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Top 5 mejores drones por menos de $ 2018 – TheRcSaylors

marzo 14, 2019
Top 5 mejores drones por menos de $ 2018 - TheRcSaylors

Una de las preguntas más frecuentes sobre nuestro canal es: "¿Cuál es el mejor avión no tripulado por menos de $ 100?" Pensamos que era hora de hacer un video para responder a esta pregunta. En este video, ofrecemos más de 5 UAV favoritos de menos de $ 100. ¡Todos los enlaces para comprar y ver nuestros videos de vuelos estarán a continuación! Espero que lo disfruten y asegúrese de suscribirse para ver nuestros otros 5 mejores videos que publicaremos en los próximos meses.

Ayude a hacer la Navidad para los niños menos afortunados donando aquí:
Conozca más sobre nuestro proyecto del árbol de donaciones en este video aquí:

Número 1: Tianqu Visuo Shark XS809S
Cómpralo aquí:
Código de cupón: RCsaylor3
Mira nuestro video aquí:

Número 2: Propel Star Wars Quadcopter: x Ala
Cómpralo aquí:
También nos gusta la moto Speeder:
Y el luchador de corbata:
Mira nuestro video aquí:

Número 3: XK X520 VTOL
Cómpralo aquí:
Código de cupón: RCsaylors5
Mira nuestro video aquí:

Número 4: Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro
Cómpralo aquí:
Mira nuestro video aquí:

Número 5: MJX Bugs 3
Cómpralo aquí:
Mira nuestro video aquí:

Intro y otras animaciones –

¿Ya te hemos ahorrado dinero o hemos ayudado a elegir tu RC favorito? ¡Piense en agradecernos al apoyarnos con una de estas excelentes opciones a continuación!

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You do every kind of drones – flyers, cameras, even boats. But can you recommend a waterproof drone? I want to use it for fishing. The Goolsky Q353 is good but I want more than 8 minutes and it should be under $300.

I keep hearing spark is the one I should get but I don't have $500 LOL

Great review, which do you recommend today that I get under $100 I need the best camera or one that can carry a GoPro without shaking it I'm using this for web commercials

Greetings. I am looking for a drone to use with students that is easy to fly and has a dedicated controller without a phone needed. Ideas for a good one?

My son turns 11 at the end of the month and I think he would enjoy a drone. I was planning to spend $150 or so on a good drone. However after watching your video I bought 3 drones for his birthday. I bought the X-wing and Tie fighter so we can battle and the Tianqu Visuo Shark with 3 batteries. Thanks for your most helpful video.

Is Amalia wearing Cleveland Brown jammies?

you 2 pair o clowns either need ti gie up the you tube reviews an concentrate on yer lovley wee baby,,,its either that pain in the ass dug,,,or yer tryin ti teach people aboot rc modells,,,make up yer damn mind,,,,yer either doin reviews,,,,or yer bloody bein parents,,,dae one or the other eh,,,freekin no wantin ti see you 2 eejits parenting skills,,,if i wanted that,,,i,d type in how to look after a baby,,,,or how ti anoy people on you tube wi yer mutt,,,make yer bloody mind up eh,,,yer now gettin on ma nerves,,,so i for one will be watchin proffetionals reviwing rc modells,,,an no a couple o half ass,,,lets mess aboot an get free shit aswell,,,,damn discrace,,,i don,t think you should get any free drones ti review,,,let someone whos concentrating on reviwing rc modeklls do it will ye ffs,,,,clowns

Check out the new breed of TINY WHOOPS 😎👍

What do you think about this drone? Quadcopter Drone with Camera Live Video, EACHINE E58 WiFi FPV Quadcopter with 120° Wide-Angle 720P HD Camera Foldable Drone RTF – Altitude Hold, One Key Take Off/Landing, 3D Flip, APP Control

How about a COOL 😎drone for under $70.00!! Could you do a review on it?? Love the review!!

Just found your Channel I just purchased the beebeerun k200 this thing is a great trainer drone. I have crashed this thing HARD many times and it dosent break would like to see you do a review of it. and it is $40 on amazon. great channel keep up the good work.

hi guys I would like to know between the bugs 3 and the shark battle or battle shark wich is better??

Your little girl is beautiful!

Aww Amelia is my wife's name.

Are you planning a review on the XS812S ? I think I have the number right?

Hubsan H216A X4 Desire Pro vs Visuo xs809 which one has better camera??

You should review the ride tello (love your channel btw) 😃

That's a ugly ass baby

Great video and love the airplane style ones. I fly dji stuff normally but just ordered the visuo xs812 yesterday for under 100 bucks. Hopefully it would make that lost. I got this one because of the gps, follow me, etc modes. Thanks for sharing!!!

Got two Visuo Shark Drones for my son and I based on this and the full review. The drones are awesome and the the flight time is amazing. Purchased with the extra battery for each one to extend the fun time flying these drones. First flight was in a pretty steady wind of about 6 – 8 mph and still handled great. Thank you for the video reviews! Now to get the Star Wars drones.

Family videos, like yours (including Popeye)….and the family baby realities…lol…are the best on youtube.

Congratulations Nate & Abby! So, So Happy for you both! God is soooooo good!Respectfully,Jeff MercerMentor, Ohio

Thanks so much for the info. You guys are just terminally cute and your baby girl is precious.

Another great video. For me I would like to see top 5 GPS drones under $200 if there is such a category worth recommending..

I bought the bugs 3 2 weeks ago and still is my only drone its amazing

Just found your channel, definitely subbing. I've been super interested in drones for a few years now but I've been waiting for prices to drop. And now seems to be the right time 👍. Thanks guys for video

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