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Mejor dron bajo 250 g con largo tiempo de vuelo.

abril 22, 2019
Mejor dron bajo 250 g con largo tiempo de vuelo.

Si está buscando el mejor micro-drone HD de 3 pulgadas que pese menos de 250 g y pueda volar durante 10 minutos, el GEPRC Cygnet CX3 es el que usted desea. Sí, por supuesto, probablemente puedas encontrar una versión, pero ¿quién la quiere?

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Comentarios (34)

looks good, but i need 2inch with 3s.^^

I got one cx3. With 4s 650mah batt and factory PID, the motors are quite hot, no vibration noticed. Is it normal?

Hi Albert. I got my Cygnet3 yesterday and flashed Betaflight 4.0 on it. Today that I took it out to fly it the flight controller was going crazy and the quad was trying to fly to the moon. After flashing 3.5.3 (the original BF that came with it) it flew great. Any idea what is up with that? Thank you

Howdy Albert and All, just a heads up, a 4s 850mah battery's weight will put you over the 250grams. The 850 comes in at about 103gms. alone. So I picked up eight 4s 750 batteries for cruising around. I do agree with you Albert, this has to be one of the best 3 inch drones around.

Exactly what I've been looking for…. What was your camera angle on this ? Thanks for another informative and honest video 🙂

I apologize if you've already answered this before, but do you think a 12xx, 13xx, 14xx or other size motor is most suitable for 3S with 2.5" props? I'm using a 2.5" Ascent X frame, hoping for freestyle flying with efficiency. Thank you very much!

Did the battery survived this?:D

Building my own now as I got fed up waiting on BG; emax 1306's & HG F428 should be sweet

Thanks for the code I used your link 👍🏻

RIP battery though… less than 3v per cell. pretty cool drone though, I'm all for flight times.

swap the split HD cam for the caddx turtle V2 and I'll buy it without a doubt

Does the R9mm version come with FCC or EU LBT firmware? And could i flash it myself if it comes with the wrong version i need?

is the footage more stable than the cx2? also whats the longest youve got out of your cx2? what battery? great vid mate

Dear Mr. Kim, Is this quad have much power to do some Power Loops?Nice Reviews.Thanks a lots.

A sweet bit of engineering design….

Something wrong here… Why are the amps decreasing as the battery voltage decreases as well? It should be the opposite

I hope my Cygnet CX2 build will also fly that long 🙂

lipo die ?

what makes this quad last so much longer than others?

Don't really see the point in 10 minute flight times if you can only get that by hovering, doesn't sound very fun.

Wow i really need a micro with this long of a flight time!!!!!

Very interesting, pretty good video. 2 questions Albert: 1- Does this 145mm, comes with the new M12 lens, cause on the GEPRC or BG site, it looks like M8 mm lens ?2 – What do you think of the other version on the GEPRC or BG site, Cygnet3 Pro 1080P 145mm, with 1507 motors ?BTW for this so called PRO version, picture looks like M12 mm lens.Do you think this PRO version will add good caracteristics on this Cygnet 3, except of having less fragile shaft motors ?Thank you for your answers Albert, and keep doing such a nice job with your videos.

Wow, 10 minutes sounds great! I have a Cygnet CX2, you think I can reach something close to that with that one? maybe with 850 3S and 2.5 inch props? Currently I fly 650 3S Lipos from ZOP Power, but I can barely get 3 minutes of flight time with smooth flying, I get low battery warning like 10 seconds after I start flying…

CYGNET2 on OSD screen is so misleading 🙂

Hi Albert, would you like to test some new models?

Nice flight & footage Albert. This one really tickles my fancy!

Can you share your pids for a smooth flight I’m a beginner I found the quad drifts allot as I take a turn I need to pitch more forward and throttle more to counter this. Not sure if this is normal

Pity it doesn't come with BLHELI_32 ESCs. But I guess as a cruiser BLHELI_S is sufficient.

Been watching your reviews for quite sometime now. I just subscribed. I am kind of picky who I subscribe too. You made my list:). I have learned quite a bit from your reviews. I am ordering this and the Jumper T8SG plus V2.0. Could you recommend a receiver for it also what battery would be good for a novice(Me) just kind of jumping up to intermediate level. Hoping to do some cinematic video with it. Thanks.

I like the OSD on the HD!

Hi Albert!! I'm looking to pick up a sub 250 drone before I head to Canada as the rules have changed there. Do you know if a spektrum receiver will fit on this somewhere? If not, is there another sub 250 can you recommend? Thanks Jacob

OK Albert, You Can Send Me That One, I'll Approve It & Even Offer To Pay Shipping Ifin You Throw In A Pair Of Them Lil' Batteries!!! Thanks LOL… And Do You Happen To Have An Old Set Of FatShark/Amway Googles You Can Throw In Also, Since I Don't Own Any Of Them Either or Can Afford… ;~(

Thanks for re-visiting this.. I'v been looking for some motors to power a 3" HD quad with good flight times.

Just bought this frame from banggood! Banggood sent 6000kv motors instead of 4500kv tho. Arg 🙂

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