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Pruebas de vuelo xCraft X PlusOne Drone

marzo 13, 2019
Pruebas de vuelo xCraft X PlusOne Drone

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No son los $ 1,200 a $ 1,500 mencionados en los comentarios.

En este episodio, el equipo de pruebas de vuelo de Roswell utiliza X PlusOne de XCraft. Esta plataforma distintiva combina elementos de un avión multirrotor y un avión de ala fija, lo que le permite despegar y aterrizar verticalmente, así como inclinarse y aprovechar las ventajas de Elevación aerodinámica. El avión requiere un GPS fijo antes del vuelo e incluye tres modos de vuelo: Hover, Smart y Acro. El paso elevado proporciona estabilización de GPS, mientras que Smart activa el modo de vuelo "sin cabeza" similar al Control de Orientación Inteligente (IOC) de DJI. Acro permite entradas piloto más agresivas, lo que permite que X PlusOne se proyecte y vuele como un avión. En los modos de vuelo GPS, el avión es sorprendentemente estable incluso con vientos moderados. Sin embargo, mantener la orientación de la aeronave es un desafío que requiere un piloto experimentado, debido a su tendencia a realizar maniobras y eventos imprevistos. Además, sin ascensores ni aletas, incluso en vuelo, el X PlusOne sigue siendo un multirrotor clásico, incluso si vuela poco convencional. El episodio termina con una prueba de resistencia en vuelo. .


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Comentarios (31)

$1,749.00 НАНАНАНААААА 😀 big jokе

Awesome work, not sure if I like the quad though. Love this channel

I'm good just to throw a frizbee around. Seems more fun.

The $250 E flight Convergence is a better quality, better flying airplane/multicopter hybrid, and the convergence is also a much better platform for flying FPV. Sorry, but the XplusOne fails on pretty much every level. It makes the GoPro Karma look good in comparison.

So it’s fun??? But what about the footage?

buat channel

so its a parrot swing on steroids?

Wtf a scam, styrofoam ?

i dont know how to fit battery. better just tape it smh

Is this a joke?

One more item, ON/OFF Switch, instead of just connecting battery. Any improvements made since this design was first released?

Horrible shape. Too primative. Integrate all components. Big advantage DJI!

What a piece of junk. I don't understand the need for this.

All of those steps you have to take to get the drone working properly reminds me of installing a modem card in my desk top computer in the mid 90's, lol. What the hell?

That… a drone? LMAO! I thought a drone was a stingless bee. Now it's a toy? Go back to school you fucking ignorant retards.

What a piece of crap. Thanks for the review showing how bad it is compared to the X-VERT and other VTOL drones.

what a total Piece of SHIT

This product pointless…i would rather buy a cheap $99 drone at this point

adverbs are your friends: "ly".

That is a flysky $50 transmitter from Banggood. Say goodbye to your investment when it browns out and loses signal. I put a hammer through mine after I lost my Rc plane.

Fucking electric tape to hold the batter are you fucking kidding me??

Wow this is a lot of bullshit

Sorry but you lost me at the tape the battery part. Having half the battery sticking out as you know will affect weight and balance and thus aerodynamics. I Real pilot would have done a "NO GO" decision and fixed the problem. BTW , I can see the problem was that the battery cable slides next to the battery pack not behind it. oh well. Also You didn't fly it fixed wing mode which is where this thing is supposed to excel at. Sorry but not a good review.

Is this Rodney Dangerfields bastard child? His arrogance is annoying. I really like his Billy Mays failed sales pitch at how he could not get the battery compartment door on.


idk but the bulky size seems to damage the aerodynamica and looks like it wont handle the wind very well. I think ill pass on this and get the mavic pro instead

here from shark tank

just use it as a boogie board or wall insulation

Wait $1500!!!Aww man they really need to assess their business model.

Thank you so much for this review. It saves me from wasting my money.

Overpriced and under-engineered. Expanded polystyrene and a Flysky i6 for that price?! Gotta pass on this one, it was a nice try. I just can't see a market niche for it.

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