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Robots volando … y cooperando | Vijay Kumar

marzo 12, 2019
Robots volando ... y cooperando | Vijay Kumar En su laboratorio de Penn, Vijay Kumar y su equipo construyen cuadrotors voladores, pequeños robots ágiles que se agrupan entre sí y forman equipos ad hoc para la construcción, monitoreo de desastres y más.

TEDTalks es un video podcast de las mejores conferencias y presentaciones de la conferencia TED, donde los pensadores y practicantes más importantes del mundo cuentan sus historias en 18 minutos. Al Gore sobre el cambio climático, Philippe Starck sobre diseño, Jill Bolte Taylor solo, Nicholas Negroponte en One Laptop for Child, Jane Goodall sobre chimpancés, Bill Gates sobre malaria y mosquitos, Pattie Maes sobre "Sexta No hay "tecnología ponible, y el productor" Perdido "JJ Abrams en el encanto de misterio. TED es sinónimo de tecnología, entretenimiento, diseño y TEDTalks cubre estos temas, así como ciencia, negocios, desarrollo y las artes. Los subtítulos y subtítulos traducidos a varios idiomas ahora están disponibles en en

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2019 @Taiwan

4:35 I think it will also help to easily complete vice city's toughest machine…🚁💣

good robot

Technology is going to end our species.

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robotics guys:- mind=blown

it is so funny of the end's profermance

He is legend VIJAYKUMAR

damn hot

what is the actual communications technology that these small UAVs use between each other?

thats just crap robots playing instruments thats bullshit music is all about feeling and living it if robots were meant to play the instruments so tell me why we are able to play them brilliantly we are humans not machines music is all about feeling so please stop eliminating humans from everything

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Now we came alot from this innovation.

As long as they don't build drones like this

everything is fine.

This guy tries too hard. Gimmie a break with all the equations.

good stuff


Even as sophisticated as they will get. Time will turn them into doing the same thing as bees do, like crashing and bumping. Clumsy flight.It's how everything gets. Builds to a crescendo of complexity than realized it will never be perfect so starts building bumpers for all the preplanned problems it will run into.Because who will work on one project for infinity without dismay which eventually leads to abandonment.Then again, bees could be worn out or tired of the routine and are thinking ahead instead of the now.Maybe the thought of animals is more complex than humans. What with not having news to tell them about traffic pollution habitat destruction…but I'm getting off subject.

How long it can fly perpendicular to earth. it pass through the wooden block of in cut .if the block is more thicker it would collapse

Step 1 Dyson swarms?


students…university of pennsylvainia, teaher……,,indian!!!!!!!


The first thing I look into any robot is responsiveness most of machine we call them robot are extremly slow and will not capable of getting things done.So this one interested me.

Dr. Vijay sir, it is good

No way they put a Kinect on a Quadcopter… :O

that robot could be a very very deadly killing machine. not only because of it is so fast and so little, also because it is able to fly around its target or fly behind it…….

that was amazing, considering that is 5 years ago

How can it figure out a transparent Glass ?


super ners

mind blowing!

ME:It was 4 years ago where is it now? huh?INNER ME:Dropping bombs autonomously in Pakistan.

Favourite Sander jordens

schooling, for this agile robots that swarm, what next, any seat avable

now there called drones

i think he want to cry 14:21

hi Ted

this was four years ago? jesus christ imagine what the military must have by now

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