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Operador de aviones no tripulados lanza fuegos artificiales en People In Texas – Idiots & Drones

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLR1ohdILws?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Este video viral, que circula en las redes sociales, conmocionó a la comunidad de drones y muestra un uso extremadamente irresponsable / peligroso por parte de Zack Myers. Vea el video original (https://bit.ly/2Lwt3M3), condene su comportamiento, comente con disgusto y repórtelo.

Quizás se esté preguntando por qué le prestamos atención a esta persona y su video, es para demostrar que la comunidad UAV no tolera este comportamiento, como tampoco lo hace la FAA.

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Comentarios (23)

What do you think of this behavior, the danger, the risk and the impact on the general public thinking that this is acceptable? COMMENT BELOW and SUBSCRIBE for more content like this

that's bloody amazing. I would do that. quit being a little bitch and calling stupid you pussy

I think you might find this is fake.

I can't believe you people! come on be honest! Did not do any stupid things when young? dangerous to you and people around? Don't be so boring! The guys were having fun and not bothering anybody! I once went out with my mates in last Vegas and next day we woke up in a bloody hotel in Tijuana and 50 years later I still don't bloody remember how we ended up out there! No one of my mates remembers!
Certainly don't condone this but come on! why make a big deal out of it!
These days drones kill innocent people with missiles and the world is all good for it! Nobody say anything. These some guys having fun! Perspective people, perspective!

What a arsehole . This idiot won't do the droning community any favors with the media or general public makes my blood boil …

I agree only a complete idiot would put fireworks on a drone. He should be reported to the police.

I'm selling up because of things like this …..we must lay some blame on the BBC and Press for showing these brainless idiots what can be done with these drones and sadly the screw is getting tighter for the more sensible pilots

At the time I clicked " like " there were 16 " dislikes " Surely the only " dislike " is your whiskers not the content you just posted. What a stupid thing to do.. . .. . . Jim

wow thats f__ken unreal these dick heads are why us being responsible are handed all these regulations that drone operator needs pilot certificate revoked and that drone should be f__ken confiscated little pr__ks ruining our hobby thanks sharing Ash

I agree with you. It's a stupid thing to do. These are people who have ”yet to grow up” to understand the implications of their action other than it a ’fun thing to do’.

Thanks for giving it more attention then needed so that we all get an even worse name! Sorry my friend but the best way to deal with this is not to get hits on your channel but instead do something positive to counter it! I'm sorry my friend but you do better work then this! I'm not a supporter of this one.. I'm truly sorry to be negative but that's my feelings.. 🤙💯


. If there’s no harm and no damage to anyone else’s property, no harm was done. Friends play fight and do stupid things together… get over it.
There are planes that fly over your heads every day spraying chemicals into the air your breathing and your worried about a noisy little drone with a firework strapped to it. 😂

I’d rather have dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. There are a lot of people commenting who seem to love being slaves, crying out for more regulation.

Soon, we won't be allowed to own one😬

Anything can be weaponised . Cars boats etc it’s the idiot irresponsible few who do these things . You don’t see them going on about idiots in cars or boats endangering life or bringing in more legislation on potential for someone to make a car bomb .

Look at these idiots – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPSdUD6xE0s

I must say though the chap lighting the fireworks at the beginning is spectacularly handsome, probably clever too.

There is a better firework drone video in Brazil with a Phantom . Its like Star Wars attack of the Drone. Sometimes you gotta go down to there level before they see the light 💥🙈🙉🙊

It makes me feel sick just to look at the footage!! I love my sport and this is another now in the coffin for us drone users. please keep up the good work Ash

I reported him to Instagram.

A new lowest level of stupidity!

These chaps are brainless and to be honest acts like this are across all kinds of things. The problem is in this world there is always someone who is going to use something with a dont care attitude, we all know this will always be the case no matter what regulations are put in place. Idiots for me is the politely correct way I would use much stronger……

On FB there is a video that was recorded in Mexico, of a drone throwing fireworks at people in a street party. If you like tell me where I can pass the link.

On Facebook there is a video that was recorded in Mexico, of a drone throwing fireworks at people in a street party. If you like tell me where I can pass the link.

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