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Prueba de dron UPAir 2 Ultrasonic 4K + 3D en vuelo

septiembre 23, 2019
Prueba de dron UPAir 2 Ultrasonic 4K + 3D en vuelo

Prueba de dron UPAir 2 Ultrasonic 4K + 3D en vuelo

drone #upair #dji

UpAir 2
Drone 4K


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Looks better than the first gen I had but then can’t be any worse 🤣,great review bud👍

That's a crazy take-off, that thing doesn't waste anytime getting a little altitude. Was any of the video 3D, if so i didn't know how to view as such. Nice test flight, it seems a little funky, but not bad.

That thing did take off like a rocket! I wasnt expecting that. LOL

I have the old one..need to spend some time on it setting up mission planner, so i can calibrate it. I'll take my laptop outside and do it. Nice review, just need more info about it. Not just that its an improvement, but why?

Sorry I missed the show not feeling so good yesterday at least it flyes pretty decent great first test 👍👍

Damn good flight review there, Bryan! Thanks for checking it out for us. It's looking like a hella good drone,and for that money it should be great. I know you said you're not interested in the 3d camera, but if you don't mind, if you get the gimbal sorted out, would you please put up a minute or two of SBS/Side-By-Side 3D footage? The 3D shooter is the only thing about this bird that makes it stand out in its price range. TIA. Have a gorgeous awesome day buddy!

I have the very same drone. I have a 64gb c10 memory card and it doesn't record or take photos. What's your best advice and what kind of card do you use?

Nice one mate you better look with this one mate you look nervous as me first time with the zino great review mate you flying it great don🤠🇬🇧👌👌👌👌👍👍👍👍😊

For follow me does drone have to be a certain distance away from you one of my drones has to be 10m high and 30m away to work properly excellent video

I always wondered why they never had a GPS calibration for the 2.7 upairone. Well I'm half way in tge video and it looks good, loud but good.

We have the same cricket sound here in Japan, so I didn’t realize it was on your video when I was watching 👍🏻, I’ve seen some great long range videos of up air 1

What was that 14 feet or better on take off ? Wow ! Much better than the first version , and you didn't have to patch your ceiling ! Have a good weekend Bryan .

Is that drone loud? 😞

It is a good drone for that price range. It is not as stable as dji's phantom but sure do look like heavier than phantom. btw, i didn't see you flied phantom 4 but flied other phantoms.

Crazy fast on the takeoff. A promising drone that needs some work. Good one Bryan !

Looks pretty good and flies nice with no jello which is great though the gimbal developed a crooked horizon after you flew in circles. That's unfortunate. Seems these lesser known brands can never get the gimbals right. The camera though looks good though the gimbal tilt looked jerky. I wonder if that can be adjusted?

Goodness, they need to lower the auto takeoff height and speed. That thing took off like bat out of hell.

Really create test flight Bryan Up air 2 seems good DRONE excellent work Have a nice weekend my friend

Good work Bryan, it seems to handle better than the original one. My XStar Premium takes off and goes up to about 11 to 13 feet.

You need a pair to fly the Upair.

That thing took off so quick! Video looks pretty darn good. Seems to fly pretty well, too. Nicely done buddy ☺ The calibration on this thing I am sure is a lot like the poweregg…. long and awkward, haha

That thing took off like the one does on return to home, straight up☝🏻😆 Looked good Bryan, smooth video from that camera and gimbal. Nice 👍🏻

like 13 bro

Ok, then it wasn't just me who thought that thing shot up like a rocket at Launch Time.

So far so good, but that take off…WOW

nice test..those darn crickets are louder than the drone! LOL!!

It straightened out

Gimbal has a picture with slanted horizon?

Great job really nice drone

I must have just missed the Premier.

Really looking forward to this one Bryan!

Can't wait to see it 👍 👍

Alright, we're locked and loaded, let her rip. This is gonna be epic. Might be better than a Phantom 3, who knows?

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