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mayo 18, 2019

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El Pantsir S1 es un sistema de defensa aérea de corto alcance autopropulsado.

Está diseñado para proteger instalaciones militares / industriales / administrativas contra aeronaves, helicópteros, municiones de precisión, misiles de crucero y UAV.
Es importante destacar que también se ha implementado para proteger el sistema de defensa aérea de largo alcance S 400

Varios de los Pantsir-S1 fueron proporcionados por Rusia al régimen de Assad en Siria.
En mayo, las Fuerzas de Defensa de Israel publicaron un video que mostraba la destrucción de un Pantsir-S1 sirio. Esto fue un serio bochorno para los militares rusos. Ahora está claro que los militares rusos amordazaron al experto militar y editor de la revista "Arsenal of Patria", Viktor Murakhovsky, que había hecho comentarios adversos sobre el Pantsir-S1.
En este video, Actualizaciones de la defensa, analiza cómo el ejército ruso está tratando de reprimir el fracaso del Pantsir-S1 en Siria, donde fue destruido por la Fuerza Aérea israelí.
Vayamos a los detalles.


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IMÁGENES UTILIZADASêtre- Ruso en la última noche ataque en Siria / (2) .jpg. (TagsToTranslate) pantsir-s1 (t) pantsir-s1 sistema antimisiles (t) pantsir-s1 sistema antiaéreo de defensa (t) pantsir-s1 israel (t) pantsir-s1 siendo intervenido) pantsir -s1 recibió un impacto directo (t) pantsir-s1 en acción (t) pantsir-s1 destruyó (t) sistema pantsir-s1 (t) pantsir-s1 sistema de pistola de misiles de defensa aérea (t) y cc = encendido t) actualizaciones de defensa (t) rusia vs israel (t) rusia vs israel 2018 (t) rusia vs israel en siria


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Recent information from Russian insiders suggests that the Russian military is dissatisfied with the Pantsir's performance and that a new version is slated to replace the S-1 & S-2 systems in the near future. Pantsir: long on hype, short on performance.

There is no perfect weapon.It is a myth.. Only efficient users with high morale exist in the battlefield.

Just say the Syrians didn't use it correctly

It was turned off Col Ali was saying a prayer and calling goats for a fling.


Useless over marketed Russian SAMs…in a real War they'll be decimated in seconds……Good job Israel…..

Update: Israel destroyed two more Pantsir. And one was clearly Shooting missiles before destroyed. Rip Russian Army Trash 🤣

Simply drones weren't around when S1 was designed, that's why Russia is making upgrades to it. Second thing is that Russian export weapons are not really on the same level of advancement as their domestic stuff (the same way US won't export F22, or that Russia won't sell K52 or even Mi24 with all of its features. Third thing, well really you can equip an incompetent army with whatever you can think of that won't really make the change. I mean F117 was detected with 40 year old radar system and was brought down with gen 2 SAM system just because you had a smart commander even though equipment was crappy.

Looks like they got their pantsirs in a twist

Electronic warfare killed it


Its obvious the s1 has fallen into western hands.How else do you figure out how to beat it..Traitors on all sides!

Like A failure of MIM 104 Patriot in Saudi Arabia 😆😆😅😅😀😂😂

Back here after seeing Israel shoot down the pantsir AGAIN!

All you fucking idiots saying " they weren't ready or the were refueling. Isreal just destroyed a bunch more. Why ? Cause Russian equipment never meets expectations and you Putin fanboys get dumber every dsy

Yesterday Israel destroyed two of those systems

Poor Putin not quite as good as he thought?? Russian weapons not as good as claimed?? Surprise Surprise!! lol 😂

American media trying hard to destroy the reputation of the Pantsir missiles of Russia, that's has destroyed many American missiles, by Tchinablue

As of yet, there hasn't been a single product made in Russia that was sold in the USA. Maybe because Russia regards their technology as top secret. With all the Russian sanctions by USA maybe we never will.

Field data is the best data. And Russia is getting a lot.


How sad for the crew. They were dumb enough to leave it out in the open after it blasted all of its ammo. How do I know? There is a black line near the Panstir in the video. Im not talking about the crosshairs.

Missile feed suggests the unit was not switched on.

It was switched off you gay Americans


Isnt it amazing how in the last 70 years Russia's systems that are touted as "better than anyone else's" almost always prove to be wanting?

Propaganda! Dislike !!! In 1, the air defense did not work (the radar did not turn), i.e in fact destruction was a simple KAMAZ. At 2, the crew was out of the car (In Pantsir there is an automatic fire system, but for its work, the radar must work too (see above)). And the most important thing in 3, Pantsir – air defense system, intended for the destruction of enemy air targets, at the same time, the Pantsir was destroyed from the Israeli SPIKE ANTI-TANK SYSTEM. Feel the difference between ATGM and a cruise missile? This is the same thing, if you hit a tank with a ballistic missile, and then blame the tank for not effective armor …. And now the deceitful author tell me where is the fail???

Hopefully S500 will come out soon.

Fuck Trump and Israel – SCAM

Israel is upset for can no murdering and attacking innocent people in Syria, there for they must lie to tell they have still all in theyr hands, time that this land gonna be nuked, and with this big prostitute all world religions, the cancer of humanity

The unit was in transport meaning that it was not turned on. The scum in Israel got lucky that it was transported during the daytime. In other words, this channel is bullshit.

Out of 40 in and around Damascus they caught 1 reloading and hit it lol 45 year old Soviet era ADs taking on 4th and 5th Gen American aircraft and only loose 1 while swatting 80% to 85% of the missiles out of the sky this video should be named failure of US/Israeli missiles 😂😂😂😂

So this channel is known for misinformation. The pantsir was destroyed because the leutenant did not activate the system that was a big mistake and u can clearly see him jump into the truck just before it got hit to try to mitigate this. It was too late and he got blown up. SO DEFENCE UPDATE. SHUT THE F… UP!

Must be EFFECTIVE as NO more Jew planes flying near Syrian borders !!!

It was hit by a Delilah TV guided kamikaze drone, the crew was negligent and having a smoke break after completing fire mission shooting down shitty US cruise missiles, there is no fault with Russia, just Arabs being Arabs.

The system that was destroyed by IDF was not loaded and was not battle-ready, get your facts right.

With training and upgrades it may be more formidable in the future. If hit by a wooden drone remotely piloted, that's an Achilles heel of many systems. It would be really nice if we never have to find out, FOR ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.

FAILURE OF PANTSIR S1What was that exactly? Destruction of a single vehicle which was not at battle post with radar offline and syrian crew who runs it was out of the vehicle? lol…

Sucker come in. That was setup honey trap. Everything about it is suspicious. The Russians where watching the entire attack from roll in, angle ,speed and weapons used.

Lmao you can see the haji running from tea time with his buddies to the unmanned pansir that was off.

These comments are very stupid. Doesn't matter how good the weapons are , everything can get destroyed.

Russia has used the Middle East for its weapons testing grounds for over fifty years, since the Yom Kippur war when Russian tanks were decimated by British Centurions, same thing with their aircraft against the F-16’s. Of course the Egyptian & Syrian pilots were known to eject as soon as an Israeli jet got missile lock on it so that certainly didn’t help.

I thought America was out of the game, but once again we render those against us defenseless.

How do you then explain the fact that the Pantsir S1 was explicitly tested to detect very small drones made of carbon fiber (only the tiny engine was made of metal) and shoot it down (and which it did precisely), the videos of which are in my possession? I think it is just propaganda against Russia to claim that Russia is hiding anything. It is most likely that some soldiers get overconfident and therefore negligent even in a high-risk zone. I have seen American soldiers knowing beforehand that they are going into a high-risk zone, and still, some soldiers just didn't care to oil their rifles and (also, videos in my possession) whalla! their rifles refused to fire! Are we now going to put the blame on the poor quality of the American rifles and that America is trying to hide it!?! And do not forget that the Israeli's is known for bragging about things.

Clearly not even switched on. How that is a failure for the system I don't know…..

There are issues with all missile/ cannon defense systems, the greatest being continuous updates of hardware and software. That will always be the primary concern for military engineers

Stop calling Assad a regime. He is a true leader of syrian nation invaded by USrael. You are a falling empire. The #dayoftherope is coming…

you fool please watch the original video which shows the operating crew out side of the system , which clearly shows it was not combat readout post fake reports.surely you may be an american i think😅


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