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Mejor drone por dinero! Autel X-Star Premium Drone Test

abril 4, 2019
Mejor drone por dinero! Autel X-Star Premium Drone Test

Consigue el Autel X-Star Premium:
El Autel X-Star Premium es mi elección para el mejor drone para principiantes que pueden tomar en este momento. En este video, presento las 5 características principales de la X-Star Premium, que incluyen una cámara 4K, una góndola de 3 ejes, una recepción de 1.9 km, etc. Si está buscando el mejor #drone para 2016 y 2017, asegúrese de revisar el producto Premium Autel Robotics X-Star: ¡el precio de rendimiento es difícil de igualar!

Echa un vistazo a otras revisiones de X-Star Premium de #DreamTeam:

Armando Ferreira:

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Prueba de iPhone 7 y 7 Plus:
Revisión de Google Pixel y Pixel XL:
LG V20 Revisión:


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cámara: Panasonic Lumix G7 –
audio: Panasonic MS2 Shotgun Mic –
ordenador: iMac con pantalla de 5K –
Edición: Final Cut Pro X –


Introducción / Otros: Edwin Soto
Fondo: playa de venecia


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Comentarios (23)

What would you record with your drone? We may be giving one of these away next week……….

Hi cool drone how much is it

does it come with geo fencing like the DJi where you can't take off in NFZ ?

wow what a copycat to the dji phantom, before they say chinese copy this and that, now we say autel-u.s. is copying, thx to Autel Robotics.

I think this might be my first serious drone? Im liking the reviews so far.

my drone is affordable and it do the same as phantom 4 does or inspire 1 it has a 4k hd camera on it can fly 1 mile away and 600 feet in the air when you get out of range it beeps on your remote telling you to bring it back fast and its a really good drone for under 200 dollar not only that I can press a button to land it or hold attitude

Ranches in New Mexico can have rugged terrain, and driving about to locate free-range livestock is time consuming, to say the least. I think that using a good drone like the X-Star would find much utility for such an application!

Great talk. I’m liking this

Love the video dude

Andru,what is really the differance between new and referbised from Autel,should i go t he extra mile?? they sat they will warrentyit for 90 days. What do you think??? Thanks,Steve

I am currently looking at drones to to enhance my fishing videos. Currently there are very few fishing videos out where aerial did are in the videos. I think there's a huge market for this if given the chance. Now I am very new to flying drones. I flew my first drone 3 weeks ago which was a nano. This past week I received my Force1 F200C. I've gotten the hang of flying now, but by far I am no expert. So a drone like the Autel X-Star seems like a smart next step for me. Thank you for sharing this with everyone. Very informative video. Especially for us just starting out and weighing all the options out there.

i luv the drone but it cant ship to canada dont know what to do

Door Air Hogs

Not even up to 3.1 miles like a P3P?

I like your video, very honest!!! have a problem, have a XIRO V now, very, very, dissatified!!! is the X-STAR worth the money!!!!! Thanks Steve

My wife said i can get one!!! What should i do!? Is it a trap!? Should i head to best buy right now and get one!?

good video…

So far I've collected sixteen toy grade quads and four RC helicopters. I'm fascinated by things that fly! But I do eventually want one professional grade drone, or at least one of better quality. This one looks good but more research is needed before I decide. I'm not a rich man so price is also very important.My goal is to take aerials of Virginia City and the Sierras. I love the old west and haunted places (graveyards, old houses, mines, etc). I have a waterproof quad but haven't seen one that's not just a toy. Looking for one the can fly in rain and snow also.

why didnt you tell us how much it costs in the video

you are a realy good sells man my drone fell out of the sky and was total lst but if i were going to buy another i would defently buy this one….you CONVINCE ME …LOL

FAA still hasn't given rules for flying drones from ground station ,tablet out of eye sight so flying your drone out of line of sight ,but with the new tech on these drones they will return if loss of wireless controller ,like my Bebop I can fly almost 2 miles on camera a permission from my area tower ,I have spotters with great eyes but I make sure my drone has navigation lights that allow any body to see it from five miles in the air and ground ,tower had called me to tell me they see me four miles away !

Picked up this drone yesterday!! Let me say it is amazing totally worth the money

The x star premium is just a copy of the dji phantom 3 pro

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