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Top 4 inventos de DRONE

abril 20, 2019
Top 4 inventos de DRONE

Todos estos drones increíbles para la venta en Amazon:


Nuevos inventos de drones aparecen por todas partes. ¡Las grandes compañías producen un nuevo avión no tripulado cada temporada y solo las mejores y más exclusivas están en esta lista de aviones no tripulados para 2016!
Suscríbete para más videos sobre las últimas tecnologías:

Loro discoteca
Lily Drone –
Drone Plexi –
Fleye –

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If I was going to buy a drone I would want to fly it myself. Drops $800 on a phantom 4 to follow me and not do anything that doesn't sound fun that's why dji doesn't do that and if I do want it to follow me I would put it on follow me mode but if I want I can still control it

0:32 don't do that in your room

Great video. Thanks. What's the name of the music?

2:02~ music?

Their product warranty claims come after 3-4 months …

They have lack of support

Parrot are the most fucked up drones ….waste of money….

please tell me i need to know pleasee…

please tell me what the name of parrot disco backgroud song

Fleye is cancelled

When you throw your drone over the bridge and then realise that you forgot to activate it first.

fleye design is cool

Anybody know that song the fhirts song ??

Shut up and take my money

PlexiDrone is amazing already due to the "voice out" and the plastic backpack and the swarm technology is killer – the design is really futuristic 🙂 The Parrot-Drones are shit! I bought a bebop 2 and just sent it back because the camera makes the worst material I've ever come across – no Parrot drone again, never ever! With flightcontroller and an ipad you spend about 1.2k bucks on it – I just bought an amazing yuneec typhoon h and everything comes with it: controller with integrated android pad, 4k camera that makes professional footage (!) and the drone is a hexacopter that can be flown even in a light storm without any problems of stability. I also was an early bird on the lily drone on kickstarter and guess what – I got my refund yesterday and I absolutely don't regret that decision.


Its fun to see new inventions but the devil is in the details. Tracking drones cannot be trusted to make life and death decisions and wither or not to fly into someone's head and the sheer weight of some of these drones make them really dangerous to fly around people. Of course I still want one of each. Their appeal is undeniable but how much better are they than what we have available now.

music first drone ?

music first drone ?

music first drone ?

skywalker x8 + apm 2.8 + camera = cheaper and more reliable parrot

info super drone


Just make it 100$ price and i will share anything you want


Good to know that a bomb can be dropped on anyone…sleep tight!

i liked me gusto very well muy bien congratulations felicitaciones from vzla is RICARDO A. MANJARRES D

c’est le top pour faire de super photos et prise de vue mais certainement encore très cher pour le grand publique

I want a date with lily. how much just for the back pack, l like the wank factor…

Where's 3drsolo it's an awesome drone

rly? why are all of the New drones controlled with the Smartphone? nonsence! A regular Controller is way more accurat (sorry I dont know how it is spelled Im from germany)

The lily would be on the top 4 list 2 years ago when this demo was filmed, but today its old news and with no gimbal or cameracontroll it can never be good, if they ever deside to make it

None of these are inventions of 2016 … Waste of time watching.

-.- people who dont know how to fly will try to now

NO way top 4. You need to go back to the drawing board. Lily is a no go. The top 2 drone manufacturers are m DJI and Yuneec.You have degraded this video by including Lily. Lily is a laughing stock on YouTube.

I need the Fleye so I can make ED-E from Fallout: New Vegas.

big deal look at flight test


LOL best of 2016!!!?? These don't excite me at all!! I Got my XIRO XPLORER V and it will smoke these new drones. Do yourself a favor and check out the new 2016 Xiro xplorers coming out

Ideal equipment for terrorists  attacks in America.  Can you imagine 100 of them being released simultaneously  to release let's say Agent Orange,  mustard gas,  Anthrax  Ebola and poisonous gases in densely populated places such as Grand Central station in New York City, packed churches and cinemas. ?  now  America has weapons of mass destruction  anyone can get their hands on.  Well done  Land of the free.

There is no such thing could called invention in drone industry, and all technologies in this video are already exist. If your drone cannot surpass DJI's product, you fail.

Wasn't the plexidrone just a big scam from like 2 years ago?

"Best Drone inventions" Shows a Bebop on the thumbnail. Laughing uncontrollably.

when I saw the the Fleye, I though flying soccer ball and then they said it.. I dunno, I can see these things getting pushed away with a foot more than a hand if it gets close to someone..

I'm not gonna lie. I just got the Phantom 4 when it was released the other day and it would beat the fuck out of all of the drones on this video. just saying.

Well, isn't that interesting! The Parrot Disco looks almost identical to our Seeker Wing! Hm.

if you want movies from a drone see my channel

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