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PRIMER VUELO EN DRONE … NUNCA – DJI Mavic Pro, Nueva Zelanda

marzo 13, 2019
PRIMER VUELO EN DRONE ... NUNCA - DJI Mavic Pro, Nueva Zelanda

Una especie de vlog hablador cuando vuelo al drone por primera vez en mi vida. Conduzco el DJI Mavic Pro utilizando un iPhone 6 como monitor.
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Esta es mi primera vez volando en un drone … ¡NUNCA! Originalmente, esto sería parte de otro vlog, pero pensé que era interesante ver el proceso de pensamiento hablador de la primera vez que volé. Mantuve el drone en modo principiante durante el primer vuelo, ¡pero desde que filmé más vlogs en modos más avanzados!

También he logrado resolver el problema de la pantalla verde en mi iPhone. No sé qué resolvió el problema, pero podría haber sido un simple reinicio del iPhone, lo que sucedió de forma natural cuando mi batería se agotó.

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Comentarios (33)

Great vid mate! Just need some help. Will visit NZ next month and thinking of bringing my drone. I’ve read about the Airshare and already saw the map, so are we free to fly anywhere outside the coloured/highlighted areas? Do i still need permit even if i log my flight? Thanks

This is my firs flight:

Do you need to get a special license to fly the mavic?

If only i knew beforehand that it would be this frustrating, difficult and expensive – i would definitely not have purchased this.

sucks…… i have had mine for a week and still can't get the DJI GO 4 app to open so i am unable to fly. DJI customer care has been hopeless ! 😠

A name that has MP Marco Polo

Wait…the sticks are reversed? Maybe it's a setting I haven't discovered yet. Awesome scenery though!

Hi Joe, Nice video!  I subscribed and liked.  I fly mavic too, and would love to have you as a subscriber. thanks  Mike.

Really cool location. I cant wait to get mine in two weeks.

Nice video, you're a natural 🙂 I got a Mavic Pro, just unboxed it. This is going to be so much fun.

are restrictions in nz still alright for flying mavic pro ?

excellent video👏

JOE … always use the small clear plastic piece that goes behind the camera to keep the camera stable and secure when transporting … the camera and gimbal are delicate and break easy AND are expensive … also remove prior to flying or you will get a warning

Hey Joe check out Feelo on SoundCloud for possible music samples

nice video

MMM nice flight video

I want this too!!!!

Joe, do you think stabilization is critical for non-formal video content? In other words, do you think you need stabilization for things like you do?

Come to Waiheke Island bro, its only a 30 min ferry ride. Just head down to Queens Wharf and catch a fullers boat.

I love your videos. Super informative and you make it easy for people like me who are beginners to follow. Do you mind showing us how you edit /color correct your video? Idk what it is but your videos are sooooo clear ,clean & crisp I just need to know how you do it. And if your feeling extra inspired, go ahead throw in a how to on how you edit your thumb nails. #Pleas&Thankyou

Dude – be careful. All of Paihia is controlled airspace; see NZ CAA might not care in this case, because you flew low – but they have busted (fined) YouTubers in the past who have posted drone videos showing flying in controlled airspace.

Take a look at Phillip Blooms youtube channel. He goes into detail about the best settings.

I went to NZ without a drone ;( wish I had one

Did you have he remote cables in or wireless?

Brilliant Joe!! We were all learning along with you. I wonder how many Mavic's just got added to Christmas lists? Can't wait for the next vlog -keep 'em coming please.

Just got back from New Zealand two weeks ago, thought I'd got over the holiday blues but now I'm missing it again! Looking forward to the videos Joe

Good work on the Mavic, mine's STILL waiting on being delivered (Thanks Apple) but I fly the P4 regularly. Get your license sorted when you're back dude 😀

whats up with the phone display? is the iphone 6 not usable during the flight? i do notice though that the captured video plays back with no image distortion. feedback will be appreciated andriod user refusing to go ios but considering for this mavic. thanks in advance.

amazing review

Hope everyone is having an good day/night!! from a small youtuber trying to hit 100 subs 🙂

And here's me thinking yours and mine were going to be the only photography channels not tainted by the drone! Just me now then! And no, I don't want one….! 😉

How exciting!


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