Syma Sky Phantom D1650WH – My New Fun Flyer

By on Jul 11, 2019 in BLOC | 22 comments

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Tuve un dron divertido para mi cumpleaños y decidí hacer una pequeña crítica al respecto. Mi esposa lo tenía para mí en Costco. Este drone es el modelo D1650WH de Syma Sky Phantom. Tiene un alcance de unos 150 pies, tiempo de vuelo de 8 minutos. 2 velocidades a aproximadamente 3 mph y 10 mph. La cámara tiene una resolución fija de 720p 20 cuadros por segundo y se conecta a un dispositivo móvil a través de Wi-Fi a través de la aplicación Syma Fly.

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  1. Sweet little drone!!!! Looks like a lot of fun to fly!!! Thats what its all about is having fun and flying!!! Weather & the baby have it so i have not flown in over a week!!! Need some kind of FPV sim so i can learn acro!! My laptop is old and wont run 1!!! But i have a new X-Box so im looking into a sim 4 that!!! I have a few fpv quads and some sweet fat shark DomV3 and i can't wait to FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now all i do is crash lol!!!!

  2. Hi there, new friends over here. Just found you… I had my DJI spark still Park in my bedroom.. drop it couple months ago haven't fixed it yet..

    Cool channel I love it. I rang the bell so you'll be seeing me around

    If you have time come say hi, I just started would love some feedback. And I also have a really good fried Chicken too 🙂

  3. Happy birthday my friend and congratulations on your new gift that is really nice excellent for indoor flying take care and I hope you have fun flying your new drone and I definitely enjoy the video thank you for sharing take care and I'll see you at your next video Happy flying my friend ✌️😀

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