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Parrot ANAFI Drone Review

abril 23, 2019
Parrot ANAFI Drone Review

Comprar Parrot ANAFI:
El Parrot ANAFI es un dron 4K con muchas características. Es liviano, divertido para volar y cuenta con una cámara con inclinación de 180 grados que te permite mirar por debajo y por encima del drone mientras vuelas. Pero también hay lagunas. Mire este video donde revisamos cada característica de ANAFI y hablamos sobre las características que nos gustan y los defectos de diseño de este popular UAV. Si está pensando en comprar ANAFI como un avión no tripulado, definitivamente debería ver este video para ayudarlo a decidir.
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They did fix that low battery issue by making it return to home, right?

Don’t trust this drone flew away and waste of money

So at $59 these days… you can't lose right?

I prefer the Anafi to the DJI Mavic Air

I’m pretty new to sUAVS and still researching the $400 to $600 range. I have been leaning towards getting a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced but the Parrot Anafi also has a great video quality but what I really like is the 90 degree up/down which would be great for inspecting under bridges and other structures.

It now cost 450? would you recommend it or still not? should we wait to see next versions? Thanks.

Anytime u press land accidentally just press it instantly and it will not land..

Great video 👍Thank you for sharing. Best regards

lol … your Fan boy is showing !!! Parrot doesnt try to play daddy with YOUR drone. you have 100% true freedom with YOUR purchase. Which means YOU actually OWN your drone when you buy parrot !!! that alone is the prime selling point. all it takes is you being in the wrong part of town … and when magic hour hits and its beautiful …. your DJI says NOPE. we cant fly here bob. But all i want to do is get up 100 ft and shoot the sky …. dji says …. Still NO. If you dont like the way I run your life … go buy another drone. And so far this is what I see happening. little to no used Anifi on ebay or craigs lists. this means people are getting sick of DJI and their NAZI control !!! FU#K DJI !

I bought this drone for $200

I really love it

Cool video. Check my channel. Some videos from the Bebop 2 into 60 FPS

direct USB C charging is the only feature I wish my mavic air has.

Anafi is our choice of drone for roof inspections, soffits, and so on. Great camera, zoom is outstandingly good. Nice that you can do that, put it on screen and show clients what is going on. Best for inspecting chimneys. mortar cracks, and other things. We used DJI drones for this prior, but Anafi is so quiet and so good at what it does, we leave the DJI gear in the truck. For real estate, this drone is outstanding for indoor. Very stable, nice flight, and again if a room has vaulted ceilings and you want to get that dolly view, this $600 or so drone has it all in spades.

I think someone hijacked your review…

Best Buy has them for $599. The things that pushed my to the Anafi were it's similar features to the Mavic and (this is a big one) the DJI no fly zones. That feature, even with the ability to get them unlocked by contacting DJI on an as needed basis really killed it for me given the number of airspace restrictions in the northeast U.S. I have a part 107 license and for the most part can get a waiver from the FAA via LAANC almost immediately (which I would always do if I'm going to fly in controlled airspace). One big brother is enough for me.

nice conetent👍

The french crooked cook did it again,…… shortcomings and design flaws. LOL

I have one of these and the drone itself is not bad except the lens is too wide angle for my taste and the range and jittery video transmission needs work. I didn't get anywhere close to 2.5 miles and not even one mile. BUT! they asked me for a review in exchange for a 10% discount which I used for a second battery. They then sent me a link to see my review except it wasn't there. I called and the gal/recording at the start of the call was so unintelligible that I chose a keypad number just to get to someone. The person I got was a jerk. He told me that the review was for Parrot's view only despite the email I told him I got saying to look at and see what others will be seeing about the Anafi. He insisted that I wouldn't see it regardless in an attitude that was pretty sucky. When you get put on hold it's pretty awful dissonant music. Also when I ordered that battery they sent me a tracking number that went to UPS and it wasn't a match for a shipment. I checked back with the same result. When I called CS then they said it was shipped FedEx and they gave me a new tracking number. So after all is said and done they send you an email saying the case is resolved even if it isn't and you have 7 days and then it's dropped. I like this drone because it's straight forward simple to fly and the photo capability is pretty satisfactory. But if you ever need CS be forewarned they might not be very accommodating.

I got mine for only 399 pounds so around the same price as a spark with controller. Its an awesome little drone for the price and no messing around with losing connection like I had with the spark. DJI products really don't like Android.

have review fimi x8 se?

the shitty sd card is easy to put up with as the drone has no…. no fly zones—thats priceless

3 axis gimbal would be useless.There are two pieces of plastic on each side of the camera. Last I checked, even the best hd cameras can't see through opaque objects.

I got this drone for Christmas and it is amazing. Easy and efficient in every condition. I would recommend it 100%. Of course it isn’t perfect but this is definitely close to it!

Spark might have been cheaper but that was without a contoller, same thing goes for mavic air

You never mentioned range?

I don't know why I find it so funny but it looks like you have antennas LOL

As of 12/18/18 $699.00 for combo with 3 batteries full case that holds it all got mine at best buy

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