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Prueba si los tiburones pueden oler una gota de sangre

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugRc5jx80yg?rel=0&autoplay=1&autoplay=1&cc_load_policy=1&hl=&modestbranding=1&w=580&h=385]

Evidencia científica Pixar se sienta en un trono de mentiras. Gracias a Bose por su apoyo y por los mejores cascos que he usado: https://bose.life/markrober Además, …. [TagsToTranslate] sharkweek


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why are cercut boards green??????????????????????????????????

Who would go for urine when you can get blood?

My question is how he got the cow blood

The sharks nnooooo I WANT BLOOD

Everything you build is NASA grade technology

2:39 thanks you so much for helping me find this music its been a long time to find it

Are we not going to talk about how good his music is

They were tired of the huge pieces of Styrofoam

My dad: let’s go to a petting zoo!

Me: ok sure…

My dad: brings me here

wow. 42 million views. banking.

Let's try the same thing in Reunion Island …

Did anyone realize he was eating cheetos or doritos before this shoot

What I really want to know, is who the heck gave them the blood?

That surfer guy really looks like joseph rabbit with more hairs.

You should've done it with great Whites

That's a really interesting science fact

man, you are giving me an anxiety attack. lol

They were playing with sharks!!!!!!!!🤟🤟🤟

From my knowledge sharks are territorial and will only attack if they think you are threatening it or it's home

Your such a great YouTubed mark and I just subscribed I love the music, video and the crazy smart things you can do, sometimes I used to watch the king of random anyone know what happened to him

10:45 pixar might be on a throne of lies but did you test with fish blood to prove it?

@islandgrown video ending soundtrack 😂😅

11:42 what's that slitted tongue/mouth floor called?

swimming also would attract them right? if so bleeding would make it a lot worse ? maybe the sharks didn’t check out the human blood because the first time they checked out blood there was nothing

R.I.P little fish
When the shark tried to attack the 360 camera he acedentally ate a little fishy. R.I.P

Türkler kendıni belli etsin 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

Sean Hodgins is an incredible maker.

I’m a little curious about this, I know sharks are very curious animals so if they smell blood they will most likely check it out but don’t they react more to movement anyway? Due to their electromagnetic sensors on their snout they care more about flailing objects then just blood

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