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Promark GPS Shadow Drone

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2peqEdIiec?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Revisión del drone / quadcopter GPS Promark.
Video de vuelo y material de archivo al final.

También conocido como: SJRC S70W o Holy Stone HS100
Puedes comprar este en Walmart por $ 179.

Promark GPS Shadow Drone:

El clon más barato del avión no tripulado fantasma Promark GPS:

Clone Black más barato del drone Shadow GPS Promark:

Baterías extra para este drone:
https://www.tomtop.com/p-rm10951gy.html?aid=rx344&cr=rx344 .


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Comentarios (29)

So does it fly back on its own after it reaches the distance u set it too??

How is the drone holding up? Seems nice for $83!

Does Flight Record display drone details or details from the app time? In case I can check used drone data….

I'm about to get the dji spark is this one better

Hello I just subscribed to your channel gave me the thumbs-up also hit the Bell shared your videos and my messages please support my channel to the same give me a thumbs-up subscribe you doing a great job keep the videos coming don't forget to support me thank you

It's been one year is your promark GPS still flying great?

Picking 1 up tomorrow..does it have to be recalibrate do before each flight?

Picked 4 up on clearance for 45.00 each😁

When using vr Google dose the height and battery icons disable sir ?

Is this good for first time buyers?

Wow I’m shocked that’s not bad for the price 🙀

You know any other drone that under 200

One question, my friend. What happens if one does not have a WiFi is drone takes videos automatically in memory or not. Thank you.

Promark seems a very new brand. Any further details about it?

Brilliant little beginner's drone, I'm very happy with mine.

What impresses me about it is the altitude it'll get to (makes for impressive aerial photos) , the range, as well as how easy it is to fly.

The part I really like is the return function, if it gets out of range it'll automatically turn around and come back, and when the battery gets too low it'll land itself right back where you took off from.

Hello i just bought one today and im having trouble flying it since its my first time

I have the same drone and everything. But my controller would not turn on. How long does it take to charge the receiver??

Hey, I got this drone and it doesn't get the gps signal, just waiting for gps signal but never get it and wifi is not available when connecting the wifi. What can I do?

Nice drone, low life battery. Thumps up

Great video, just bought mine still in box

Do you have to calibrate it every time you turn it on?

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