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abril 12, 2019

video de control cardan

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Hi. I own this particular Drone and I must say that I have not experienced any issues or problems as you and others have commented. I have successfully calibrated the GPS and calibrated the Gyro (Which people forget to do) . Mine takes off and hovers in one place with none of the so called toilet bowl effect. I understand that you need to do the calibrations in an anti clockwise direction. I personally would highly recommend this drone. To all that have issues, read the manual properly and calibrate it properly then you won't have any problems, don't press and hold the RTH button, you only need to press it once. Also you have to calibrate the on board Gyros, to do this you push both sticks towards the bottom right, lights flash fast then push both sticks towards the bottom left, lights flash slowly. After that it should remain stable in hover as the Gyros are stabilising the craft. It is a fantastic bit of kit. Yes it can be twitchy, but that is to be expected from a precision sensitive piece of equipment. I love mine and love flying it. It also looks stunning both stationary and in the air. Go ahead a buy it you won't be disappointed at all. Just remember to read, and read the manual properly and you won't have any issues, even with the camera and my phone attached in WiFi mode. ☺️ 👍

Mangarap ka

2:51 another drone riding at middle right

נו מה יהיה LOL

Is the câmera original?

Ne kadar ağırlık taşıyabilir ?

Hi, how did you not see the landing gear in the video?

good drone

Câmera original?

How much time can this drone fly ? click this link to view syma x8 pro.. better quality

hello teach us to make brushless motor

Original camera 1080?

Ürün kaç günde geldi

Is this the real camera of x8 pro?

What gimbal did you use

ağırlığı ne kadar kaç kg

Untuk kaki di upgrade apa pake kaki yg asli

drone nun kendi kamerası ile çekildi değil mi yoksa başka bir aksiyon kamerasımı taktın ??

He was in trouble with the GPS, the light did not stop flashing. But the gps is working, because when I hit the "go to home" it comes back. but when he's facing the front, I put the front back, he starts to roll. But if you turn the front to the right or left it remains paralyzed. You know what that might be?

SA mert,x8pro almayı düsünüyorum vidwodaki gibi yukseklik sonmu ve o yukseklikdeyken ileriye dogru gidebiliyormusun yardımcı olabilirmisin bana kardeş

Gopro camera?

Very good

A imagem esta nítida, esperando o meu chegar

Hello, you've had problems with this drone because in many reviews they say it's dangerous !!! how are you doing, did you make any mod gps?

original motors?

original antenna?

Essa imagem e da câmera original dele,estou aguardando o meu chegar vl

Very good

Como fez a modificação na antena ?

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