone to take on vacation to take video and pictures of the family on the beach. Easy to fly , good quality camera under $150. Any recommendations?

I have an android phone. Which app works the best or you wud recomend. The app I have hasn't been working for pics or video. Thx

Hi brother i liked your drone but i didn't got it's name so i was not able search it in amazon

I'm new to drones. Do I have to use wifi to transmit to my phone or can i use my data?


Does it record video?

I'll keep my Battle-Shark.

great video guys . its the exact drone i bought and it just arrived in the post so im looking to learn how to fly it. i hope mine flys as good as that one. my only problem with videos like this is noone ever shows footage of which buttons youre pushing . i want to learn to fly it and i cant if i dont know what buttons to press to do certain things . apart from that , great job

İt's toy?

how to order

Under $50? Wow, that's about £35-40? Might be what I need for my bike-camp tours …charging and battery life?

Have you guys flown the propel switch drone yet.

Guide me and my sister in my neighborhood Payless shoes are in my name is Rasheed and my sister's name is mariyah are we going to start making videos you're going to be watching it but I can't do it because today I'm sick and we will make slime videos drone video you know I have a job so I would do a prank on her and I'm a say and then I'll get the camera on my phone but I got a phone right now that I don't know what I'm talkin to her and so it's going to be funny Fiat think I should put near the door watching her feel like we are Kim and his ring ring and we can watch so I think imma do it on there or around no but yeah Tommy girl gay guys you just have to subscribe are videos and ring the bell impress the dogs outside Empress the thumbs-up sign put down the guns down Miami mad at you and punch you in your face okay

It's not meant to fly it that fast and capture videos.

What it's name

Yes nate why do u call it a chip or chick clip lol

wean this year end the people well say I don't like this toy and they well get another toy

Does it come with a phone holder

wow very nice for 50.00 .. buying one today ! thanks guys

Now most WiFi is 2.4ghz, some good quads like the dji spark has 5.8ghz WiFi OR 5.8ghz transmitter so that it does not interfere with each other.

I really like to add it to my drone collection I have 5 dji mavic 2 proAnd drone sky explorers lead honor lhx25

How do you connect the drone to your phone.

These drones are quite the fun. nice video.

Hi there I have this drone and it is really worth it's money and was my intro to the hobby. Actually they really had a version with the visual positioning I saw it myself in china. There was a cam just before the battery door hatch . At the time I know nothing about these drones so I took the 8807 W version because the cam image was better then the one which had a two cams. I managed to get almost 30 min flight time in this thing. I used a 3.7V 2500mAh 18650 battery to which I soldered a hat connector. It fits in the hatch if you keep the set up slim. Just need trim a bit to the forward since the battery 18650 is a bit heavier then the stock. Another similar drone Visio 809 but that has a proprietory battery. They still sell it so it's a recommended for first timers.

Hi am from Nigeria, how do I get this, is awesome and it catches my fancy.

what the app for the camera

Video quality sucks!!

Great video, QQ: What happens if it goes out of range? QQ: Are you screwed?QQ: Do you get warned if getting out of range?

آپ کا نمبر کیاہے ہم کو یہ جہاذ لیناہے

What range it got?

That is obviously a copy of a dji

Soutik mondal

best offer Quadcopter with HD Camera less than 35$ for just little time

where can I buy this one at

Hi. Does this drone record video?

Can you do a morph drone review

What do I do if I can't connect to the WiFi? (Without internet access)

Can you buy spare batterys for the drone

Where do I get a phone holder for this drone

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