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Top 5 mejores drones por menos de $ 100 – TheRcSaylors

abril 2, 2019
Top 5 mejores drones por menos de $ 100 - TheRcSaylors

Una de las preguntas más frecuentes sobre nuestro canal es "¿Cuál es el mejor control remoto" ______ "con X $ ??? Es difícil responder a cada persona con enlaces y todo, ¡así que hicimos este video! nuestra lista de nuestros 5 mejores drones favoritos, la mayoría son drones de menos de $ 100. Estos quadcopters RC debían estar en nuestro canal en 2017 para hacer el corte, así que echemos un vistazo y veamos cómo ¡Lo están haciendo! Nuestros 5 mejores UAV favoritos de menos de $ 50, asegúrese de revisar aquí


Syma X8SC cámara drone
Cómpralo aquí:
Intente códigos de cupón: RCSANTA20 o rc18off


JJRC H38WH Drone modular
Cómpralo aquí:
Intente códigos de cupón: RCSANTA20 o rc18off


Drone FPL WLtoys Q383-A 5.8ghz con pantalla integrada
Cómpralo aquí:
Intente códigos de cupón: RCSANTA20 o rc18off


Feilun FX 176C1 GPS Drone
Cómpralo aquí:
Pruebe los códigos de cupón: TheRcSaylors3, RCSANTA20 o rc18off


MJX Bugs 3 Drone
Cómpralo aquí:
Pruebe los códigos de cupón: TheRcSaylors10, bestdealus43, bestdealus15, Xmas179, Xmas153, cybermonday154, RCSANTA20 o rc18off

¿Ya te hemos ahorrado dinero o hemos ayudado a elegir tu RC favorito? ¡Piense en agradecernos al apoyarnos con una de estas excelentes opciones a continuación!

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Comentarios (49)

Hey Guys, looks like you're having a blast with the drones…very cool. I'm in the market for a drone but I'm a bit more concerned with the quality of videos and stills from these cameras that come with the drones. I don't have a GoPro but it would be nice to be able to change out cameras as you described with this particular model. But I'd rather have a drone that has a good camera for very sharp stills and good videos. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thanks.

NC MOUNTAINS ❤. Ya !! 👌.. 👍!

why don,t you write the name in front of the video

Hey Nate!Just wanted to ask you. Which drone would you buy with a budget of 400 – 500 USD? I want it to have a good camera and if possible, to be silent.Thanks!Regards from Mexico City.Rolando

What is the best rc under $50?

i love the Syma X8SC Camera Drone

do a video about a all of your fav drones

The Bugs 3 drone is the best on this list. I have two of them and I paid 80 to 100 dollars for each and I currently see it at Gearbest for around $65.00 which is a steal for this drone.

Can you provide videos with more data such as starting off with what is the better/best transmission frequency and why, flight time, range, if more than one battery is included, cost for extra batteries and props as well as any features like GPS, auto level, image quality, image stabilization, low and high light quality, resistant to high winds etc. people look to these videos to learn what’s good to avoid buying junk and having to start all over again. Thanks -:)

Best drone under $100 almost any non Walmart drone

Top 5 drones 2018?

just a observation you should put a link with the review video on each drone. keep up the good work guys love your videos

Our hobby is being attacked by the FAA.

Will the bugs 3 hold a GoPro session

I was just introduced to your channel and it's awesome.

Does the bugs 3 not have a camera?

thank you for making this video, I decided to start moving into the hobby stile drones. I found an amazing deal on a bugs 3 and im half way done saving my money for it.

Popeye is my favorite Saylor

I am so confused on the bugs numbering! The 2,6 and 8 are more expensive and I have no clue which number represents the newest version since the video is a little older. I've watched at least 50 of your videos now and the bugs3 is at the top to ask for father's day but please advise me if something newer I've missed is better around that 100 range. This will be my 1st drone and I'm buying the butterfly for mommy in memory of Hailey! Love your channel.

HELP? the WLtoys Q383-A 5.8ghz FPV Drone with Built in Screen= is discontinued and sold out.!is there something similar to this? i am looking for an indoor (with blade guards) 5.8g fpv mini drone with a screen or can use phone as screen (i don't like googles)

Hey I have a question. How far can the feilun fx176c2 go?

you should review the Eachine E013 Micro FPV drone

You three are great!!!

Can I as Dutchman buy a drone ?

I might have looked up the wrong things but right now the Bug and Feilun are proving on Amazon over $100.

Surely I can't be the only one who tried to click away the mouse pointer at around the 6 min mark?

What's the difference in the gps or the standard

Hey great vids. I want to get one for myself but don't know the best starter

Can someone help new to the Drone family.need a good one for outdoors and can fly at low light.under 100$ .??……

Well I had one a bugs 3 not no more it flew off

Hey! Have you noticed the ton of refurbished BeBop Ones that have showed up on Ebay? I have wanted GPS and the Mapping ability for a long time. Need to look and see if you have done a video on it. Since it was a $300 drone and now tons of them are being sold into toy grade hands it might be time to revisit it. There are a lot of hidden pitfalls there for someone on a real tight budget like a $20 iPhone App. You have to buy and not a lot of good info about what you can do to get away from the hard to find battery for it. Wish I has that $$ for a do over, I’d have a Bugs 3 instead!

Hei sweet page ☺ Keep it up!

I subscribed and you guys are the best rc channel

pleace stop interrupting all the time, it's really bad to listen to, talk one at a time, you have an incredibly great program, and then you should teach you to talk one at a time. This is a trifle, but enough that I no longer can listen to you, thank you very much for an otherwise great program

Nath and Abby . Love you guys . Want to visit you but where from Belgium . But we'll get there … eventually

Update please as of April 18, 2018, is bugs 3 still the best under $100 drone ?

#1 MJX Bugs 3 Drone. I like this one. thanks guys..

What would you say about tech toyz x4 retractor

Thank you very much. those drones look awesome and for under $100 its great. You guy do an awesome job. I am a new subscriber. Thank you once again.

Can someone please tell me the mane of number 3 the little orange one She's saying it too fast for me

Sure informative guys! Keep it up!

where you will store all that drones lol…nice video guys keep up 🙂

I need a 100$ drone that has a great camera is the Tello the best option

Hey rc sailors,i just checked the price of the bugs 3 on gearbest and it is showing at 100$+ price

How did the h502e not make number 1

Can I please buy one from you guys I love you guys!!!!

Ordered the Bugs 3 for just under 62 euros at Banggood. Excellent!

Have you guys done a review of the Hubsan 502T,I can't find any reviews on it,I just got mine today,I had trouble finding a spare battery for it,I was told the 502C use the same battery for. It

Hey guys, what drone would you recommend for someone with a budget of $150, wants a great camera(most likely fpv), long flight time, not gps since those are weird for me, long flight range, easy to find spare parts and batteries, and a decent size. I don’t mind if it’s a modular drone, foldable, hexa, or just a quad. I’m not a beginner, but I’m trying to find a good drone to buy instead of testing and returning a lot. Thanks

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